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SERVPRO can Help You Remediate Mold in Your Raleigh House

9/12/2022 (Permalink)

Mold remediation for your home is a job for SERVPRO. We are here 24/7 365 days a year.

Mold Remediation in Raleigh Requires Specialists

Mold damage is a secondary indication of water damage in your house, a situation that poses huge risks to its structural integrity and the items in it. Humidity and moisture are what mold thrives on; the mold spores need to float around and settle on an area with enough moisture to grow and spread. Taking long to contact a restoration service makes the damages extensive, and the restoration cost is higher.

To take the worries off the minds of the property owners, SERVPRO has a team dedicated to performing mold remediation in Raleigh with the highest level of efficiency possible. Our initial process involves using portable pumps to extract standing water or wet/dry vacuums when the amount of water is not so much. This enables us to conduct a faster drying process that halts the spread of the damage and speeds up the remediation process. Our job is to dry the wet structures and contents well.

SERVPRO has learned through many years of experience that the major factors that elevate the chances of a mold infestation in a household are:

  • Leakages in home appliances.
  • A broken pipe in the plumbing system.
  • Occurrence of a flood.
  • Leakages from the roof.
  • A sewer backup.

SERVPRO is sure to contain the infested areas by erecting barriers such as plastic sheeting to avoid the spread of spores to other sites. Maintenance of negative air pressure in the area guarantees containment as our HEPA air filters work to filter out the fungus spores that would otherwise spread to other areas through the HVAC and ventilation systems.

SERVPRO is well connected with indoor air quality (IAQ) experts, environmental hygienists, and mold testers responsible for testing the type and the amount of mold left in the house after the remediation process. These authorities give the green light if your home is safe for moving back in.

To get ahead of a mold infestation in your house, contact SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455 for a swift and efficient remediation process. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Think SERVPRO for Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Raleigh

8/12/2022 (Permalink)

Commercial damage restoration services by SERVPRO are top-notch. Call now!

Importance of Drying Zones after Water Leaks

Establishing drying zones is crucial in the successful water damage restoration of commercial Raleigh properties. Techs use the drying zones to isolate the damaged portion of the building so that your business is least impacted during the repair.  

SERVPRO techs control the humidity, airflow, and temperature in the drying zone to accelerate evaporation during the water damage restoration of your Raleigh property. Techs create this zone by sealing off openings between the affected and unaffected areas. Establishing such zones can serve many purposes-

  • It allows the restorers to focus their equipment's efforts
  • It can prevent the spread of contamination if present
  • As only the affected portion is isolated, these zones allow businesses to operate, albeit with a limited functionality

Placing the Drying Equipment During Water Cleanup 

After establishing the drying zone during water damage restoration, the SERVPRO techs place the drying equipment to create conditions that accelerate the drying process. The two drying equipment that techs routinely use in water-damaged Raleigh properties include-

Techs arrange the air movers so that there is adequate airflow on all affected materials to create a vortex of circular airflow around the walls. In most cases, multiple air movers are arranged in tandem to maintain the vortex. 

Positioning the dehumidifiers in the drying zone is crucial to maintaining the best drying conditions. All the water evaporated from the surface must be dehumidified, or it can cause secondary damage. SERVPRO techs use different types of dehumidifiers depending on how much moisture is removed. In some cases, techs can use multiple dehumidifying equipment to get the best possible result. 

Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455; we are available round the clock to help you.

Fire Damage Restoration in Raleigh Happens Fast with SERVPRO

8/12/2022 (Permalink)

Fire damage restoration for your home is a job for SERVPRO. We are ready at a moment's notice.

Dissolving Residues During Fire Damage Restoration 

Residues and soils that are not loose particles must be dissolved during fire damage restoration of your Raleigh home. SERVPRO techs use EPA-approved solvents to loosen the bonds between soils and surfaces, allowing them to be suspended. 

SERVPRO techs use water-based and solvent-based solutions to clean residues during fire damage restoration of your Raleigh home. We also perform a pre-test to ensure that the cleaning agent does not cause any damage to the surface. As the techs suspend the soils in the cleaning solution, it is rinsed or extracted from the surface.               

Steps to Dissolve Soils During House Fire Cleanup

SERVPRO techs use three steps to dissolve soils during the restoration of your Raleigh home-

  • Wash: During this step, the SERVPRO techs apply a cleaning agent to the surface and agitate it to penetrate and loosen the soils. Once the residues are dislodged, they dissolve or suspend in the cleaning agent. 
  • Rinse: It is a step of removing the residues using a cleaning agent. The techs use pressure, agitation, or absorption to penetrate and extract the cleaning agent containing the residues.
  • Dry: Drying is the final step of wet cleaning. SERVPRO techs remove all the water or solvent from the material during this step. Air movement, controlling humidity, and temperature can accelerate the drying rate. If the restorers don't remove the solvents completely, they can cause potential secondary damage. 

SERVPRO's restoration team aims to restore your home "Like it never even happened." Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455 to talk to our restoration experts; we are available 24/7.

Raleigh Trusts SERVPRO with Mold Remediation

8/12/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO mold remediation technicians have the training and experience for every phase. We are here to help 24/7 365 days a year.

The Role of Negative Air Pressure in Mold Abatement

One of the most critical aspects of professional mold remediation in your Raleigh home is preventing the spread of airborne spores. Professionals like SERVPRO are experts at establishing containment barriers that prevent the spread of mold spores during the remediation process.     

SERVPRO techs establish negative air pressure during the mold remediation in your Raleigh home using equipment called the negative air machines (NAMs). The goal is to establish a pressure differential between the affected and unaffected areas of the building. The negative pressure inside the contaminated area allows techs to control the airflow into and from the area to undamaged parts of the structure.   

Air Moving Devices for Mold Damage Restoration

The air moving devices that SERVPRO techs use in Mold Remediation in Raleigh are fitted with filters to remove dust, mold spores, and other microbial particles from the air leaving the affected area. These devices are often called air filtration devices or AFDs and contain the following three filters-

  • Primary filter
  • Secondary filter, and
  • HEPA filter

As the air moves progressively through primary and secondary filters as it leaves the containment area, larger particles and dust get trapped. The HEPA filter is the final barrier that traps the microscopic spores and smaller fungal fragments. 

SERVPRO techs ensure that filters used in the AFDs are periodically checked for any integrity breaches and installed according to the manufacturer's instructions. In most situations, the air from the HEPA AFD is exhausted outside the building to minimize the chances of cross-contamination. 

Mold damage can spread if you are not proactive in its mitigation. Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455, and we can help to remove the infestations safely.

Dealing with Smoke Odor after Fire Damage at a Raleigh Home

7/11/2022 (Permalink)

When fire damage restoration is needed for your Raleigh home, its time to call SERVPRO.

Reliable Fire Damage Cleanup at Raleigh Homes

A fire can have terrible and deep-rooted effects on your Raleigh home. Even if the fire was just a small kitchen flare-up or contained quickly, its byproducts could damage the property long after the flames have been extinguished. Smoke odor is one typical example of the negative consequences of a fire. It can permeate your home, and if no measures are taken, it may compromise the indoor air quality. Therefore, in the unfortunate event, you suffer fire damage, getting rid of the smoke smell quickly and effectively is crucial.

Proper fire damage cleanup in Raleigh homes makes restoring possessions overwhelmed by strong smoke odors possible. Smoke odor infiltrates everything, even in parts of the house untouched by fire, including items in storage or those tucked away in drawers. Most household deodorizing sprays and scented candles provide only temporary relief. They may also interact with smoke odor and create an additional unpleasant smell. SERVPRO crews understand how odor molecules permeate a property and utilize various odor removal methods such as thermal fogging techniques and ozone treatment.

Other harmful effects of a fire

  • Soot damage
  • Charring effects
  • Melted glass, and plastics
  • Blistered paint

Soot can coat walls, ceilings, floors, and household items, leading to serious discoloration. The chemical combination makes this coating challenging to remove. Also, burned or charred wood is inherently unstable. Following a large fire, a structural engineer can determine if the replacement of structural elements is required.

Smoke odor removal 

Dealing with smoke odor would be easy if all that smell came from one source, and perhaps could use only one method to eliminate all. Neutralizing the various malodors sometimes involves more than one type of deodorizing action.

Steps towards effective smoke odor removal

  • Removing odor sources like charred debris
  • Cleaning surfaces with odor-causing residues
  • Sealing surfaces exposed to malodors
  • Mechanical means like air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators

SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon crews is highly-trained in using the proper equipment for fire damage restoration, including smoke odor removal "Like it never even happened." Call us at (919) 250-0455.

SERVPRO Understands the Effect Water Damage Has on Garner Homes

7/11/2022 (Permalink)

Water damage restoration for your Garner home needs to be handled by SERVPRO. We use the latest technology and equipment for every service.

Rapid Water Removal in Garner Homes Minimizes Damage

From natural disasters to faulty plumbing, there are many ways that water can damage your Garner home. Unwanted, pooling water can be a terrifying situation with devastating effects. Some of the effects may go unnoticed but should not be ignored. To help minimize the damages, you should consider hiring a water damage restoration company.

Leaving water damage in your Garner home untreated for an extended period can cost you in the long run. Structural weakening may occur depending on the amount of water and duration the problem goes unnoticed. Solid materials that make up the foundations of your home, such as masonry, stone, or concrete, can soak up water through their cracks and pores. The water can freeze during colder months and expand. Unless these pockets of water are removed, they weaken the entire structure leading to severe structural problems. Qualified SERVPRO water remediation specialists help inspect your home after significant water pooling or intrusion.

Long-term effects 

A coat of paint over damage to your home's ceiling and drywall will not conceal the signs home inspectors look for if you decide to sell your home. Your property value diminishes with evidence of water damage.

Effects of water on wood

Since many homes today have wooden floors, baseboards, and furnishings, along with load-bearing elements like posts and beams, SERVPRO addresses water damage to these areas in your home. Our technicians recognize that the damage may be widespread; hence come prepared for a thorough cleanup. Wood absorbs moisture immediately and begins to swell. If left untreated, the damp wood starts to rot. Subfloors may begin to warp and split and might require replacing and restoring. When exposed to water, drywall also deteriorates, damaging the wallpaper or paint on the walls.

The short terms effects

  • Damage to personal belongings
  • Electrical damage
  • Carpet delamination
  • Unpleasant smell

SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon can restore your home "Like it never even happened. Call us at (919) 250-0455; we are available 24/7.

Rapid Water Restoration in a Raleigh Home Helps Minimize Damage

7/11/2022 (Permalink)

Raleigh water damage restoration services by SERVPRO are second to none. We will be on-site within 4 hours of the initial call.

Carpet Restoration during Water Removal in Raleigh Homes

Water damage can greatly and negatively impact your Raleigh home, from minor leaks to significant burst pipes. Excessive moisture in drywall and carpets encourages mold growth which can spread and take over your home if not managed quickly. Further damage to your property can be significantly reduced with rapid and effective intervention by professionals.

The first step in a water restoration process at Raleigh properties is identifying and stopping the source. SERVPRO professionals take the burden off your shoulders by handling the cleanup and restoration for you. We also give quick tips over the phone before getting there to help minimize further damage from occurring. Our teams ensure everything gets completely dry, preventing mold growth and structural damage. Our equipment inventory allows us to manage every water damage need, such as quickly removing large volumes of water on all surfaces and dealing with complicated drying situations.

Considerations during project setup

  • Whether extensive demolition is needed
  • Availing time to evaluate restorability carefully
  • Need for specialty equipment

During project execution, SERVPRO factors some water losses are minor and only require basic monitoring during the drying process. However, complex water projects require additional work hence significant time and energy.

Water restoration involving carpets 

SERVPRO helps limit the potential for any additional damage to items in your home. This includes moving furniture and drying the carpet, which can be impacted by prolonged exposure to excess moisture. Our restorers use carpet wands to remove water from the carpet and expedite evaporation to dry the excess moisture that remains.

Factors influencing the method selected to clean a carpet 

  • The style of carpet such as level loop pile, multi-level loop, Berber, etc.
  • Carpet backings, including jute and polypropylene
  • Whether the carpet is tufted, woven, fusion-bonded, or unitary
  • Glue-down carpet or carpet tiles

SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon water restoration team has the necessary equipment to work on your water-damaged carpeting. Call us at (919) 250-0455 to resolve any effects of the water in your home. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Raleigh Bathroom Water Cleanup After a Pipe Leak

6/13/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO techs test moisture areas and place drying equipment for professional-grade water cleanup in your Raleigh home

SERVPRO Water Mitigation for Residential Bathrooms

Pipe leaks, breaks, and bursts are among the most common causes of water damage in homes throughout the US. Even with regular maintenance, these disasters can occur anywhere and at any time. Outcomes can include increased water bills, damaged drywall and framing, and even potential mold growth, which can further impact a home's structural soundness.

Raleigh SERVPRO water cleanup technicians can respond to pipe-related disasters within several hours of a property owner's call. Commercial-grade extraction tools operated by highly-trained restoration professionals can make drying water damage hundreds of times faster than DIY solutions like running fans in an affected room. SERVPRO can also mitigate odors and bacterial growth related to a water damage incident. 

Cleaning up water-damaged bathroom walls, floors, and fixtures

SERVPRO's repertoire of water restoration tools can tackle many primary and secondary damages caused by plumbing failures in a residential bathroom, such as:

  • Portable extractors can mitigate floor and baseboard water exposure with minimal demolition necessary
  • Specialized EPA-registered cleaning solutions like SERVPRO's tile and grout cleaner can target and eliminate stains from bacterial and microbial growth 
  • Low-profile, stackable air movers can pull moisture out of walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Low-grain refrigerant (LGR) dehumidifiers use cold refrigerant coils to remove humidity pulled up air movers via condensation
  • Ultra low-volume fogging, scented granule trays, and other OSHA-approved odor control solutions can remove stale, musty malodors related to water damage in a bathroom

Restoration technicians inspect an impacted bathroom throughout the restoration process to ensure that the room reaches normal moisture levels comparable to the rest of the home. High-end pinless and pin-type moisture meters can assess moisture in various structural surfaces alongside thermal imaging cameras.

SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon is reachable at (919) 250-0455 for disaster restoration that can make homes feel "Like it never even happened."

Removing Commercial Carpet Fire Damage in Raleigh

6/13/2022 (Permalink)

When dealing with a fire damaged Raleigh workplace--call in the professionals--SERVPRO

SERVPRO Repairs Fire-Damaged Commercial Flooring 

When a Raleigh business endures even a small fire, porous surfaces like carpets are bound to be affected heavily. Fibers and fabrics are often restorable after absorbing smoke particles, but an estimated 98% of carpets are made of synthetic fibers. These porous surfaces tend to melt, char, and become otherwise unsalvageable when exposed to flames, high temperatures, and fire damage debris.

Fire damage cleanup for Raleigh businesses is available around the clock from certified SERVPRO technicians. Crew members receive a thorough education in fire mitigation strategies that can return the contents of a commercial facility to a pre-disaster condition based on restoration industry guidelines set by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). 

Is commercial carpeting restorable after fire damage?

While carpets are typically made of synthetic fibers that react poorly to fire, these surfaces are often restorable because of how smoke clings to surfaces. Soot particles often rise and stick to walls, ceilings, and other elevated surfaces before sinking to the floor.

When carpeting in a commercial facility endures soot exposure, SERVPRO technicians can:

  • Pull up carpet and pad for inspection of adhesives, subflooring, and overall damage
  • Vacuum loose, dry soot deposits with HEPA-filter vacuums 
  • Mitigate odors with thermal fogging solutions, injection systems, or sprays
  • Disinfect fibers with EPA-registered antimicrobials

In some cases, replacing carpeting might be more cost-effective than attempting a restoration. If residues from the fire bond with carpet fibers, they can permanently darken them. This difference is especially apparent in cases where exposed carpet is significantly darker than areas that had furniture sitting atop it during the fire. Even with cleaning, these color changes may still be visible. SERVPRO can install new carpet and pad for commercial entities per property owners’ needs.

Commercial property owners can call (919) 250-0455 for "Like it never even happened" cleanup results from SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon.

SERVPRO Water Restoration Fixes Laundry Room Damages in Garner

6/13/2022 (Permalink)

Don't duck water damage in your Garner basement--SERVPRO can help--We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Garner Water Cleanup Services for Appliance Breaks

Overflow of laundry rooms can be caused by mechanical malfunctions, overfilled machines, or water pressure concerns. These factors can result in a grey water disaster with soap suds, clothing-related debris, or fabric dyes compromising floors, walls, and belongings. Garner homeowners need constantly-available water cleanup services to ensure this disaster does not enable mold growth.

Where necessary, Garner home water cleanup services from SERVPRO provide comprehensive inspection, mitigation, and rebuilding services. This firm aims to return the damaged property to a sanitary, pre-disaster condition quickly and safely. SERVPRO is available 24/7 because minimizing the time between disaster and cleanup can help homeowners significantly reduce overall mitigation time and costs.

Restoration strategies for a laundry room overflow

SERVPRO professionals can address water's impact on flooring and contents after a washer overflow in the following ways:

  • If moisture seeped underneath baseboards or affected walls, SERVPRO techs can temporarily remove baseboards for cleaning and drying and reinstall them after mitigation. Sections of unsalvageable drywall, typically located near the baseboards, can be cut away for future replacement. This process conserves most of the wall while increasing drying potential inside the wall cavity
  • Techs can remove flooring to inspect and treat wet subfloors with air movers and dehumidifiers. Partial sealing of rooms with polyethylene sheeting can further reduce total drying time
  • Upstairs laundry room overflows can create leaks that are treatable with drying and extraction on the floor below. Air movers pointed upward can mitigate moisture from the wet ceiling cavity
  • Technicians can dry tile and vinyl floors with mops, squeegees, and wet/dry vacuums. Air movement and dehumidification help dry grout and minimize the chances of damaging tiles by swelling

Homeowners can contact the SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon crew at (919) 250-0455. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster and prepared to lend a helping hand 24/7.

Water Damage Cleanup for Business Furnishings in Garner

5/28/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO commercial water damage restoration services Are top-notch. Call now!

SERVPRO Commercial Water Removal in Garner

Businesses rely on functioning plumbing and water systems to maintain a comfortable standard of functionality for their employees and clientele. Whether these systems are for restrooms, kitchens, or sprinklers, Garner commercial facilities need fast-responding cleanup that helps them keep downtime to a minimum while providing cleanup that is as thorough as possible.

Commercial water damage mitigation by Garner SERVPRO technicians can return commercial facilities to a pre-disaster state that lets businesses open their doors once more. SERVPRO can perform cleanup that complies with commercial insurance policies and local regulations for business properties. 

Upholstery cleanup and restoration for commercial furniture

One of the biggest challenges for businesses facing water damage is how to handle cleaning up assets, including upholstery like dining booth seating, waiting area chairs, desks, and tables. On top of that, a disaster like a sprinkler failure can also significantly impact structural materials like carpeting, subflooring, and drywall.

SERVPRO has strategies in place for salvaging all of these materials where possible. For upholstery specifically:

  • Technicians can gently wet fibers to cover water spots before performing extraction that ensures that water stains no longer remain
  • Hot water extraction tools can pull moisture and contaminants out of fibers and furniture, greatly accelerating the drying process
  • Odor control methods for furnishings can include spot treatments with injection systems, fogging, and careful spraying with OSHA-approved solutions

Upholstery is often salvageable after water damage and can be dried after treatment with air movers and dehumidifiers.

Commercial property owners need a team that can help them when they need it most, and We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455 to begin the cleanup process.

Removing Bathroom Exhaust Fan Fire Damage in Raleigh

5/22/2022 (Permalink)

Fire damage restoration for your home is a job for SERVPRO. We have the experience and manpower for every disaster.

SERVPRO Electrical Fire Damage Restoration

Exhaust fans are one of the fixtures many Raleigh homeowners can unintentionally overlook during their maintenance tasks. However, various changes in condition, especially without regular inspection, can leave these devices vulnerable to ignition. Excess dust can overheat the motor more quickly, for example. These fires can leave behind overwhelming amounts of soot that, when combined with moisture, can corrode metals and leave behind hard-to-remove stains.

Raleigh SERVPRO fire damage restoration covers everything from HVAC inspection and soot removal to structural repairs and deodorization. Repairs and mitigation are performed per SERVPRO standards and restoration industry guidelines set by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)

Electrical fire cleanup considerations for bathrooms 

Electrical fires can leave extensive soot damage and structural deterioration in various hard-to-reach areas, including HVAC systems and ceiling cavities. SERVPRO techs can take the following steps to mitigate bathroom fire damage:

  • Removing bathroom soot from ceiling to floor, starting with light, dry soils before moving on to heavier stains and charring
  • Safely containing and disposing of debris with a combination of PPE, disposal equipment, and negative air pressure machines
  • Partial duct sealing and HVAC cleanup with agitation tools ensure that airways in the home are free of soot. Sheet metal and duct board are often restorable, while flex duct needs replacement 
  • Performing odor control with thermal fogging, which binds with soot on a particle level to eliminate it

SERVPRO also provides water cleanup for homes that require fire suppression after ignition and takes inventory of contents affected by the disaster.

When homeowners need service that makes their property look "Like it never even happened," they can call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455.

SERVPRO Removes Flooding from Raleigh Residences

5/15/2022 (Permalink)

Flood damage restoration is no easy task for any homeowner. Call SERVPRO for the help you need.

Professional Flood Damage Cleanup Services 24/7 

Flood damage, even shallow floods, can do considerable amounts of damage to a Raleigh property, incurring as much as $20,000 per inch of water or more. This water is often contaminated with sewage, chemical runoff, sharp objects, and even pests. These safety concerns can complicate flood damage cleanup for homeowners. On top of that, mold can proliferate in as little as one to two days after moisture impacts a home.

Raleigh homes receiving flood damage mitigation from SERVPRO can expect sanitation and restoration performed to Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) benchmarks for the restoration industry. This service is ready to respond 24/7 to minimize damage from storms and flooding.

Blackwater cleanup considerations: why leave it to the pros?

There are three main categories of water contamination in a disaster. Clean water typically comes from disasters like pipe leaks, which feature clean, treated water. Gray water can be a situation like a dishwasher overflow, which can have soap residues and other substances in the water.

Blackwater refers to water with the following potential features and risks:

  • Extensive contamination can include trash, medical waste, and chemicals
  • Bacteria and fungi that can cause health effects
  • Viruses and parasites carried by sewage, carrion, pests, and other potential contaminants

SERVPRO can implement water restoration that includes demolishing contaminated surfaces and safely removing unsalvageable items like wet mattresses and carpeting. Safety measures like commercial-grade personal protective equipment and sanitation with EPA-registered biocides are key to restoring a property impacted by moisture.

SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon is reachable at (919) 250-0455. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster and have the tools necessary for thorough home cleanup and restoration.

Mold Remediation in Raleigh is Easier with Experts in Charge

4/30/2022 (Permalink)

Mold mediation is no DIY project. SERVPRO will be on-site within 4 hours of the initial call. Call now!

SERVPRO is Fully Equipped to Tackle Mold Damage in Your Raleigh House

Mold is a scare to property owners. It causes ugly sites and bad odors and can cause health effects. The remediation process should commence as fast as possible once you locate mold in your house.

SERVPRO is the service provider to get into contact with when you need to perform mold remediation in your Raleigh residence. We are well trained and equipped to remediate the mold. Our process is as follows:

  • Damage assessment
  • Containment
  • Removal of mold and infested materials
  • Cleaning contents

Damage assessment

Upon arrival, our SERVPRO technicians can inspect the house and carry out a full assessment to gauge the level of the damage in the building and the contents therein. This helps us to determine the strategy we can assume in restoration and determine what parts and materials need repairs or replacement.


We can use infrared cameras and moisture meters to check for moisture in materials. Our SERVPRO team can erect plastic sheeting on the affected area to avoid contamination of unaffected areas. We can also use air filtration devices to establish negative air pressure within the contained area. This air filtration equipment pulls contaminated air from the affected space through several filters and discharges the freshly filtered air it the exterior or interior space of a building.

Removal of mold and infested materials

We can remediate the mold by cleaning it off from the non-porous materials. We can remove and discard the moldy porous materials. We use HEPA vacuums to remove loose mold fragments.

Cleaning and sanitization

Our SERVPRO team can use industrial cleaners to clean the affected parts of the building and the affected items. We can use damp wiping and HEPA vacuums to remove spores that might have settled on materials before applying antimicrobials to prevent further mold growth. We also apply deodorizers to remove the acrid smell left behind.

SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon is fully dedicated to the remediation of mold for property owners to make it “Like it never even happened.” Contact us at (919) 250-0455.

Seek Professional Help for Fire Damage Restoration in Garner

4/24/2022 (Permalink)

Fire damage restoration technicians at SERVPRO have the skills and experience for every size fire. Call now for fast and immediate help.

Fire Damage Restoration in Garner is Easier With SERVPRO’s Assistance

Fires are a source of massive destruction of property to many homeowners. Repairing your fire-damaged house is a process that can take longer than you expect and cause a huge dent in your pocket.

You can seek assistance from a competent firm like SERVPRO to handle the fire damage in your Garner residence. We use state-of-the-art equipment to restore homes to preloss condition. Our process is as outlined in the steps below:

  • Damage assessment
  • Securing the property
  • Water mitigation and drying
  • Cleaning and smoke removal
  • Reconstruction

Damage assessment

Upon arrival, SERVPRO performs a full assessment to determine the level of damage the building and the contents therein have sustained. This helps us to choose suitable restoration techniques.

Securing the property

We can secure your house by installing a fence around it, boarding openings left on the structure, and tarping parts of the roof destroyed by the fire for protection against the weather.

Water mitigation and drying

This stage aims at avoiding further damage like corrosion and mold growth due to water damage. Our SERVPRO technicians can use powerful portable pumps to get the stagnant water out of your building. We can also use centrifugal air movers to get dry air into the building and refrigerant dehumidifiers to remove water vapor from the air.

Cleaning and removal of smoke

Our SERVPRO team can clean off every inch of your affected building to get rid of soot and smoke. We can also deodorize your home using thermal foggers. These devices vaporize petroleum-based or solvent-based deodorizers to generate a fog or smoke consisting of small particles. The particles will make a fog similar to the smoke a fire produces, allowing the deodorizers to interact more effectively with odor-causing residues.


Our SERVPRO team can perform all the necessary repairs and rebuild the damaged areas to get your house to preloss condition.

SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon averts fire damage quickly and efficiently. Contact us at (919) 250-0455. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Commercial Water Restoration in Raleigh Necessitates Expertise

4/14/2022 (Permalink)

Commercial water restoration services by SERVPRO are second to none. We are here to help.

SERVPRO Can Help You to Perform Commercial Water Restoration in Raleigh

I have water damage in my retail property, and there is a cost for every minute the building is closed. Which firm do I trust to bring things back to order?

SERVPRO is aware of water damage's impact on owners of commercial properties and their tenants. We are available around the clock to perform commercial water restoration in affected Raleigh properties. Our goal is to mitigate the impact of your water catastrophe through the assistance of our water damage restoration technicians (WRT).

Our team understands that every property has its unique specifications. Therefore, we do not implement a one size fits all solution. Instead, we work through the various nuances a building needs to secure it and its possessions. Our water repair process includes the following activities:

  • Water removal
  • Cleaning and disinfecting
  • Drying and dehumidifying
  • Repairs and restoration

Water removal

Water causes more destruction the longer it sits on a property. Our SERVPRO crew can use portable pumps to extract all the standing water to prevent additional damage like mold infestation and drywall deterioration.

Cleaning and disinfecting

Microbes can enter your property after water damage. After removing the water, our crew can safely clean and disinfect the affected areas.

Drying and dehumidifying

After a water intrusion incident, moisture can hide in furniture, under flooring, behind walls, or in the HVAC system and vents. Our SERVPRO team can use air movers to increase evaporation at the surface level and minimize drying time to perform drying and dehumidification. We can also use refrigerant dehumidifiers during the drying process. They remove water vapor from the air using the dew point principle.

Repairs and restoration

We can replace the materials we removed or rebuild a damaged section of your property. Our SERVPRO team can perform a final inspection at the end of the project to confirm that the moisture content of the structures and contents has reached the established drying goals.

SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon has well-trained professionals who can restore your commercial property to its preloss condition after water damage. Call us at (919) 250-0455.

Damages Garner Homes Experience After Ice Storms

3/30/2022 (Permalink)

When storm damage restoration for frozen pipes are needed, SERVPROs team of IICRC certified technicians are the ones to call.

Storm damage in the winter months can be costly for Garner homeowners if not managed quickly.

Storms can create hazardous and harmful situations for property owners and house occupants. Understanding the impact that severe weather events can have ensures you have the appropriate restoration professionals available and mobilizing when disasters strike. We help with solutions for relative damages like:

  • Flooding
  • Structural damage
  • Water damage
  • Mold growth

Tree Damage to Properties

Harsh winds, rainfall, and recent ice storms can lead to a need for storm damage restoration in Garner homes. One of the most direct ways a property can be damaged is by breaking off limbs and uprooting trees on a property that falls into garages, sheds, or the main residential structure itself. We have both experienced restoration professionals to manage subsequent water intrusion and a general contractor license to handle repairs necessary after fallen trees.

Ice Damming and Heavy Accumulation

Another way that flooding can impact your property is after events like ice damming. When ice forms along the eaves of your roof, melting snow cannot escape to the gutter system and is forced underneath the shingles and into the attic space. Our technicians must assess both the structural damage in these situations as well as the needed drying and extraction tools to overcome the flooding.

Frozen Pipes from Outages

As the area has seen in recent years, the damage that ice can do is overwhelming to properties. Not only can a small volume of adhered ice take down trees and collapse roofs, but it can also take down power lines. With many homes in the area now relying on electric heat, cold conditions can lead to secondary effects that compromise your property, like frozen pipes. Bursts require fast water removal and drying solutions.

When storms and flooding overcome your property, our SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon team is there fast to help. We have a 24/7 response to disasters. Give us a call now at (919) 250-0455. 

Materials Quickly Damaged After Raleigh Office Fires

3/19/2022 (Permalink)

Commercial fire damage restoration services by SERVPRO are top-notch. We will be on-site within 4 hours of the initial call.

Certain elements and contents are susceptible to fire and smoke damage to Raleigh properties.

Offices count on steady productivity and performance, and this can be a challenge to complete when your business requires fire damage restoration and mitigation services. Our FSRT-Certified team of large loss recovery professionals works around the clock to clean up fire damage affecting your property.

Wall and Flooring Surfaces

Beginning fire mitigation in Raleigh office buildings starts with addressing the damage that has been done to walls and flooring surfaces. Clearing debris and blistered materials make other aspects of later restoration and cleaning more manageable and efficient. Soot damage on surfaces can be a widespread and destructive effect of a fire, so cleaning up loose debris first helps to make the complete restoration of affected substrates more effective.

Damaged Contents and Electronics

The equipment and furniture of your structure are the beating heart of the business, so when these computers, desks, and office electronics become damaged by migrating soot and smoke loss effects, rapid cleaning and restoration are critical. Contents can often benefit from relocation, even if further cleaning and recovery are necessary. Off-site cleanup at our SERVPRO facility nearby provides intricate restoration strategies, including detailed cleaning, deodorization, and drying of impacted contents.

Documents and Files

Office buildings also have many files and documents relative to customer accounts and orders. When fire damages and related suppression tactics impact the building's records areas and storage portions, these hard copies of information and documents can become quickly threatened. When relocation is insufficient, we can utilize document drying equipment in our inventory to protect this sensitive paperwork.

Our focus is to get you back operating at normal capacities as quickly as possible after costly fires. We understand these disasters' impact and dispatch experienced restoration professionals fast to help with vital mitigation and recovery action. Give our SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon team a call today at (919) 250-0455.

Removing Floodwater from Raleigh Attics

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SERVPRO flood cleanup technicians have all the experience and equipment for every size of disaster. Call now!

Post-storm damage leaves the roofs of Raleigh homes vulnerable to runoff and a need for flood cleanup

Severe weather systems can regularly pass through North Carolina and the Triangle region, so our team must stay prepared for the damage these events can cause your home. Some of the threats your property might experience every year includes:

  • Winter storms
  • Wind damage
  • Ice
  • Torrential rainfall
  • Tropical storms

Ways Your Roof Can Become Damaged

There are several ways that flood cleanup in Raleigh homes is needed, which often involves vulnerabilities or damage to the roof. Because of the excessive amounts of severe weather events possible through North Carolina, even newer roof systems can be damaged to the point of flood penetration. Several of the contributing factors to attic flooding through roof damages include:

  • Fallen trees
  • Ice damming
  • Wind/debris damage 
  • Hail damage 

Water Damage to the Attic

The main problem with roof damage is its impact on the connected attic space. When water can freely move between roofing materials and the attic, it can be challenging to remove this water and make the necessary repairs. Homeowners might not recognize an issue until water penetrates the lower living space beyond the attic.

Drying Solutions for Damaged Homes

It is necessary to get drying solutions started as soon as possible. The faster we can manage standing water and moisture concerns, the less destructive dampness can be to the house's structural elements and connected rooms. We can create ideal conditions for rapid evaporative drying using centrifugal air movers, desiccant dehumidifiers, and portable heaters.

After attic flooding, it is necessary to have a team of professionals that can work fast to extract standing water and prevent absorption that could make structural damages more widespread. We have a full-service team of professionals to help with restoration and repairs as necessary. Give our SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon team a call today at (919) 250-0455.

Need Flood Damage Restoration in Raleigh – Call SERVPRO

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Flood and storm damage restoration services by SERVPRO are the way to go. We use the latest technology and equipment for every disaster.

SERVPRO Provides Flood Damage Repair and Restoration in Raleigh

Even minor flood damage in homes and businesses in Raleigh can cause thousands of dollars to clean up and restore homes and businesses. There may also be lost income for employees and a reduction in company revenues due to damage to your business while it is being restored. The contents and structure of the building become contaminated with floodwater. Some structures may need replacement due to swelling and loss of integrity. There is also a concern about viral, biological, and chemical contamination. With so much damage even from a minor flood event possible, it makes sense to take steps to protect your home and business.

SERVPRO provides flood damage cleaning, repair, and restoration services in Raleigh for homes and businesses in the area. Our crews are ready 24/7 to respond within four hours of your call to help our clients clean up and return their homes and business to normal. While many floods cause catastrophic damage, most are minor, yet they still cause significant damage.

Our clients often ask our SERVPRO experts for suggestions regarding protecting their buildings from flooding in the future. Some of the steps they can consider:

  • Install flood detection systems and water detectors
  • Check that your sump pump is working
  • Add battery backup for your sump bump
  • Keep drains and ditches free from debris
  • Clean gutters and downspouts regularly
  • Repair cracks in your foundation
  • Ensure landscaping slopes away from your foundation

While these steps will not prevent severe floods from damaging your home, they may prevent water from causing damage due to minor flood events. SERVPRO is available to help our clients at all times and provide flood cleanup services:

  • Water clean up
  • Water damage restoration
  • Water damage repairs

Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (919) 250-0455.

You Need Fire Damage Cleanup & Repair in Zebulon – Call SERVPRO

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SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians have all the training and experience for every size of fire damage restoration service needed. Call now!

How to Prevent Fires in Kitchens in Zebulon Homes - SERVPRO Suggestions

Kitchen fires are more common than we would like in homes in Zebulon. Kitchen fires can cause oily smoke from grease fires and unattended cooking. In addition to the smoke residues, the cupboards around the fire are charred and usually must be replaced. Thankfully kitchen fires are usually quickly contained, but there is still lots of damage from the fire that requires controlled demolition of the cupboards and thorough cleaning to remove all smoke and odor.

SERVPRO provides fire damage cleanup and restoration in Zebulon homes. Kitchen fires often produce a heavy greasy or oily smoke residue that smears unless the proper cleaning agents are used. Water and detergent usually is the best approach. However, SERVPRO technicians evaluate every situation and follow recommended cleaning processes to remove the oily soot from all surfaces, including nonporous and porous materials.

Fire prevention in homes from kitchen fires is the number one concern for many homeowners. Homeowners can protect their families by following some of the following guidelines:

  • Never leave anything cooking on the stove unattended
  • Remove any combustible materials away from hot stovetops.
  • Keep kids away while you are cooking
  • Always turn pot handles toward the back of the stove
  • Have a fire extinguisher nearby
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing while cooking
  • Smother grease fires
  • Keep oven and microwave doors closed until fires inside these appliances are contained.

SERVPRO fire restoration technicians are available 24/7. Our teams can be onsite in less than four hours to provide fire damage cleanup for water and chemicals used by the fire department to quell the fire, remove smoke residues deodorize your home. We can also remove charred cabinets and assist with fire damage repairs.

Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (919) 250-0455.

Need Mold Removal Companies in Raleigh – Call SERVPRO

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SERVPRO mold remediation team will be on-site within 4 hours of the initial call. We are here to help 24/7 365 days a year.

Residents of Raleigh Want to Know How to Prevent Mold – SERVPRO Can Help

Mold can invade homes in Raleigh at any time of the year. As long as there are warm conditions, moisture, and food, mold spores can land on surfaces within our homes, with mold colonies forming in as little as 24 hours once the right conditions are in place. Many residents ask our professionals what the best way to prevent mold in our homes is?

SERVPRO mold removal companies in Raleigh and surrounding areas can inspect your home for mold infestations and perform mold mitigation action. We remove all signs of the mold in your home; however, contrary to what many companies advertise, mold can never be removed completely. Mold spores are floating in the air waiting for the right conditions.

Severe infestations may require controlled demolition, negative air rooms to prevent mold spores from being distributed to other areas of your home, and industry-approved mold removal processes. SERVPRO can inspect and recommend the best approach to follow in your situation.

Many residents ask our experts how to prevent recurring mold infestations. SERVPRO recommends the following approach to managing and controlling mold in your home or business:

  • Avoid moisture build up in your home
  • Ventilate rooms where high humidity exists, e.g., showers
  • Avoid wet clothes left in the washing machine for long periods
  • Mold can grow in plant soil, especially in damp rooms
  • Repair any leaks inside your home
  • Condensation on windows suggests too much humidity can lead to mold growth
  • Turn on dehumidifiers and AC if humidity levels are too high
  • Keep humidifiers and dehumidifiers clean
  • Ensure vapor barriers are secure, especially on basement walls

Our SERVPRO team can provide inspection of your home and make suggestions regarding mold control leading to a reduction of mold incidents.

Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (919) 250-0455.

Cleaning Soot from Contents in Garner Homes

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Do you know how to clean personal belongings after a fire? SERPVRO does!

The Cleaning Approach to Remove Soot Changes Based on the Affected Items in Garner Properties

After fire losses overwhelm properties, hundreds of items can become damaged by lingering effects like soot, smoke, odors, and fire suppression techniques. Determining the most efficient and thorough restoration approach for these items hinges on thoroughly evaluating a content’s condition and salvageability. This process includes several necessary steps:

  • Cataloging the damage
  • Inventorying the items
  • Relocation or pack-out
  • Documenting cleaning progress

Soft Materials and Clothing

Fabrics and clothing can be among the contents most heavily impacted by fire damage in Garner homes. Not only can residues stain and ruin these vulnerable materials, but fabrics and soft goods are also sensitive to smoke damage like odor penetration. Off-site cleaning with equipment like our ESPORTA Wash system allows us to clean delicate materials safely.

Hard/Non-Porous Contents

We must carefully clean porcelain, glass, and other non-porous surfaces to manage and remove soot and smoke residues. At our SERVPRO facility, we have advanced cleaning equipment like our ultrasonic submersion tank, which can use microscopic bubbles bursting on the surface of the submerged contents to remove soil deposits.  

On-Site Cleaning Solutions

It is possible to perform some restoration and recovery that contents and personal belongings in your home might require without relocating. If we can keep fire loss effects from infiltrating undamaged areas of the house, contents in these areas might only require superficial cleaning to restore to original condition.

Content cleaning is an integral part of restoring properties after compromising fire loss events. With the volume of items affected by spreading soot and smoke residues, our SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon team must work quickly to protect what matters most. We have experienced professionals available 24/7 to help when you call (919) 250-0455.

Restoring a Wall Assembly After Water Damage in Raleigh Homes

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Water leaks and pipe bursts needs addressing as soon as possible as possible to minimize damage.

Repairs and Cleanup Play a Part in Returning a Raleigh Structure to Pre-Loss Condition After a Water Emergency

Physical repairs and build-back are necessary steps in making water damage incidents "Like it never even happened." Our SERVPRO professionals help with a fast response and effective mitigation. 

Controlled Demolition of Wet Materials

There are many types of water damage repair Raleigh homes might need after loss incidents. Several surfaces can be quickly overwhelmed and damaged when plumbing becomes compromised within a wall assembly. Our general contractor license helps us to complete this work.

Emergency Repairs of Plumbing

We must address water leaks and pipe bursts of any severity as soon as possible as possible. Not only does this swift action ensure water service restoration to the house, but the damage also does not worsen while restoration gets underway. Once covering building materials are removed, the source of the water damage can be reached and repaired. 

Thorough Drying 

Complete drying of the wall assembly does not happen immediately. Even with some of the more advanced tools available to our team, continual monitoring of the drying process is vital to ensure the proper steps to prevent more significant degradation of exposed building materials or secondary effects like mold growth. Some equipment used for this process include:

  • Positive pressure system
  • Centrifugal air movers
  • Desiccant and low-grain refrigerant dehumidifiers

Reconstruction and Build-Back

Once much of the drying and restoration has been completed, our SERVPRO team must get started on replacing any construction element that was removed and discarded. This process is another area where our contractor license benefits, as we can seamlessly transition between restoration and drying to build-back and reconstruction. 

Wall assemblies housing utilities can become severely damaged after burst pipes or leaks. A fast response of our SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon team can help to ensure appropriate mitigation gets started as soon as possible. Our experienced team is ready 24/7 at (919) 250-0455.

Initial Services to Start Fire Damage Recovery in Raleigh Homes

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Even small fires create debris that needs removing. SERVPRO provides complete fire damage restoration.

Mitigating Fire and Smoke Damage is a Critical Effort for Raleigh Residences

Initial services and mitigative actions are crucial to promptly restoring fire-damaged homes and businesses. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, so our talented FSRT-Certified technicians are ready 24/7 to help remedy pressing concerns when the SERVPRO Green Fleet first arrives. 

Temporary Construction

The first steps to overcoming fire and smoke damage in Raleigh homes are board-up and tarping. Structure fires can leave a building vulnerable to other harm with holes, missing or burned construction elements, and other exposure points. Our contractor license allows us to work quickly to help.  

Fire and Smoke Debris Removal

Debris and smoke residues must be removed from the flooring before much cleanup and restoration can occur. This formidable presence can include:

  • Ash
  • Bulk materials
  • Soot
  • Smoke particles
  • Solids
  • Blistered structural elements

Content Relocation 

Another one of the early services our SERVPRO team can provide is content relocation. Evaluating the condition of individually affected items and personal belongings shows which can be stored elsewhere on-site and what objects require intricate cleaning and restoration at our nearby facility. Our pack-out process also provides a stable storage location until in-house recovery completes.

Air Quality Control

Airborne contaminants can be a significant struggle when the restoration is underway. Post-fire damage in a property is often amplified by the hazardous conditions created by volatile compounds circulating in the environment. We have air scrubbers and filtration equipment capable of capturing contaminants and carcinogenic particles threatening the household.

Emergency services play a significant role in how fast fire restoration completes in damaged homes. As challenging as these circumstances might initially be, we have multiple mitigative efforts that can overcome pressing concerns like fire debris, damaged contents, and airborne threats. Our SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon team is available 24/7 at (919) 250-0455.

Tips for Performing Water Removal in Raleigh

12/31/2021 (Permalink)

Washing machine failure is not something that you can ignore for long. Contact SERVPRO for effective water removal services.

SERVPRO Offers Efficient Water Restoration Services in Raleigh

Water intrusion incidents from broken pipes and faulty appliances like washing machines can be sudden and may cause structural damage in your home. Immediate action is essential to prevent secondary damage and reduce restoration costs. Turn to SERVPRO for affordable and high-quality water restoration services. 

We use cutting-edge technology to perform water removal in affected Raleigh homes. Our water restoration technicians (WRT) have an in-depth understanding of evaluating water damage. Water might get absorbed in building materials like drywall, wood, insulation, and flooring and cause warping, discoloration, and rotting of some building materials. The moist conditions also increase the risk of mold growth that can cause health risks. Our SERVPRO team can locate the areas of the structure into which water has intruded and define the extent to which the contents and structures have absorbed moisture beyond normal levels. The devices that we use to track moisture in buildings include:

  • Moisture sensors
  • Moisture meters
  • Thermal hygrometers

We use the most appropriate techniques to bring homes back to their original condition. Our restoration services may include:

  • Water extraction
  • Drying
  • Cleaning
  • Structural repairs

Water extraction

Extraction is an essential step to extracting moisture from homes. SERVPRO uses the latest water extraction equipment like electric submersible pumps, light wands, and deep extraction tools to remove water from affected structures and contents. 


We can clean up the affected areas after removing the water. 


Our SERVPRO crew uses air moving and dehumidifying equipment to dry buildings. Air movers increase the evaporation rate while dehumidifiers put out hot air useful for drying hard-to-reach areas like walls. Dry air functions like a sponge to absorb moisture from damp materials. Dehumidifiers offer a continuous source of dry air to improve the drying process. 

Structural repairs

Your property might sustain structural damage from the water. Our team has the expertise to perform necessary repairs like repairing ruined drywall and wood flooring.

If you need water damage repair services, you can trust SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon to restore your residence. Our 24-hour hotline is (919) 250-0455.

Who Should Property Owners Contact for Fire Mitigation in Raleigh?

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Dealing with fire damage can be quite overwhelming. Contact our certified SERVPRO technicians to help you through this time.

They Should Call SERVPRO to Perform Fire Mitigation in Their Raleigh Homes

Homeowners can be unsure about where to begin following a tragic fire. However, they must act quickly because the fire's secondary effects instantly start. When the unthinkable happens, call SERVPRO to help you get your property back to normal promptly.

Our goal at SERVPRO is to make fire mitigation in Raleigh homes as painless as possible for our customers. We ensure that our customers get compensation by assisting them in documenting the damage and providing the necessary information to their insurance carrier.

Our SERVPRO restorers can clean the salvageable structures and contents using specialized skills and tools. Cleaning up a fire-damaged house involves removing debris, ash, and smoke residues. At times, the cleanup process reveals water damage. In that case, we dry affected structures. The outcome of the repair is determined by the severity of the damage. During a fire damage inspection, our restorers lookout for many things, including:

  • Preexisting damage
  • Damage caused by water
  • Smoke residues
  • Deterioration of building materials

Our Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Technicians (FSRT) pretest damaged items to determine which restoration procedure can work best. We locate resides, identify them, and determine the type of surfaces that require cleaning. Our SERVPRO IICRC-certified technicians capture residues before removing them. We can use fluids and air to release and carry soils away. Fluids and air carry suspended particles with them upon contact. Dissolving and vacuuming are two techniques we can use to contact soils and carry them off for disposal. To clean the affected surfaces using the wall and all surface cleaner and a cloth. After cleaning, our specialists can deodorize your home.

After the flames have been extinguished, the secondary effects of fire begin to occur. To minimize damage and to ensure rapid fire mitigation, contact SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455. We can make the fire loss seem "Like it never even happened."

Where Can Property Owners Get Storm Damage Cleanup Services in Raleigh?

12/19/2021 (Permalink)

Seeing your property affected after a storm can be overwhelming. Contact SERVPRO for storm damage cleanup and floodwater removal.

They Can Hire SERVPRO to Perform Storm Damage Cleanup in their Raleigh Homes

Storms can occur at any time and catch property owners off guard. They can cause trees to fall on buildings and flooding. The winds associated with storms can also ruin siding, roofing, windows, and doors. SERVPRO has built a reputation by providing top storm cleanup services. 

We are a locally-owned and operated restoration form that is on hand and expertly trained to perform storm damage cleanup in Raleigh homes. Our technicians can examine your home for safety reasons to make sure that it has maintained its integrity. We can work quickly to ensure that no wind, hail, or water damage remains on your property. SERVPRO’s storm flood cleanup services may include:

  • Removing debris
  • Water mitigation
  • Full cleanup of the property
  • Replacing ruined doors and windows
  • Rebuilding ruined structures

A storm can leave debris like pieces of damaged bushing materials, tree limbs, sand, and gravel, among other types of wreckage, in your property. Our SERVPRO team can remove the debris using tools like rakes and shovels. 

We can also remove the floodwater using self-priming trash pumps because they can pass solids. Our technicians can clean structural items like walls and subfloors with the appropriate cleaning method. We also evaluate all the contents exposed to high humidity for cleaning needs. Drying the property is another vital step. Our team can use axial air movers to expedite the evaporation rate. These air movers deliver low pressure at higher volume, and they, therefore, cover larger areas of affected materials. To remove the moisture, our SERVPRO technicians can use dehumidifiers

If heavy winds ruined building materials, we can fix everything that sustained damage to return your residence to preloss condition. Safety is our priority, and we make sure that our work passes every inspection. 

In the unfortunate event of storm damage, call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon (919) 250-0455 for cleanup services. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

How Should Homeowners in Garner Arrange for Post-Storm Flood Removal?

11/17/2021 (Permalink)

When a storm strikes, SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon is here to be the team you need.

Garner residents can follow practical tips to limit structural and contents damage until SERVPRO arrives to assess and plan flood restoration

Torrential rains and winds cause significant damage in Garner, but flood removal techniques instituted by educated residents can minimize the effects. Calling your insurance company and SERVPRO immediately for evaluation and emergency services for water damage are the first steps, while commonsense actions as you wait mitigate some of the worst effects.

What Hints Help Garner Homeowners Improve Basement Flooding Cleanup Outcomes?


It is vital to observe safety protocols. Do not enter a flooded area if:

  • Electricity is live
  • You smell gas or notice broken utility lines
  • Water is trapped overhead
  • Sewage cleanup is needed 


Flood damage is overwhelming, so take a moment to plan for interventions that have the most impact:

  • Shutting off utilities if you can do so safely
  • Moving electronics, documents, and valuables to dry areas of the home or another secure space
  • Raising furniture on blocks or sliding foil under legs to prevent staining 
  • Removing area and throw rugs, clothing, and other items from the floors


  • Take pictures.
  • Note where you store removed items.
  • Keep track of how long electricity is off to help assess whether refrigerated or frozen food is safe to consume later.

How Can You Partner with SERVPRO After Our Crews Arrive?

Have confidence that our company, managers, and crews are fully trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in a wide range of water removal services and applied structural drying. Refrain from interfering with the operation of equipment intended to effectuate water damage remediation, including:

  • Pumps
  • Extractors
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Fans

We pride ourselves on clear communication and integrity, so ask any questions and participate in planning with our team. Our goal mirrors your desire -- to make flooding damage “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon is ready to work with you and your insurer to restore flood damage in your residence. Call us 24/7 at (919) 250-0455 and expect crews to join your water clean up efforts as soon as possible.

Can Professional Commercial Water Cleanup Save Raleigh Hardwood Floors?

11/17/2021 (Permalink)

Knowing what is needed for your damaged business is essential, call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon.

SERVPRO offers a broad range of innovative and effective strategies for water removal and drying of hardwood floors in your Raleigh business

Water cleanup must follow quickly and professionally when burst pipes or leaking roofs from storms inundate the beautiful hardwood floors of a Raleigh business. Not only are the floors the foundation of your company’s physical layout, but they also contribute to the ambiance you desire. Removing and replacing the floors during water damage repairs is a disruptive and expensive proposition. Fortunately, alternatives minimize costs and disturbances in your operations. 

How Does SERVPRO Approach Hardwood Floor Water Removal Services?

When the SERVPRO crew arrives to assess the water damage remediation needed, expect swift action. Hardwood flooring is often more resilient than you might believe, but rather than simply waiting to see if the strips or planks underfoot “bounce back,” we:

  • Pump standing water if deeper than two inches 
  • Use high-efficiency and capacity truck-mounted extractors to suction and contain thousands of gallons for appropriate disposal
  • Employ simpler tools such as brooms and squeegees to move lingering “topside” water to extractors
  • Map lingering moisture by infrared imaging and moisture detectors, metering levels for drying goals
  • Plan to remove the trapped moisture from under the visible strips or planks and the subfloors and supports

What Strategies Succeed in Bringing Hardwood Floor Moisture Levels Back to Normal?

Technicians also test unaffected materials in your building to determine proper moisture content for your floors. Interventions to reach that goal include:

  • Drying mats connected to negative air pressure equipment attach to the floor and suck the moisture through several layers.
  • Air movers and dehumidifiers positioned strategically reduce the ambient humidity of the space to accelerate evaporation.
  • Fans blow under the affected flooring and substrate if access exists.
  • Propping of strips or planks improves airflow.

Do not despair if your business’s floors need water removal. Reach SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455 to explore your options.

Why Is Mold Damage Remediation in Raleigh Often Unsuccessful?

11/12/2021 (Permalink)

Mold damage in your home can be difficult, call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon today.

Ensure mold inspection, remediations, and removal follow research-based protocols, why SERVPRO ranks highly among Raleigh mold specialist 

When homeowners in Raleigh need mold damage remediation, what should they look for in a contractor? Black mold removal companies who promise complete attic mold removal or permanent basement mold remediation might not be the best fit. Seek instead a mold remediation firm that also has a solid background in efficient water damage repairs and structural drying.

Why Consider Companies Offering Water Removal Services When Your Raleigh Home Needs Black Mold Damage Repairs?

The simple answer is that mold inspection nearly always reveals previous water damage and lingering moisture. Our crews are trained not only in the mold remediation protocols of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) but can also trace, mitigate, and remediate water damage that caused the mold infestation. Without a foundation in moisture management and elimination, mold problems will recur in your Raleigh home, which is why SERVPRO fits the bill.  

How Does Mold Take Hold in Your Home?

Mold spores are tiny and are always present both inside and outside your home. They cause few issues as long as excess moisture is unavailable. If burst pipes, roof leaks, or basement flooding are not resolved, the spores absorb the water and multiply. Claims to eradicate all mold and spores are not sustainable, which is why SERVPRO takes a more comprehensive approach.

What Does SERVPRO Focus On During Mold Remediation? 

The EPA protocol includes:

  • Finding and remedying the moisture problem
  • Locating the mold, black or other species
  • Containing the space with the infestation with 1.6 mil polypropylene and employing air scrubbing equipment that exhausts moldy airborne particles during remediation
  • Use of personal protective equipment (PPE) by SERVPRO workers
  • Mechanical removal of mold colonies by brushing, scraping, or specialized dry ice or soda blasting techniques
  • Clean up using HEPA filtered vacuums and wipedowns with EPA-registered cleaners and antimicrobials
  • Disposal of moldy materials following local hazardous waste rules

Long-term successful outcomes are why SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon adheres to the proven mold remediation procedures developed by the EPA. Call (919) 250-0455 to schedule an evaluation.

Where Does Flooding Affect Raleigh Homes the Worst?

10/30/2021 (Permalink)

Storm and flood damage restoration is a must when it comes to your property. SERVPRO will be on-site within 4 hours of the initial call.

Our fast restoration response helps Raleigh residences after devastating storm damage. 

Restoring homes and businesses after the severe weather Raleigh can experience often means preparing for substantial flood effects. We have a range of extraction tools to mitigate loss through water removal, including:

Attic Flooding and Roof Damage 

Because of the severe weather common to North Carolina, storm and flooding restoration for Raleigh homes is a frequent need. Roof damage, for example, can cripple the building’s envelope and ability to keep water from infiltrating the attic. As leading water restoration professionals, we have multiple extraction and drying tools for this confined space.

Basement Flooding and Foundation Degradation 

The basement level of your property is a convenient place for floodwater to collect when disasters strike. When your foundation battles hydrostatic pressure from groundwater or the immensity of flash flood power, this lower level of your home can become overwhelmed. We have submersible pump extractors to discharge water pooling here quickly.

Flooding in Crawlspaces Beneath the Main Floor 

The space below your home designed for access to your utilities can be another area likely to experience flooding in the lower-lying portions of the Greater Raleigh area. While extraction is one of the ways that we can quickly help, a long-term solution is crawlspace encapsulation to protect structural elements from floodwater exposure in the future.

Understanding the areas of your home that might experience flood damage can help you prepare for what your property might need after a disaster. Our SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon team is a leading restoration unit to provide mitigation and water removal services following flooding. Call us today at (919) 250-0455.

Clearing Water from Tile Floors in Raleigh Businesses

10/23/2021 (Permalink)

Water damage is never good for your business. SERVPRO uses the latest technology and equipment every time for commercial damage restoration. Call now!

We have effective extraction and drying tools for large loss scenarios in Raleigh. 

Removing water and drying the area can be a critical process when your business is at stake. You need fast responding professionals to contain the damage and prioritize the needs of the management to ensure that operations can continue when possible. Our SERVPRO team is ready to help when you need it.

Clearing Standing Water from the Floors 

One of the staples for water damage removal in Raleigh businesses is the means of clearing standing water from the tile floors. Because of its low porosity, absorption into the flooring is not likely. It leaves most of the water damageable to get removed with squeegee wands, wet vacuums, and truck-mount extractors.

Removing Damaged Building Materials

While the tile flooring might be a low-porosity material that is less likely to become heavily damaged by migrating moisture or standing water, other elements that become exposed must get removed when degradation begins. This might include drywall, wood trim, base cabinets, and similar structural fixtures.

Thorough Drying and Moisture Tracking 

Complete drying is vital to protect and restore homes and businesses alike but failing to remove all of the present moisture pockets can become more significant concerns like mold damage or structural deterioration. We use devices to track the effectiveness of evaporation with air movers and dehumidifiers, like:

  • Surface meters
  • Probing moisture meters
  • Thermal imagery/Infrared camera

Many choose the attractive look of tile flooring in specific areas of their Raleigh business or office space, which can be easier to clean and restore after water damages. Our professionals offer a faster response to help with mitigation and restoration as needed. You can reach our SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon team 24/7 at (919) 250-0455. 

Effective Mold Removal Strategies in Raleigh Residences

10/11/2021 (Permalink)

Mold growth will start fast within the first 24 to 48 hours. SERVPRO mold remediation techs are trained and experienced in all phases you need.

Remediation adapts to each situation, making the choice of mold removal tactics vital for Raleigh properties. 

Because many portions of the year provide higher humidity conditions and the possibilities for flood damage, many area homes combat developing mold. With the experienced remediators on our team, we have become mold removal experts to help when you need it most.

Mold Inspections and Damage Assessments

It can be difficult to choose the appropriate mold remediation in Raleigh homes without first gathering credible information about the property's condition. Mold inspections provide insight into the spread of colonies and the impact of these organisms on the House.

Common Mold Removal Approaches for Raleigh Homes

There are multiple approaches for mold remediation that vary based on the affected materials and the severity of the situation. The right choice among these options impacts the total time of remediation and recovery. Some of these include:

  • Surface Treatment – Cleaning materials with antimicrobial or sporicidal products can eliminate light mold damage and act as a mold inhibiting agent for surfaces that have not shown colonization signs.
  • Media Blasting – Using certain media types like baking soda or sponges, highly pressurized air can eliminate surface mold concerns without causing harm to the underlying hosting material.
  • Surface Sanding – Using either hand sanding techniques or power sanders, our experienced technicians can remove the surface layer of mold-damaged materials to preserve the majority of this substrate.
  • Controlled Demolition – When other options have been exhausted or ruled insufficient, the suitable solution to remove active colonies against building materials in your home is to demolish this affected portion of the structure.

Clearing mold and microbial threats from your residence can be a considerable challenge without professional remediation by our SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon team. We can quickly reach damaged homes and businesses to help when you call (919) 250-0455.

How Can SERVPRO Help Raleigh Residents with Water Removal?

9/29/2021 (Permalink)

When a burst pipe affects your home, time is of the essence. Contact SERVPRO for effective water removal services. We are standing by 24/7.

SERVPRO’s Fast Water Removal Saves Raleigh Homes from Long-Term Damage

Water damage incidents due to ceiling leaks and burst pipes can cause long-lasting damage to your home. Hiring professionals for water removal from your Raleigh home can save it from such damage. SERVPRO’s team of water restoration experts use their years of experience and advanced equipment to restore your home to a condition “Like it never even happened.”

The first step taken by SERVPRO professionals during restoration is water removal from your Raleigh home. The longer the water stays on your property, the more severe the damage that it can cause. We use different types of pumps to get the water out of your property as quickly as possible. 

How does SERVPRO Techs Decide Which Pump to Use During Water Damage Remediation in Raleigh Homes?

SERVPRO techs consider several factors while choosing a pump to remove water from your Raleigh home. Some of the factors that we consider include-

  • Type of fluid to be removed: In many cases, the standing water on the property might contain solids, including floating debris. SERVPRO techs use self-priming trash pumps in such situations that can pass solids over 3" as well as fluid laden with sand and mud.  
  • How fast water needs to be removed: Larger pumps can remove more water at a quicker rate than smaller pumps. We use pumps with different capacities (measured in gallons of water removed per minute (GPM)), depending on the amount of water on your property. 
  • Suction lift needed: Another factor is the vertical distance that the fluid must be carried from the pump to the discharge outlet. Removing water from underground structures such as basements needs high-pressure pumps to move water out of the building. 

Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455 to restore any water issues on your property.

Need Fire and Smoke Cleanup Services in Your Raleigh Home? Call SERVPRO

9/25/2021 (Permalink)

Make sure that you contact SERVPRO right after the fire fighters leave. Our technicians have the training and equipment to deal with fire damage.

SERVPRO Can Protect Your Raleigh Home by Offering Fast and Efficient Fire and Smoke Cleanup

A fire can leave your home in an almost unrecognizable condition, with smoke and soot covering up all exposed surfaces. You need professional restorers like SERVPRO for your Raleigh home's fire and smoke cleanup to contain the damage and prevent any major issues. Our IICRC certified fire damage restoration experts are the quickest to respond, and We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.  

SERVPRO restorers meticulously plan your Raleigh home's fire and smoke cleanup to minimize the secondary damage and speed up the restoration. Fire damage restoration is a complex process that involves several steps, from cleaning the smoke and soot residue to deodorizing the premises. SERVPRO technicians use their extensive training to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

How do SERVPRO Techs Clean Acoustic Tiles During House Fire Cleanup in Raleigh Homes?

SERVPRO has developed a special process for cleaning acoustical ceilings in Raleigh homes. We use the Peroxide Active Ceiling Cleaning process that preserves the sound-deadening characteristics of the acoustic tiles while restoring their appearance. The method is also effective in cleaning blown ceilings(Popcorn) that might dissolve or deteriorate by other wet cleaning agents. 

SERVPRO techs use the Peroxide Active Ceiling Cleaning process if water-based cleaning agents do not damage porous surfaces. The process begins by pre-cleaning the damaged ceiling with vacuum and brushing. Once the loose soil is removed, the next step is to apply the Active Peroxide cleaning solution with the help of a spraying machine, taking care not to over-wet the surface.

The stabilized hydrogen peroxide in the cleaning solution easily oxidizes the smoke and soot particles loosening their bonds with the surfaces allowing them to be wiped clean. 

Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455; we are available 24/7 to help you.

SERVPRO’s Water Damage Restoration Service Can Protect Raleigh Homes

9/20/2021 (Permalink)

Water damage can affect your home with leaks coming from any direction. Contact our certified technicians 24/7 365 days a year to remediate.

Raleigh Residents Rely on SERVPRO for Water Damage Restoration of Their Homes

Water damage affects different surfaces of your home differently depending on how porous, and permeable they are to water. SERVPRO uses different water damage restoration strategies in your Raleigh home, depending on the type of surfaces involved. 

SERVPRO technicians make hundreds of drying decisions in the process of guiding the water damage restoration of your Raleigh home to the most cost-efficient result. Our restorers weigh the cost of drying and restoring the material against the cost of replacing those components. More often than not, the cost of drying and repairing is much cheaper than replacing. However, restoration is not an option in some cases, and the SERVPRO techs might need to replace the component.  

How SERVPRO Techs Restore Hardwood Flooring During Water Cleanup from Your Raleigh Home?

Hardwood floors in Raleigh homes are usually maple, birch, oak, ash, hickory, or pecan. After water damage, the first step in restoring these hardwood floors is to inspect them with a non-penetrating moisture meter.  

One of the biggest concerns with hardwood flooring is mold growth if the moisture content rises above 16%. SERVPRO techs usually set the drying goal of a hardwood floor at 4% moisture.  

When the hardwood planks absorb moisture, they expand. Under certain conditions, the expanded wood can warp or buckle. If the wood bows to a concave shape, it is called 'cupping.' It happens when the plank's edges absorb the moisture. On the other hand, if the wood bows to a convex shape, it is called 'crowning.' It usually occurs if the plank absorbs water from the bottom. 

SERVPRO techs aim to dry these hardwood planks as efficiently as possible, eliminating the need to replace them. 

Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455; our technicians are available 24/7 to assist you.

How Can Raleigh Homeowners Salvage Wet Bathroom Cabinets?

8/24/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon knows how important a person's bathroom is. Call us today for full assistance.

SERVPRO Water Mitigation Specialists Clean and Dry Raleigh Home Fixtures

Whether homeowners live in Raleigh or elsewhere, insurance claim data indicates that bathrooms are one of the most vulnerable areas of a property when it comes to water damage risk. Faucet leaks, bathtub overflows, and damaged plumbing require fast water damage mitigation to prevent costly structural damage and mold growth.

SERVPRO is an Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified firm with technicians trained to perform rapid-response water mitigation for Raleigh residences. SERVPRO’s extensive training program educates technicians, staff, and franchise owners with up-to-date information on water cleanup best practices for the restoration industry.

SERVPRO Water Mitigation for Bathroom Cabinetry

If a bathroom sink cabinet in a Raleigh home requires water mitigation, drying can take longer due to the additional layers between the wall and the cabinet backing. If the cabinet does not have backing, technicians can drill small holes into the affected wall to facilitate airflow for structural drying and patch holes after mitigation. This process can be replicated with a cabinet that has backing, provided that technicians can patch holes with comparable material.

Other considerations for bathroom cabinetry include:

  • The extent of water exposure, which may require some demolition to save remaining drywall and fiberglass insulation
  • Airflow under the cabinet can be addressed by removing the toe-kick and drilling holes into it
  • Implementing vent systems to force dry air into cavities

SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon is a phone call away from providing disaster cleanup services at (919) 250-0455. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster and ready to respond 24/7.

Can Raleigh Businesses Get Emergency-Response Fire Debris Removal?

8/17/2021 (Permalink)

Don't hesitate to pick up your phone when it comes to your businesses fire damage. SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon is here 100%.

SERVPRO Provides Commercial Fire Debris Removal 24/7 for Raleigh Businesses

After fires impact Raleigh businesses, the cleanup process can be both time-consuming and stressful. Between the cost of repair and replacement, fire debris removal, and cleaning facilities to code, business owners need a more cost-effective, restoration-focused solution that minimizes downtime.

SERVPRO professionals provide comprehensive disaster cleanup that includes fire debris removal for Raleigh businesses. This firm utilizes OSHA-approved antimicrobial solutions to clean commercial facilities per local regulations and industry standards set by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

Eliminating Fire Damage Debris and Soils with Mechanical Action

SERVPRO techs can mitigate large clusters of fire damage debris while implementing containment measures that minimize the spread of soot through entryways and vents. Debris is removed from the premises in sealed plastic bags by technicians wearing personal protective equipment (PPE).

Fire damage remediation for salvageable structures and contents in a given business can entail various degrees of mechanical agitation cleaning, such as:

  • Feather dusters, brushes, compressed air, and HEPA-filter vacuums for most surfaces that have mild, dry, and loose smoke and soot soils
  • SERVPRO Dry Cleaning Sponges, Crumbly Cleaner, mineral oil-coated dusting cloths, and wet cleaning towels for moderate agitation
  • Abrasive powders, sandpaper, steel wool, and Roto brushes and pads can address heavy agitation cleaning needs
  • Abrasion cleaning with blast media like dry ice, corn cobs, sand, or baking soda

Business owners can contact SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon by calling (919) 250-0455 for 24/7 services that make commercial properties seem “Like it never even happened.”

Saving Carpeting During Indoor Flood Cleanup

8/11/2021 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon when you need assistance with your water damaged carpet.

SERVPRO Water Damage Cleanup for Raleigh Homeowners Cleans and Dries Carpets

Carpet is one of the most vulnerable flooring surfaces in a water damage situation. Without fast action, the fibers can house microbial growth, unpleasant odors, and hard-to-remove stains. Thorough saturation can also impact the subfloor below, which can increase repair and replacement costs significantly.

SERVPRO performs water damage cleanup for Raleigh property owners per standards set by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification. Restoration technicians are trained to handle water damage repair needs for carpet and upholstery.

Water Damage Cleanup for Carpet and Pad Includes Extraction Services

SERVPRO technicians use commercial-grade extractors to clean and sanitize salvageable carpets and padding after a disaster. Hot water extraction is the most effective for light to moderate soiling from moisture. 

Extraction units work with portable or truck-mounted systems to remove water for disposal and feature three systems: a vacuum for removing water, a pressure pump to transmit cleaning solution through the extractor wand, and a solution heating system.

The extraction process entails the following:

  • Technicians choose a compatible emulsifying solution for the carpet in question, with a different pH depending on the composition of the fibers being treated
  • Carpet fibers are loosened, vacuumed, and treated with pre-spray in heavy traffic areas
  • Carpet wands are deployed, spraying the fibers with the heated cleaning solution. SERVPRO techs repeat multiple times as needed until the carpet is ready for drying

Homeowners can call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455 when they need a team that is ready to prove that We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

What Initial Actions Protect Raleigh Businesses After Mold Damage?

7/30/2021 (Permalink)

Mold remediation is no DIY project. SERVPRO has trained and experienced techs to handle all the dirty work.

Fast Responses to Emergencies Reduce the Irreparable Harm Mold Can Do to Raleigh Offices. 

Persistent moisture or water damage can facilitate mold growth in your office building. Experienced professionals like our SERVPRO team can help with removing active colonies and restoring the damage caused.

Mold Inspections Provide a Stable Start for Recovery

Mold remediation for Raleigh might seem like an overwhelming situation to address, but it can be efficient with a thorough inspection of the grounds. Our professionals identify damaged contents, structural elements and target foul odors present on the property with this information.

Content Relocation and Cleaning 

Protecting documents, furniture, and other personal effects from the office space are among the first actions that our SERVPRO takes during mold remediation. Relocating your contents to a safe area can prevent irreparable harm to these items when mold damage recovery gets underway for the office space.

Remediation Solutions for the Office Space

There is no universal approach for removing active colonization when mold damage exists. The inspection process can generate data on where mold is and the severity of these organisms against impacted items and furniture. From porous materials like drywall and carpeting to solid matter like concrete and masonry, remediation solutions can include:

  • Antimicrobial and biocides
  • Controlled demolition
  • Sponge pressure cleaning
  • Sanding

When your office building suffers situations like mold growth, it is vital to get these issues resolved as promptly as possible. Remediation specialists from our SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon team are available to help 24/7 at (919) 250-0455.

What Methods Suit Smoke Cleanup Best in Raleigh Properties?

7/23/2021 (Permalink)

Fire damage restoration is a job for professionals. SERVPRO will be onsite within 4 hours of the initial call.

After a Fire, SERVPRO Professionals Work Fast to Eliminate Threatening Smoke Damage in Raleigh Homes. 

Smoke damage is a common threat after structure fires. Partial combustion can create hazards and unsafe conditions like soot exposure, making it critical to begin emergency services and cleanup as soon as possible. 

Removing Soot from the Environment 

Circulating soot can be one of the biggest priorities for fire and smoke cleanup in Raleigh homes and businesses. Air scrubbers with HEPA filtration provide direct results for hazardous soot particles. 

Eliminating Soils and Residues 

Smoke generated during combustion can circulate in the property, and when aerosolized, allow particles to rest on porous surfaces that can be stained or marred. Dry chemical sponges and wet cleaning tactics begin the removal process, which often requires more aggressive measures like media blasting or controlled demolition.

Deodorization and Odor Removal 

Reducing the overwhelming odors left behind after combustion and extinguishment requires several approaches working simultaneously. Factors like occupants still living in the house during restoration can limit the available deodorization equipment and products available to use. Some of the common neutralization choices are: 

  • Ozone generators
  • Hydroxyl machines
  • Thermal fogging
  • Counteractants

Soot and smoke damage can be tremendous obstacles for restoration after an emergency. Our SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon team is experienced and ready to help 24/7 at (919) 250-0455.

 Cleaning Up After Flood and Storm Damage to Raleigh Homes

7/15/2021 (Permalink)

When a storm hits home, call SERVPRO for the storm restoration services needed for your home.

Our Experienced Professionals Respond Fast After Storm Events to Begin Cleaning Raleigh Properties.

We understand what a property needs after a severe storm common to our area begins with evaluating the property by our trusted SERVPRO IICRC certified professionals. We can reach damaged properties fast to begin this assessment.

What Cleaning is Necessary After Flooding? 

Because storm damage in Raleigh can affect homes and businesses quickly in an emergency, specific mitigation actions are vital. Some include:

  • Extraction – Not surprisingly, the first step in cleaning and recovery requires extraction and water removal. Our SERVPRO team has multiple tools to help. 
  • Sewage Removal – Flooding can often lead to an overflow of sanitary sewer lines and floor drains. When your home does not have any adequate backflow prevention, these concerns can make their way into the house.
  • Muck-Out – Mud, silt, and debris can be carried in with natural flooding situations. Removing these soils and sediment is often the first major hurdle in restoration and recovery.
  • Infestation – Severe storm damage and natural flooding can allow for more than water intrusion. Rodents and insects can find their way into the house and require removal to return the property to its original condition.

Post-storm damage recovery involves many processes for cleaning and restoring an affected property. As challenging as these circumstances can be, our SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon team is ready to help 24/7 at (919) 250-0455.

Stormwater Removal from Your Raleigh Home is a Job for the Professionals

6/24/2021 (Permalink)

Storms happen in our area. No worries! SERVPRO can totally restore your flooded home.

SERVPRO Helps Raleigh Homeowners in Stormwater Removal 

Stormwater removal from your Raleigh home is the first step to deal with the aftermath of a storm. SERVPRO technicians use state-of-the-art water removal equipment such as truck-mounted extractors and different kinds of pumps to get the job done.

Once the SERVPRO technicians are done with the stormwater removal from your Raleigh home, the next step is to ensure that the structure and its contents are dried as fast as possible. To attain fast drying during water cleanup, SERVPRO technicians often establish a 'drying goal.' The drying goal that SERVPRO technicians institute often includes the following information:

  • Moisture content readings from dry, unaffected areas
  • Moisture reading (in percentage) for wood material
  • Moisture reading (in points) for non-wood material

How SERVPRO Technicians Set Drying Goals During Water Damage Repairs of Your Storm Damaged Raleigh Home?

The water damage restoration technicians establish the drying goal at your Raleigh home in one of the following ways:

  • Establish the dry standard-A dry standard is the moisture content of the dry unaffected area. SERVPRO techs consider a surface dry if the moisture content of the surface in the affected area reaches the same level as the dry standard. 
  • Use equilibrium moisture content (EMC)-It is the condition where the moisture content of a material is stabilized with relative humidity and temperature. At EMC, a substance neither losses nor absorbs moisture. 

Technicians use moisture measurements to determine whether their drying goal is being met according to the dry standard or EMC set in the drying goal.

Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455 for round-the-clock service.

Why Should You Wait for SERVPRO Technicians for Fire and Smoke Remediation of Your Raleigh home?

6/17/2021 (Permalink)

Even seemingly small fires can cause structural and electrical hazards. For safe fire damage restoration, call SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Puts Safety First During Fire and Smoke Remediation of Raleigh Homes

Fire and smoke remediation of your Raleigh home are potentially dangerous. There are many known and possibly some unknown hazards in a fire-damaged home. SERVPRO technicians exercise special precautions to work around these hazards.

SERVPRO technicians are IICRC certified and undergo several hours of training to make fire and smoke remediation of your Raleigh home as safe as possible. Safety is the primary concern of SERVPRO restorers during fire damage restoration. Every fire damage incidence is different, and hence, the technicians need to anticipate unique safety challenges that a particular situation poses.

Common Safety Hazards SERVPRO Technicians Handle During House Fire Cleanup in Raleigh

Although many hazards lurk in a fire-damaged Raleigh structure, the most common ones include:

  • Electrical hazards- If the electric supply is still connected to the fire-damaged homes, SERVPRO technicians check the power distribution panel and turn off all circuit breakers. We use instruments called ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) that can cut the power if they sense too much current while working in a wet environment.
  • Structural hazards- Fire and smoke damage can create structural issues in buildings. Restorers are equipped with hard hats and work safety boots to protect them from falling debris if present. In some cases, an engineer needs to verify the soundness of the structure before fire damage restoration can begin.

Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455 for fast and safe fire damage restoration service.

Raleigh Business Owners Turn to SERVPRO for Water Damage Restoration of Their Establishments

6/10/2021 (Permalink)

Water losses happen, and they cause downtime for businesses. SERVPRO is available 24/7 to remove the water!

SERVPRO Offers Premier Water Damage Restoration Service to Raleigh Commercial Properties

The cost of water damage restoration of your Raleigh commercial space can be significantly affected by how quickly SERVPRO professionals can get to work. Unmitigated water at your place of business can cause secondary damage, significantly increasing restoration costs.

SERVPRO technicians use several scientific approaches during water damage restoration of your Raleigh commercial property to speed up the drying process. The SERVPRO water restoration experts use their knowledge of Psychrometry (scientific study of air and its properties) to establish ideal conditions for drying. Besides controlling the temperature and humidity, controlling the airflow is a tool that SERVPRO techs regularly use during water damage remediation.

How SERVPRO Effectively Uses Airflow During Water Cleanup from Raleigh Properties

Air movers that provide continuous airflow are regularly used to speed up the drying process from water-damaged Raleigh properties. This equipment increases the rate of evaporation in the following ways:

  • Removing the boundary layer-Evaporation causes a cooling effect. And the resulting outcome is that the air close to the wet surface becomes laden with moisture and becomes cooler, forming a layer known as the boundary layer. Once this layer is saturated with vapor, the evaporation stops. Air movers used during water damage remediation blow away this layer replacing it with a layer of drier and warmer air, speeding up evaporation. 
  • Circulating dehumidified air-Air movers work in tandem with the dehumidifiers during water remediation. The air movers create air movements that circulate the dehumidified dry air throughout the structure. It results in lowering the humidity ratio of the air and speeding up the drying process. 

Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455 for 24/7 water damage restoration.

SERVPRO is Quick to Respond to Storm Water Removal Needs of Garner Residents

5/27/2021 (Permalink)

Need water extraction from wet carpets? No Problem--Just call SERVPRO for fast storm damage remediation in Garner

Garner Homeowners Call SERVPRO for a Fast and Efficient Storm Water Removal Service

Leaking roofs from a storm can leave your Garner home in desperate need of professional storm water removal services. Standing water on your property can worsen an already bad situation. If the water cleanup is not done promptly, the water can seep into the structure causing secondary damage that can be difficult to mitigate.

Storm water removal from your Garner home needs professionals who can respond fast and start the mitigation process immediately. SERVPRO water removal technicians are backed by years of experience and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to handle any situation. Besides, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Equipment That SERVPRO Techs use During Flood Water Cleanup at Your Garner Home

SERVPRO technicians use professional-grade equipment during storm water removal services-

  • Extraction units- These are heavy-duty equipment that can remove standing water from your Garner property in no time. SERVPRO tech uses both portable and truck-mounted versions of extractors depending on the volume of water. The truck-mounted extractors can extract 36,000 gallons of water a day.
  • Light wands- Used for water extraction from carpets and are usually attached to an extractor. These are especially useful when carpet pads are removed.
  • Deep extraction tools- These devices compress the carpet and squeeze out the water and remove it using a vacuum. The water damage restoration professional can stand on these devices to exert extra weight for a deeper extraction.

Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455 for fast and reliable service.

SERVPRO Protects Raleigh Businesses from the Aftermath of Mold Damage

5/19/2021 (Permalink)

Mold remediation for a Raleigh property includes eliminating the foul odors--mVOC-micro Volatile Organic Compounds--SERVPRO AMRT techs can get it done

Professional Mold Damage Remediation Yields Best Results for Raleigh Businesses

Discovering mold damage at your place of business in Raleigh is never a good sign. If ignored, it can spread rapidly, and restoration can become exponentially more difficult. Besides, mold exposure can cause health effects to you and your employees as well.

Mold damage remediation in Raleigh should only be done by trained and certified professionals. SERVPRO mold specialists are IICRC certified and carry out the mold inspection, remediation and removal according to the EPA guidelines. Our restorers work closely with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) professionals and Indoor Environmental Professionals (IEP) to achieve safe and efficient mold remediation.

What Mold Species Do SERVPRO Mold Specialists Deem Risky?

SERVPRO mold specialists of Raleigh have years of experience dealing with commercial mold restoration. We encounter many mold species in Raleigh that can have the potential to cause health effects, including the following-

  • Aspergillus
  • Fusarium
  • Stachybotrys chartarum (black mold)
  • Penicillium

Most types of attic mold and bathroom mold are allergenic and release Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds (mVOCs) that can cause allergies. Some other mold types found in your Raleigh commercial property might be toxigenic and produce chemicals called Mycotoxins. Not all species of mold produce mycotoxins, and those which do, don't produce them in all situations.

SERVPRO experts have the training and experience to deal with these mold species safely and efficiently. We use utmost care and precaution to limit the damage and prevent it from spreading to unaffected areas.

Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455; we are here to assist you round the clock.

SERVPRO Assists Raleigh Residents During Flood Water Removal and Cleanup of Their Homes

5/11/2021 (Permalink)

Contaminated stormwater evaluation is an important part of flood mitigation in Caldwell homes. The borescope helps SERVPRO techs

Flood Water Removal and Cleanup by SERVPRO Keeps Raleigh Residents Safe

Flood water removal and cleanup from your Raleigh home need to happen fast to prevent any long-term damage. SERVPRO water damage restorers initiate the mitigation process as soon as they arrive at the site. We have a team of trained and experienced experts who can help your home get back to preloss condition as soon as possible.

SERVPRO experts face several challenges during Raleigh flood water removal and cleanup from your home. Floodwater is often contaminated with microorganisms and needs antimicrobial treatment before it can be safely removed. It is crucial to identify the contaminated areas before the water damage remediation process can begin.

Special Equipment SERVPRO uses During Water Removal Services at Raleigh.

SERVPRO technicians use several types of equipment during flood water damage mitigation in Raleigh after a storm to identify any visible signs of contamination. Two of the special equipment we use are-

  • Luminometer (For ATP test)- It is an instrument used to test surfaces and water for the presence of contamination. They are a great way for the restorers to determine the level of contamination and decide whether they need a consultant.
  • Borescopes- Also called inspecting cameras, allow the restorers to look into cavities and inside the duct work to identify any visible contamination. These instruments can record still images as well as video. With borescopes, the technicians can avoid unnecessary dismantling of structures that can be costly to repair.

Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455 for 24/7 assistance.

Can Flooding Cause Structural Damage to my Raleigh home?

4/26/2021 (Permalink)

Flooded home? SERVPRO can help with water removal equipment and certified technicians. Call right away for best results.

SERVPRO in Raleigh Uses Advanced Mitigation Strategies to Reduce Flood Damage in your Home

One challenge presented by restoring flooded properties is the speed at which the property can become saturated with water. Fittings in the home like kitchen cabinets or under stair storage can further complicate matters by blocking off inner walls or flooring from conventional drying equipment. 

SERVPRO flood restoration technicians work on:

  • Emergency services water damage
  • Ceiling leaks
  • Leaking roof from storms

The construction of fitted cabinets can play a significant role in their suitability for flood damage restoration in your Raleigh home

Cabinets with backing can block off the wall beneath, which, if wet, could become a prime spot for microbial growth. Clearing multiple layers like this can significantly increase the expected drying times for your home. 

  • Cabinets without backing can often be dried quickly along with the wall by drilling small ventilation holes and sealing them up when dry.
  • Cabinets with a backing may require a drill saw to create vital circulation onto the wall and cavity. These holes can often be replaced with matching materials.
  • Interior wall cabinets can often be accessed from the other side of the wall. However, turbo venting systems can further speed up the drying process. 

Drying walls in your home is essential to mitigating flood impact. Contact SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon for flood damage restoration at (919) 250-0455.

How Long do Burnt Odors Remain in a Property after Fire Damage in Raleigh?

4/23/2021 (Permalink)

Fire and smoke residue can remain long after the fire has been extinguished. Contact SERVPRO for effective fire damage remediation services.

SERVPRO in Raleigh Can Assist with Fire and Smoke Cleanup

Fire restoration professionals have two main tasks to deal with at the site of a property fire. The first is to remove smoke residues that may have adhered to surfaces or belongings in the home. The second is for deodorizing smoke odors. Generally, once burnt materials and smoke residues are cleaned, the odors are significantly reduced.

We are here to help you with:

  • Fire damaged homes
  • Smoke remediation
  • Fire and smoke damage restoration and cleanup

The deodorization procedure for fire and smoke cleanup in Raleigh homes is dependent mainly on the severity of odor. A light odor may clear up with ventilation and removal or cleaning of smoke-damaged materials. A property with severe damages may require direct spraying deodorant application to surfaces or activated oxygen units to clear odors.

  • Dry solvent deodorizers are helpful for application on hardwood furniture and flooring.
  • Deep cleaning and sealing an HVAC system can help to limit odor issues in a property.
  • Placing odor pellets or deodorant granules into loft spaces and outside air intakes can further reduce odor problems.

Odor control technicians can help. Contact SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon for fire and smoke cleanup at (919) 250-0455.

Can Wet Areas of a Raleigh Property Cause Water Damage?

4/18/2021 (Permalink)

Water can quickly deteriorate the contents and structure of your home. Team SERVPRO can help with remediation services. We are standing by 24/7.

SERVPRO is the Leading Company for Water Damage Restoration in Raleigh

Raleigh was purpose-built as the state capital for North Carolina. The region is one of the historic capitals of the US with buildings dating back to the 18th century that are open to the public for historical tours and education. Raleigh was a centerpoint for much of the secessionist forces during the American Revolutionary War and was earmarked as the potential capital of the United States should the Unionists be defeated. Today, it is a center for education with its several institutions making up one third of "the research triangle" which specializes in pharmaceutical and medical research. Walking around Raleigh greets the visitor to some of the South's most impressive architecture, not least the Capitol State Building which was constructed in 1840 and designed in the Gothic Revival style.

Much of the tourist attractions around Raleigh focus on its history through the last three-hundred years. The North Carolina Museum of History, for example, is a striking example of brutalist architecture and holds affiliations with the Smithsonian. The Yates Mill is a piece of living agricultural history and is the last of its kind in the South dating back to 1756. Modern entertainment centers include the Dorton Arena which was originally built as a trading hub for local agriculture before converting into a fully-fledged live music concert hall. Just around the corner is the charming, and aptly named, Little Theater that has an outdoor amphitheatre for summer shows. The downtown district in Raleigh North Carolina is a vibrant and bubbling place with contemporary cuisine, bars and entertainment where guests can experience that legendary southern hospitality.

  • Foodies can find a home at some of Raleigh's finest eateries and shops. Oak City Coffee stocks superb South American beans while the Videri Chocolate factory is must-see for vacationers. Winding down with some excellent contemporary southern cuisine is best enjoyed at Poole's Downtown Diner, run by the Award-winning head chef, Ashley Christensen
  • Some of Raleigh's leading landmarks are its stately homes. The Executive Mansion has housed 28 North Carolina Governors since its construction in 1890. The Mordecai house is the oldest in the city and listed with the National Register of Historic Places while the Pope house is a museum dedicated to Dr Manassa Thomas Pope lived and ran for North Carolina governor during the Jim-Crow period.
  • The great outdoors is plentiful in this corner of the United States and visitors can take a trip to the State's educational forest, where tours cover the conservation and preservation of forestry, wildlife and lakes. The Raulston Arboretum and the William B Umstead State Park are also highlighted with the former housing over 6,500 plants.

SERVPRO Can Dry your Raleigh Home Quickly to Reduce Water Damage Expense

In most water restoration situations, water intrusion is confined to one area of the home. This fact does not make drying any less urgent but can often make the process more manageable for technicians and allow homeowners to stay on the property.

SERVPRO conducts:

  • Water removal services
  • Water damage repairs
  • Water damage restoration

Efficient drying in one part of the home relies on establishing drying zones. Drying zones allow technicians to concentrate equipment on a particular area that is usually sealed off from other areas. Greater control over temperature, airflow and humidity usually results in faster drying times and less damage.

  • Drying zones are created by sealing off wet areas sometimes by blocking entrances or erecting plastic sheeting.
  • Dehumidifiers are more effective in sealed drying zones since the low grain per pound (GPP) moisture in air is not diluted by exterior ventilation.
  • These zones can expand across several rooms by daisy-chaining the relevant equipment. 

Water technicians can help residents avoid costly damages. Contact SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon for water damage restoration at (919) 250-0455.

How Does Fire Damage Recovery and Controlled Demolition Work?

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Fire damage cleanup is a customized task. Call our SERVPRO team to put together a remediation plan for your home.

Fire Damage Often Leads to the Need for Controlled Demolition of Areas Throughout your Garner Home

After a fire, you may worry that your home is a total loss. However, with skilled restoration efforts and controlled demolition, you can often restore your home to pre-fire condition. SERVPRO tackles each step of the restoration process with precision, adjusting as we go along to quickly achieve our goals.

When you have fire damage in Garner, there are a few things to keep in mind. One phone call that has to get made is to your insurance company. During this phone call, you will learn more about what you need to do to begin recovery efforts. Most often, the take-away to-do list may include the following:

  • Ensuring that the structure is sound and protected. SERVPRO offers board-up and tarping services to address any vulnerable locations. 
  • Documentation of the damage should be done, including photographs.
  • Selecting the best fire damage remediation team for the job. 
  • Commencement of salvaging as well as cleanup of all charred debris

In some cases, controlled demolition gets done to remove any destroyed or questionable structural details or building materials. SERVPRO always works to rebuild rather than replace whenever possible, giving you incredible results that make your interior “Like it never even happened.”

When it comes to fire damage situations, no two projects are ever alike. SERVPRO of East Raleigh/Zebulon has the experience and training to ensure your project goes off without a hitch. Call us at (919) 250-0455 for a rapid response so that we may begin the assessment and cleanup process.

What Is Water Mitigation?

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Excess water? Don’t fear. SERVPRO has the equipment and experience to tackle the water damage situation in your home.

SERVPRO Follows Proprietary Steps for Water Mitigation, Ensuring your Entire Raleigh Property Gets Back to Normal

You may not fully understand all of the work that goes into water removal and restoration efforts to ensure your Raleigh home gets returned to pre-water damage condition. This is where our skilled team at SERVPRO thrives, giving area residents incredible peace of mind.

We follow several significant steps when you contact us to help with water mitigation in Raleigh. After we arrive and perform the initial assessment, our technicians:

  • Remove Water and Dry It Out – using wet/dry vacuums, dehumidifiers, industrial fans, and other tools; we begin extracting water and increasing airflow to achieve optimum drying conditions.
  • Thoroughly Inspect Damage – We look at any areas impacted by water, determining what can be restored and what must be replaced. This may involve inspection of flooring, wall cavities, belongings, electrical outlets, and more.
  • Disinfection – After your home is free of water and drying wraps up, we thoroughly clean and disinfect all surfaces affected by water. Our Green Fleet comes stocked with a full selection of EPA-registered cleaning agents.  

No stone must get left unturned when it comes to water mitigation, regardless of the event that caused the emergency. We feature highly-trained and certified technicians that know how to adapt to each situation to ensure the best results. Our 24-hour emergency restoration services are here whenever you need them, which is the perfect way to restore your interior to preloss condition “Like it never even happened.”

Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh/Zebulon when you need help with water mitigation. You can reach our emergency response team by calling (919) 250-0455.

Fire and Smoke Cleanup You Can Count On

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Smoke can damage as many things as fire. Contact SERVPRO when your home is facing fire damage. We are available 24/7.

Raleigh Residents Need Reassurance After a Fire Emergency – Our Team can Handle All the Fire and Smoke Cleanup!

As the capital of North Carolina, the city of Raleigh is fondly known as the ‘City of Oaks’ due to the number of trees lining all of the streets throughout the downtown area. Additionally, Raleigh is the home of North Carolina State University. The majority of Raleigh is located in Wake County, with a smaller portion going into neighboring Durham County.

Raleigh Was a Planned City

Back in 1788, Raleigh was selected as the capital and then later incorporated in 1792. During the Civil War, this city narrowly escaped significant battles, only facing issues within the war's closing days. However, this does not mean that it escaped hardships economically. Just like the remainder of the American South, there was a notable economic decline throughout the Reconstruction Era. During the 20th Century and when Research Triangle Park opened in 1959, the region's jobs soared, and there was a boost in population.

Famous Names Coming from Raleigh, North Carolina

The city of Raleigh is home to several well-known actors, actresses, athletes, and political figures, including:

  • Evan Rachel Wood – Actress
  • Michael C. Hall – Actor
  • Hunter Schafer – Model
  • Andrew Johnson – 17th President of the United States
  • John Wall – Basketball Player
  • YBN Cordae – Songwriter/Rapper
  • Josh Hamilton – Baseball Player
  • Clay Aiken – Songwriter/Singer
  • Emily Procter – Actress

Shopping, Dining, and Enjoying Attractions Throughout the Raleigh Area

Raleigh itself is home to a vast selection of educational, cultural, and historical sites. Whether you are going to make a day trip out of it or you are going to explore on vacation, there is something for everyone. Due to the nature of the attractions, businesses, and neighborhoods in the area, it makes Raleigh the perfect city to put down roots as well. Some top attractions and establishments in the city include:

  • The Raleigh Grande Theater
  • North Carolina Museum of Art
  • Alamo Drafthouse
  • Kings Dining & Entertainment North Hills
  • North Carolina Museum of History
  • Raleigh Little Theatre and Rose Garden
  • Marbles Kids Museum
  • Umstead State Park
  • North Carolina State Capitol Buildings

Never Get Overwhelmed with Fire and Smoke Cleanup. Have SERVPRO On-the-Job to Restore Your Raleigh Home Fully!

While a fire emergency poses numerous challenges, calling SERVPRO to your Raleigh property is the best way to overcome each obstacle. Our attention to detail will ensure the best results and less time that your family gets displaced after the loss.

Fire and smoke cleanup in Raleigh begins after a few crucial steps. SERVPRO wants you to know three of the initial steps to bring the best results:

  • Contact your home insurance provider – Before the cleanup begins, contacting your insurance company will start the claim process. Be sure to ask about coverages and any documentation they require.
  • Building security – Depending on the fire, you may have areas where your interior becomes exposed to the outside. We are available to perform board-up services and tarping to secure your property.
  • Damage assessment – This helps us to determine best practices for proceeding with the cleanup. Once the evaluation is complete, our crew leaps into action to handle all debris removal, soot cleanup, and controlled demolition.

Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh/Zebulon at (919) 250-0455 right away when you need assistance with fire and smoke cleanup. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Where Can Homeowners Seek Help After Water Damage?

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Regardless of the way your home was impacted by water, call our experts for assistance with water clean up in your home.

SERVPRO is Ready to Offer Water Clean up Services in Raleigh at Any Time

Water can begin accumulating in your home quickly after a pipe burst, or an appliance malfunction, among other issues. To get rid of the pooling water, it is advisable to contact SERVPRO. Our technicians can remove all the water and moisture that various surfaces have absorbed. This can prevent further damage, such as the multiplication of microorganisms.

Standing water can ruin the wiring, foundation, and plumbing ducts of your home. By performing water clean up in your Raleigh residence efficiently, our team can prevent these issues. We know that dealing with water intrusion can be stressful because you have many responsibilities to take care of. The following are some of the reasons why you should let our team handle the restoration process.

  • Fast response time
  • Thorough water damage inspections using innovative equipment like thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters, and moisture sensors.
  • Our goal is to consistently offer ethical, compassionate, and immediate help after a disaster strikes.

Our technicians have solutions for different types of water damage situations. Our team is trained in psychometry, which is the study of air and its properties. We can control airflow using air movers and dehumidifiers to work towards the drying goals.

When it comes to drying your home after a water loss, do not compromise your standards. Call the experienced restorers at SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon for help. Our 24-hour helpline is (919) 250-0455. 

Whom Should Property Owners Rely on When Fire Damage Occurs in Raleigh Property?

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If you need a company you can trust, call SERVPRO today for any of your water or fire damage remediation needs.

SERVPRO Technicians are Certified and Have Decades of Experience in Handling Fire Damage in Raleigh Homes

A fire can threaten the sense of security of your family. It would be best if you did not try to remediate the fire damage yourself. It is better to hire fire restoration professionals since they have the experience required to observe the right restoration process to return your residence to its normal condition. 

The technicians at SERVPRO use specific processes when restoring a home after a fire loss. When you call us to perform fire damage restoration in your Raleigh residence, we can take the following steps: 

  • Confirm that your home is stabilized and ready to enter – Our technicians can check for structural damage signs that compromise the house.
  • Reduce damage – We can clean the surfaces that have smoke residues properly to minimize the damage.
  • Remove debris – We can remove all debris so that it does not affect the restoration process. Removing the debris also reduces airborne odors.
  • Remove any possessions ruined beyond repair and those that are not damaged to prevent them from being contaminated further.
  • Remove excess water and dry damp surfaces – We can use wet/dry vacuums, air movers, and dehumidifiers to dry wet surfaces. 
  • Deep cleaning, deodorizing, and removing stains – Our technicians can use air scrubbers to deodorize your home and clean the air. They bring in the air and pass it through several filters to eliminate any particulates and contaminants.

When you need fire restoration services, call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455. Our team can help you to repair your home quickly.

Efficient Restoration When Storm Flood Damage Occurs in Raleigh Properties

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Contact SERVPRO today for assistance with storm flood damage in your Raleigh home. You can reach us 24/7 at (919) 250-0455.

SERVPRO Technicians Offer Professional Flood Damage Restoration in Raleigh to Make it “Like it never even happened.”

Founded in 1792, Raleigh is the County seat of Wake County and North Carolina’s capital city. Due to the many oak trees that line the city streets, the founding fathers named it the “City of Oaks.”

The city was named after Walter Raleigh, who had the intention to set up an English colony in the 1580s in the new area.

The city of Raleigh covers a total land area of 382 km square. It is among the fastest-growing cities across the U.S. According to the U.S Census Bureau, Raleigh had an estimated population of 474,069 as of July 1st, 2019.

Raleigh’s Parks and Recreation

The city has over 1,300 acres of water and approximately 9,000 acres of parkland. These provide the city’s residents with recreational activities year-round. Raleigh also boasts of a greenway system of roughly 180 miles. The system offers residents and tourists walking, jogging, and hiking trails. Other towns surrounding the city also have more parks and recreational facilities. 

The City’s Fauna

Areas covered by hardwood as well as mixed conifer forests in the city host a wide range of wildlife, including:

  • Canada geese
  • Wood ducks
  • White-tailed deer
  • Wild turkeys

Home of Diverse Arts and Culture

Tourists, as well as residents, can enjoy original plays in parks and theatres. They may watch the Carolina Ballet, see a touring Broadway show, or listen to North Carolina Opera or North Carolina Symphony. The Duke Energy Center for Performing Arts is rich in various facilities, including an advanced symphonic music hall that can hold performances of any magnitude.

Raleigh city has three state museums, including natural sciences, history, and art. The museums are free for both tourists and residents. The three major museums include:

  • North Carolina Museum of History: The museum began its operation at its current location in 1994. It offers innovative evidence that tells the history of the state.
  • North Carolina Museum of Art: In April 1997, the museum turned 50 and opened an iconic gallery worth $75 million in 2010.
  • North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences: It is the largest history museum across Southeast after moving to a different facility in April 2000. 

Why Should Property Owners Seek Help from SERVPRO Restorers when Storm Flood Damage Occurs in Raleigh Properties?

Apart from the physical damage that occurs due to flooding, you may also experience hard to see damages such as odors and structural instability. Removing flood water from a home involves more than just using a rag and a bucket. It would be best if you had advanced equipment and tools as well as a team of highly trained restorers to get your property to its preloss state.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has certified SERVPRO to handle flood damage across Raleigh and its environs. We use advanced equipment to speed up the restoration process. We can use self-priming trash pumps to extract excess water. Our restorers can use axial air movers and refrigerant dehumidifiers to dry your property.

Acting immediately after flood damage is essential to minimize damage. Contact SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455 for fast and effective restoration. 

Seminar Helps First Time Home Buyers In Raleigh Avoid Problems

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Mold damage is a challenge you do not want to handle on your own. Call the professionals at SERVPRO for the latest equipment and techniques.

Learn How To Make A Raleigh Home Purchase Process Go Smoothly

Buying a new home is a massive commitment for Raleigh residents, and the first time homebuyer may feel overwhelmed. This engaging seminar teaches the basics, anyone considering a home purchase should know. Attendees learn how to choose a property, the bidding process, understanding credit scores, what debt to income ratio is, and why getting a home inspection can protect potential buyers. There is a free guide titled "The ABCs to Buying Your First Home" that will be given upon registration. This guide that participants get to keep gets used in the seminar. The host of the event is Ms. Veronica Saccoh. She is a licensed Broker/REALTOR® in the State of North Carolina and has experience helping new homeowners make their initial purchase. For any questions, please contact Ms. Saccoh by calling 919.322.9877.

  • Date: February 6, 2021
  • Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST
  • Price: Free
  • Location: URL for the virtual event given after registration

Choosing among commercial mold companies can be challenging. That is SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455 go above and beyond in Raleigh properties when they handle remediation services. 

Learn To Speak In Public Without Fear In Raleigh

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Storm and water removal services need to be done by professionals. SERVPRO has IICRC certified technicians for any size disaster.

Raleigh Residents Can Hone Skills For Writing and Presenting

Speaking in public or in front of a room can seem overwhelming. But it is a skill that can be learned by doing it regularly. Raleigh locals can attend this virtual seminar with Captivating Dialogue Toastmasters and develop speaking skills in front of others in a calm, engaging fashion. This event is open to adults of all ages, and no previous experience is needed. Everyone works at their own pace, and some of the attendees are there as mentors to help others learn and grow. 

Since getting its charter in 2012, this Toastmaster group has supported the local community to help individuals that want to get better at telling stories, making presentations, and giving speeches. Contact the organizer at vpm-2087815@toastmastersclubs.org with any questions regarding the event. 

  • Date: January 27, 2021 
  • Time : 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST
  • Location: Virtual event, link given after registration
  • Price: Free

When storm and water removal gets needed in Raleigh, property owners count on SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455 to perform the required restoration services.

SERVPRO Assists Local Raleigh Property Owners Needing Fire Damage Restoration

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Fire damage of any size is no DIY project. Call the pros at SERVPRO. Their technicians are IICRC certified and trained for all size fires.

Raleigh Residences Benefit From Professional Fire Damage Restoration

Raleigh, also known as the "City of Oaks" due to many oak trees in the area, has a long history compared to many cities of a similar size in the U.S. The town, named for Sir Walter Raleigh, was established in 1788, although he had never set foot in the area and had died in the early 1600s. Sir Raleigh sponsored two attempted settlements in North Carolina, including the mysterious Roanoke Colony. The first settlement failed due to a lack of planning for supplies and poor relationships with the local Native American tribes. The second attempt at establishing an English colony went even worse when the entire population of 121 colonists disappeared without a clue as to what happened. Their fate remains unknown in the present, and the mystery has inspired several books, movies, and television shows such as "American Horror Story: Roanoke."

History Still Stands in Raleigh

Downtown Raleigh has the oldest standing house in the state that also happens to be the birthplace of the 17th President of the United States, Andrew Johnson. The house, known as the Mordecai House, is small and kept historically accurate for tours. 

Yates Mill is still in operational order and stands as the last functioning water-powered gristmill in Wake County. The mill had stood since the 18th century and underwent a full restoration when it and the surrounding land got developed as a 174-acre park. 

Just south of the Mordecai House is the area of the town known as Historic Oakwood. This neighborhood, located in downtown Raleigh, has a listing on the National Register of Historic Places. Along with Oakwood Cemetery, this area has a host of unique houses with Victorian-era architectural styles to view, including: 

  • Second Empire
  • Queen Anne
  • Italianate

Chavis Park dedicated 100 years after the death of its namesake. The park, designed by G. Robert Derick, who was a National Park Service landscape architect. Along with paths, bridges, and a rustic look, the park also has a vintage Allan Herschell carousel, a pool, a bathhouse, and places for visitors to have picnics. The carousel features a working Wurlitzer 146A band organ, oil paintings of waterfalls, and other natural scenes on the cylinder, and has thirty-six jumping, hand-carved, hand-painted horses. The park got named in honor of John Chavis, who lived from 1763-1838. He was a free Black educator and later became a Presbyterian minister. He became the first African American to graduate with a degree from college. He saw the need for blacks to access educational facilities and founded a private school that accepted students of any ethnic background. In 1802, Chavis applied for his freeman's papers, and the court ruled in his favor that he should receive them. 

As a genuinely free man with his freeman's papers, Chavis established his Raleigh congregation. Both blacks and whites were welcome to attend services even though some of the attendees were current slaveowners. He put advertisements in the local Ralegh newspaper to encourage enrollment in his school. He saw no reason black and white children could not learn together in classrooms; however, some parents complained about this arrangement. He switched to separating the kids and teaching one group in the morning and one group at night. Students learned a classical education, including studying Latin and Greek. The school became known as one of the best in the state of North Carolina, and prominent Southern families sent their children to it, including: 

  • Priestly H. Mangum, brother of Senator Willie P. Mangum
  • Archibald E. Henderson, son of Chief Justice Henderson; 
  • Governor Charles Manly
  • Dr. James L. Wortham
  • Abraham Rencher, Minister of Portugal and Territorial Governor of New Mexico

Although Andrew Jackson hailed from Raleigh, Chavis held an immense dislike for Jackson's administration's policies. To uphold his position as a freeman, he often had one public opinion. He quietly confided what his true feelings were about matters privately to friends, so his personal views did not take away from the good his school and church contributed to the community. After the Turner Slave Rebellion in 1837, the pro-slave states quickly enacted laws that forbade both indentured and free blacks to preach, thus ending the career Chavis had devoted much to his life. In June 1838, Chavis died, and it is still unclear about the circumstances surrounding his death, although investigators suspected foul play. 

Can Soot-Covered Items Get Saved Through Fire Damage Restoration in Raleigh Homes?

After a fire occurs in a Raleigh home, the first look before fire damage restoration services begin can seem overwhelming. When SERVPRO techs arrive, they view the same scene, but they see each part of the home's potential and the contents for cleaning and reuse. 

The technicians have a streamlined process for cleaning up the home in an organized fashion. It starts with removing the charred building materials with zero possibility of returning to a state where they can get reused in the home. Then outside the house, the techs scope to make sure exterior damages have no occurred and perform any needed temporary repairs to stop rain from entering the home. Stations where items get taken for cleaning outside the work area, is a typical setup. 

Several actions need to occur before the real cleaning begins, such as: 

  • Testing of residues to determine the type of smoke left behind
  • Determination of materials that make up the surfaces to ensure the best removal method gets chosen
  • Set up of containment to halt the spread of soot to other areas of the property

This attention to detail ensures that each restoration service performed has the best outcome. The techs always work with the mindset of saving property owners the cost of replacement for items whenever possible through SERVPRO's advanced cleaning applications. It is not unusual for multiple types of testing to get done before taking action.  

SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455 supports the local community with fast action on any size needed fire damage restoration in Raleigh properties and make the damage to the home "Like it never even happened."

Ring in the New Year with the MASKuerade Ball

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We look forward to seeing the community at the new Year MASKuerade Ball.

NC Vibes is sponsoring this end of the year event to give 2020 the sendoff it deserves. 

This event follows the standard guidelines of masquerade balls where participants dress in formal attire, complete with silk gloves, hats, and lavish masks (over the required masks to be in public.) This ball occurs at the Sheraton Raleigh Hotel. You can either participate in the full events of the evening with VIP tickets that begin at 8 PM with live entertainment, food, and drinks or join the general admission entering at 10 PM.

Those should be dressed to impress – as the best dressed will get recognized with a $100 gift certificate from Petale and a one-night stay at the Sheraton hotel here in Raleigh. Join in the fun on December 31st by reserving your place when you call (919) 834-9900.

Water damage mitigation can ruin the holiday season, but our SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon team can help with thorough water removal and drying approaches. Give us a call to help however you need at (919) 250-0455.

Take Part in a Magical and Delicious Evening in Raleigh

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Take some time to enjoy the sweet things in life.

Professional chocolatiers show you the tricks of the trade to make a delicious treat. 

On December 18th, 2020, from 7 PM to 8:30 PM, you and your partner can have an incredible date night experience making chocolate treats together. The event takes place at the Chocolate Boutique in Raleigh, on Honeycutt Rd. The event is 35.00 per participant, but many fun lessons and experiences make the night one-of-a-kind.

Each guest gets an education in the chocolate-making process, an alcoholic beverage, a dipped strawberry, and up to half a pound of chocolate to take with you when you go. Because of space and occupancy restrictions, you should reserve your spot as soon as possible by calling the Boutique at (919) 322-0960.

Nothing ruins a sweet time like the threat of mold growth in your home or business. We are one of the leading mold inspection companies in Raleigh, and our SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon can help with remediation and deodorization when microbial threats are found. Give us a call today at (919) 250-0455.

Protecting Raleigh Cultural Centers with Fast Stormwater Removal

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Call the experts at SERVPRO when your commercial property is damaged by water.

With efficient extraction and drying solutions, we can protect Raleigh businesses and commercial structures.  

Culture and live entertainment are the beating heart of Raleigh even to this day. For a community that dates back before the American Revolution, it is not surprising how much history and heritage must get protected from the often-severe weather and flooding that can occur in the Greater Raleigh area. As leading storm damage restorers, our SERVPRO team can help businesses and residences to recover after violent storms cause flooding.

Historic Properties of Raleigh

From colonial times to the turn of the 20th century, many of Raleigh's most well-known and recognizable structures and commercial properties throughout the city have been given the distinction of historic places. While there are thousands of homes in the city that require immediate attention during flood losses, these landmark structures also require fast action to protect their original construction materials and often intricate craftsmanship. Some of the most recognizable and renowned of these historic sites include:

  • Haywood Hall – a two-story Federal-style structure built and inhabited by North Carolina's longest-serving treasurer John Haywood.
  • Mordecai Plantation – constructed in 1785, this is the oldest home in Raleigh on its original foundation, and the grounds of the Park also feature the birthplace of the 17th President of the United States, Andrew Johnson.
  • Sir Walter Raleigh Hotel – This hotel has been operating since 1924 and has been a focal point for state and federal politics over the years. While it is in a state of restoration now, it still is a recognizable landmark for the city.

Museums and Cultural Centers 

As the capital of North Carolina, Raleigh assumes responsibilities like maintaining the history of the earliest settlements through influential battles of the American Revolution, Civil War, and the civil rights movement of the 1960s and 1970s. From the Wright Brothers' amazing discovery and mastery of flight to modern science advancements still happening at significant universities like North Carolina State, arts and sciences are also a significant focal point for museums and cultural centers within Raleigh. Some of the most heavily visited of these throughout each year include:

  • City of Raleigh Museum – Positioned in the historic Briggs Hardware Building on Fayetteville Street, this free museum offers multiple exhibits detailing the extensive history of the state's capital. 
  • Marbles Kids Museum – This is an interactive museum tailored towards elementary school children with permanent exhibits that promote principles like being active, learning, innovation, exploration, and experimentation. Temporary programs also make Marbles Kids Museum a place that children want to keep coming back to learn.
  • North Carolina Museum of History – Because of its position as a Smithsonian Affiliate, this museum has access to artifacts and resources that extend beyond conventional history museums. It has been operating since 1902 and kept a record of the illustrious history of North Carolina throughout some of the country's most turbulent moments. This facility is also home to the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame. 
  • North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences – This is the oldest museum in North Carolina and the largest of its type in all of the Southeastern United States. The facility fixates on exhibits and interactive displays to introduce visitors to the treasures of nature native to North Carolina. There are also elaborate and detailed displays of prehistoric times, and the types of dinosaurs and plant life that inhabited the region.
  • North Carolina Museum of Art – Art and these acts of creation have always been a driving force for Raleigh and the state, making this museum a testament to local, national, and global artists' achievement throughout multiple mediums. There are more than 40 galleries within the facility, spanning a total of 5000 years of creation.

Live Sports Entertainment Venues 

Part of our culture also hinges on live entertainment and sporting events. As the state's capital, we share in the achievements of all the professional and collegiate teams of North Carolina. Raleigh is home to some of our most favored teams in venues like PNC Arena. This sports complex has played home to our Carolina Hurricanes since 1999. It would be part of history when our hockey professionals would bring home the greatest prize in the sport, capturing the Stanley Cup from the Edmonton Oilers in 2006. PNC Arena also serves as the home for NC State Wolfpack men's basketball, while the women's team, volleyball, and the collegiate gymnastics teams compete at the Reynold's Coliseum.

How Does Storm water Get Addressed Quickly to Reduce Damage? 

Flooding is one of the considerable risks that threaten North Carolina homes and businesses, especially those along the path of powerful storms like Hurricane Florence. Having a team prepared to help at all hours can reduce the total loss that homes experience from prolonged exposure. Our SERVPRO professionals are ready to mobilize 24/7, with an experienced division of our restoration roster that had helped other areas of the country when disaster struck.

As a large loss recovery team, we can quickly identify the damage to area businesses and provide the appropriate mitigation necessary. Often for storm water threats, extraction is among the chief priorities. This process's tools and devices vary based on factors like the depth of the standing water and whether any solids and debris are present. Between electric submersible pumps and wet vacuums to trash pumps and truck-mount extractors, we can manage surface water concerns quickly to begin controlled demolition and drying as needed.

As a general contractor and team of restoration experts, SERVPRO of East Raleigh can help with emergency services necessary after storm losses. Board up and roof tarping can prevent further flood exposure while mitigative tasks get underway inside the structure. We can also relocate exposed wares and stock to avoid even more significant losses for shops and stores.

The threat of damages from powerful weather events is never wholly nonexistent. When you need storm water removal in your Raleigh business, give our SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon team a call at (919) 250-0455.

Enjoy Raleigh This Winter With An Historic Raleigh Bus Tour

11/27/2020 (Permalink)

It will be exciting to see the community at the historic bus tours of Raleigh!

See All The Sites Of Raleigh Without The Hassle Of Driving and Parking

Raleigh is a beautiful city that boasts a combination of old-style Southern charm with ultra-modern elegant architecture.

The best way to see Raleigh is via a historic Raleigh bus tour. Hop on and let the driver take you past:

  • The State Capitol
  • Historic districts like Moore Square, Mordecai, and Oakwood
  • The central business and entertainment districts

Each tour lasts 2.5 hours and includes two or three “stop and go” opportunities to take a comfort break or walk around a historic area.

Tours run every weekday all year round courtesy of Tobacco Road Tours and cost $50. The fee includes chilled water and plenty of information from your knowledgeable tour guide.

This tour is an ideal way to enjoy the city as the weather gets colder. However, colder weather also means we are all putting on the heating or lighting the fire. We hope you stay safe, but if you are concerned about fire damage cleanup, call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455.

Enjoy Delicious Food and Beverages At A Garner Wine Tasting

11/23/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is looking forward to the weekly wine tasking and food truck event!

Bring Your Friends and Family For Some Delicious Garner Local Food

Garner has no shortage of high-quality eateries, and sometimes you can feel spoiled for choice. Luckily, Garner Chamber has you covered with a weekly wine tasting and food truck event, come rain or shine.

Some of the recent delicacies on offer have included:

  • Backyard Bistro
  • Curry in a Hurry
  • Belis Columbian Food
  • Cock-A-Doodle-Mo
  • Super Ceviche

Entry is free, though you will need to pay for your own food, and each event includes a complimentary wine tasting. Bring your friends, family, and a lawn chair to enjoy this regular community get-together.

Food truck and wine tasting events are held every Thursday between 5:30 PM and 8:00 PM. Do not let the weather put you off – grab your hat and scarf and look forward to some tasty food.

You can enjoy this event all year round. However, as the winter approaches, there is more risk of burst pipes and plumbing problems in Garner homes. If you are concerned about water removal, call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455.

Changeable Weather Does Not Have To Spoil Your Enjoyment Of Raleigh

11/15/2020 (Permalink)

Water damage can quickly affect your home. Contact our technicians for effective water removal efforts.

North Carolina’s State Capital Has Something For Everyone All Year Round

Raleigh is the state capital of North Carolina and one of North America’s earliest planned cities. With a population of 474,069 at the last count, Raleigh is a large, vibrant city and currently one of the fastest-growing communities in the country.

Raleigh was not the first North Carolina capital – that honor goes to Bath, and then Edenton, and then New Bern. When the British Army laid siege to New Bern, legislators gave the role of capital to Fayetteville. Raleigh became the capital in 1788, thanks to having a central location that kept it safe from coastal attacks.

Modern-day Raleigh retains a sense of Southern style and charm and is full of parks and green spaces to make you feel like you have stepped back in time. It is also chock full of educational institutions, theaters, arts companies, museums, and more. It has a thriving student culture and lively nightlife and is also very family-friendly.

Green Spaces Galore

One of the most impressive things about Raleigh is the wide range of parks and green spaces. Residents and visitors appreciate how easy it is to get fresh air and exercise in Raleigh. Green spaces are ideal for warm summers and crisp fall or spring days. If you happen to visit in the winter, it is still worth wrapping up warm for a bracing walk. Some of the most popular spots include:

  • Clemmons Educational Forest, where you can learn while you enjoy the vistas. There are plenty of clearly marked trails packed with information displays, and you can also enjoy ranger-led talks and demonstrations. Clemmons is easy to navigate with plenty of picnic areas for when you need a rest.
  • William B. Umstead State Park offers miles of trails yet is conveniently located just 15 minutes from Downtown. Visitors can enjoy miles of hiking and biking trails, with space to camp if you want a more extended stay. There are also places for paddling and fishing, and the park is home to birds, beavers, deer, and raccoons. 
  • Juniper Level Botanic Garden is a rare must-see that is only open to the public on eight weekends each year. Explore more than 27,000 rare plant species in Raleigh’s very own 28-acre Eden. Plant lovers from around the world flock to Raleigh to see rare specimens and soak in the beauty.
  • Pullen Park is an ideal space to take the kids. It has been around since 1887 and offers an aquatic center, a cafe, an outdoor theater, an arts center, and plenty of space to play.

Entertainment For All The Family In Every Season

If the weather turns, or you are craving some more indoor attractions, Raleigh does not disappoint. A stroll along downtown Raleigh’s oak-lined streets reveals treasures galore, with plenty of other attractions within easy striking distance.

Kids will love Marbles Kids Museum, which is packed with educational exhibits cleverly disguised as play. Children can play and learn and even take in an educational show at the on-site IMAX cinema.

Whether you live in Raleigh or stop for a short visit, do not miss the weekly NC Fairgrounds Flea Market. Every weekend you can stop by the NC State Fairgrounds, where you will find everything from clothes and bric-a-brac to antiques and toys and plenty of local produce.

If you need a gift or something for yourself, swing by the Nash Square Shopping District in Downtown. This popular lawn area provides a place to rest while you decide where to start – the historic buildings, range of restaurants, nearby arcade, or trendy independent gift shops.

When evening falls, Raleigh’s music scene comes to life. You will find everything from orchestral performances to lively independent and student artists. Visit the PNC arena for bigger acts, or head Downtown at the weekend to discover lesser-known singer-songwriters.

Raleigh Is Made For Food Lovers

After all that exploring, you are sure to want a refreshment. Luckily, Raleigh is a food lover’s paradise, and you will be spoiled for choice:

  • The Pit BBQ offers authentic North Carolina-style whole hog roasts that will leave your mouth watering. Their menu includes a wide range of tempting side dishes.
  • The Raleigh Times offers fine food in a historic building. This cute building is located in the former offices of the city’s first two newspapers. It offers a delicious menu with plenty of locally brewed beer to wash it down.
  • If you want to cook for yourself, grab some ingredients from the State Farmers Market. The market is open seven days a week all year, and you will find all the local meat, dairy, produce, and condiments you could need. Plus, there are three restaurants on-site for if you simply cannot wait to sample the local goods.
  • Beer lovers can choose from multiple local watering holes, including Lynwood Grill, Crank Arm Brewing, Bottle Revolution, and House of Hops.

The Risk Of Floods and Storms In Raleigh

Raleigh has a humid subtropical climate with warm summers and cold winters. Raleigh sometimes has heavy rainfall in the late summer and early fall. For example, in September 1999, Raleigh had its wettest month on record thanks to Hurricane Floyd, with over 21 inches of rain.

Raleigh suffers periodic damage from hurricanes, mostly in the form of water damage, fallen trees, and power outages.

Raleigh also has bouts of freezing sleet and snow in winter. In January 2000, the winter storm known as the Carolina Crusher brought 20.3 inches of snow in one single snowfall.

SERVPRO Helps Raleigh Residents With Water Damage Repair

A hurricane, snowfall, or torrential rain, can cause water damage repair to your home. Even when the weather is good, there is a risk of broken appliances or plumbing problems. Timing is essential when water damage occurs because:

  • Water seeps into materials quickly, and the longer it is left, the more damage it can do.
  • There is an increased risk of fungal growth with every hour.
  • The more time elapses, the harder it is to clean delicate materials like linens or upholstery.

Thankfully, SERVPRO is Faster To Any Size Disaster and can help with every aspect of water damage repair. We begin with pumping out standing water before we dry out your home and your belongings using air movers and dehumidifiers. We monitor damp and humidity levels to ensure your house is appropriately dry.

We also take care of replacing damaged wallpaper, carpets, drywall or insulation, and can disinfect and deodorize your home as needed.

Do not let water damage get you down. Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455.

What Eliminates Smoke Odors After a Fire in Raleigh?

10/25/2020 (Permalink)

Fire damage to your business needs to be taken care of quickly and efficiently. Contact SERVPRO 24/7 for remediation and mitigation services.

Even the Toughest Smoke Odors and Fire Damage to Your Business in Raleigh is No Match for SERVPRO

It usually only takes minutes for a small fire to turn into a substantial catastrophe at your retail location. The longer any fire rages on, the higher the level of destruction that it leaves behind. The fallout includes everything from significant debris and stubborn soot residue. The cleanup of your Raleigh business must happen as soon as possible to help cut back on secondary damage. Hiring SERVPRO ensures that skilled technicians act fast to deal with pungent odors throughout your space.

How is Fire Debris and Odor Handled?

All of our knowledgeable technicians have had extensive training through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Once you call us for fire damage and odor elimination in Raleigh, we arrive fast so that we can assess your business. To ensure that your entire space is free of harsh smoke residue and sticky soot, our team will:

  • Carefully remove debris and sources of odor, including unsalvageable contents and charred building materials.
  • Clean each surface covered with odor-causing particles. The team looks into each room to ensure we address any areas impacted by odor contamination.
  • Recreate the conditions leading to odor development, which often includes the deployment of deodorizers using our thermal fogging equipment.
  • Surface sealing to treat areas exposed to malodors. In some instances, we can seal and paint walls or seal ductwork to inhibit odor travel into unaffected regions of your retail space.

We always take the route to restore rather than replace whenever possible. However, we take care of all controlled demolition required to bring your business back to pre-fire condition. When we get done with the project, it will look “Like it never even happened,” so that you can open your doors without lingering odors to remind you of the fire incident that took place.

Call (919) 250-0455 to have SERVPRO of East Raleigh/Zebulon when you need skilled assistance with fire damage and odor removal.  

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Why do Raleigh Homeowners Need a Mold Remediation Company that Understands Air Filtration?

10/13/2020 (Permalink)

For mold remediation, you can rely on SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455.

Raleigh Homeowners Need Mold Remediation That Does Not Let Spores Escape

No one in Raleigh wants to deal with fungus growing in their home. Unfortunately, for many homeowners, the occasional outbreak of mold is a fact of life. Thankfully SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon is available 24 hours to deal with fungal growth and restore your home “Like it never even happened.”

To understand why homeowners in Raleigh need a mold remediation company that understands air filtration, we must first understand how mold travels and why it is difficult to capture.

What are mold spores, and how do they travel?
When you see a patch of mold growing in your house, that is the mycelium. Mycelium is a collection of thread-like mold cells. But how does mycelium grow in your home? The answer is that mold spores migrate from one mycelium to another place in your home and propagate there.

Mycelium releases mold spores, which are tiny enough to travel on air currents. They drift through your home, setting on all kinds of surfaces. If the surface happens to have an organic substance the fungus can use as a food source, such as wallpaper and enough moisture, the spores can start forming a new mycelium. The spores generate hyphae (the thread-like cells), which absorb nutrients and allow the mold to grow.

How do you know mold spores are present?
SERVPRO customers sometimes ask us how they can know there is mold in their home. There are certain signs of mold growth, such as patches of decay or a musty smell. However, when it comes to mold spores, they are always present:

    •    Mold spores are naturally-occurring and can drift into your house any time.
    •    If you live near or visit farmland or an area with lots of vegetation, even more spores can drift in through the window or hitch a ride on your clothes
    •    There are more mold spores around on days with high humidity or after heavy rainfall

Why is it so hard to stop mold spores?
Mold spores are microscopic – they are smaller than pollen and narrower than a human hair. That means you cannot see them, and you cannot simply round them up and put them outside. Because mold is naturally-occurring, spores are drifting in and out of your home all the time.

SERVPRO advertises mold remediation rather than mold removal because we know that it is impossible to stop mold spores from entering your home and finding places to grow. However, although we cannot eliminate mold, there are many things we can do during remediation to reduce the number of spores.

What is the role of air filtration in mold remediation?
Proper air filtration can catch mold spores and stop them from re-entering your home. To catch mold spores, we use genuine HEPA filters. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air, and to be a true HEPA filter, it must capture 99.7% of particulates that are 0.3 microns or larger. Because most mold spores are between 3 – 100 microns in size, HEPA filters can trap them.

What equipment does SERVPRO use for air filtration?
Before we begin air filtration, we set up containment around the affected area, using plastic sheeting and duct tape. This keeps mold spores confined to that area so they cannot drift away. Then, we start filtering them out of the air using a combination of:

    •    Air scrubbers, which are air filtration devices designed to trap mold spores and other contaminants in their filters
    •    Negative air machines, which are air scrubbers with ducting attached to vent the contaminated air outside your home, and create negative air pressure so spores cannot escape
    •    Hepa vacuums, which we use to vacuum loose mold from hard surfaces?

What is the role of activated carbon filters?
Many air scrubbers have activated carbon filters fitted alongside their HEPA filters. Activated carbon is treated to make it more porous than regular carbon, which lets it trap more particles. The remediation industry uses activated carbon to trap:
    •    Mold spores
    •    Smoke particles
    •    Chemical particles

Is there a way to reduce the risk of the mold coming back?
Good air filtration helps us remove mold particles during remediation, which reduces the risk of a recurrence because there are fewer spores around. However, because the spores are naturally-occurring, we cannot prevent them from re-entering your home. The best thing is to make sure your home is not a hospitable breeding ground for them:

    •    We will dry the area with dehumidifiers and air movers before we leave
    •    We recommend you run dehumidifiers in your home to lower humidity
    •    Don't allow moisture to build up in your home – deal with leaks or spills immediately. Powerful air filtration removes more spores and leaves your home smelling better, too.

For mold remediation, you can rely on call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455.

Can Water Intrusion be Cleaned with Household Products?

10/5/2020 (Permalink)

After a water intrusion occurs. You can trust that your home is in good hands with our experienced technicians at SERVPRO.

Raleigh Residents Choose SERVPRO for Water Cleanup to Apply Cleaning, Drying, and Restoration Solutions.

How important is using chemical agents to clean water intrusion?

Water can contain many different bacteria, viruses, or fungi. When these microbes enter your Raleigh home, they can reproduce, creating unsanitary conditions. Since many of these organisms are microscopic in size, it can be tough to ensure that your home is clean after a water intrusion event. Our water restoration technicians (WRT) use various in-house, industrial strength cleaning chemicals to return your home to a sanitary state and reduce the likelihood of microbial organisms building up in the house. Our technicians have access to cleaning agents that are only available to SERVPRO and could help to restore your home to its preloss condition.

What are the typical cleaning solutions for restoration?

- Glass and light surface cleaners 

- Hard surface cleaners for floors 

- Wall and ceiling cleaning agents 

What products do restoration technicians use for water intrusion?

When performing water cleanup in your Raleigh home, it is essential to dry the property and protect it against bacteria using cleaning products. SERVPRO cleaning products follow the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards and are environmentally friendly. We recognize that whether we are cleaning floors, walls, or windows, it is essential to use non-toxic, safe, and phosphate-free products. This commitment ensures that you can remain in your home while cleaning takes place without risking your health. Most of our products have multiple uses for surfaces and can be applied by direct spraying onto surfaces.

How do professionals deal with cleaning wet upholstery?

- Using a spotting agent for direct application onto staining

- Cleaning agents that are safe for use with wool or other natural fibers

- Products that meet EPA green seal guidelines

Cleaning products are an essential part of returning your home to its preloss condition. Contact SERVPRO of East Raleigh at (919) 250-0455 now.

Does Water Permanently Damage Unfinished Wood?

9/25/2020 (Permalink)

Raleigh Homes with Water Damaged Laminated Tongue and Groove Planks Are Often Salvaged by SERVPRO Skilled Technicians

Wood without Varnish or Finish Can Absorb Large Quantities of Moisture, Causing Warping. SERVPRO Water Restoration Services Can Rescue Wet Wood in Your Raleigh Home.

Why does wood warp?

Wood is a semi-porous material that is likely to feature in your Raleigh home's structure or contents. Carpenters apply varnishes, lacquer, or finishes to woods to waterproof and enhance their appearance. Unfortunately, not all timbers in a home's material construction are likely to be finished. Wood panels or frames in the subfloor, for example, may have an insufficient varnish or not be finished at all. Unfinished wood absorbs moisture, which can cause it to expand. The expansion manifests as warping or cupping and can put extra pressure on the construction of your home. Typical signs of distortion include cracks at the base of walls and ceiling corners and cupping of floorboards.

What factors influence the effect of water on wooden floors?

  • The material of wood either hard or soft
  • The length of water exposure
  • The amount of water that the wood is exposed to

Is refinishing an option for water-damaged wood floors?

The possibility of successful water restoration for floorboards in your Raleigh home depends a lot on the material type. Hardwoods frequently cup or buckle following exposure to moisture but can often make a return to their preloss condition with refinishing. Before refinishing a wood, the moisture content must be brought back to a natural equilibrium. For most types of timber, 12% moisture content is considered normal, but your area of the country may require more or less moisture content. SERVPRO technicians can use desiccant dehumidifiers that can reduce indoor humidity to below 40 grains per pound. Over time, the dryness of the air removes water from semi-porous materials.

Is it possible to mitigate water damage for hardwoods?

  • Immediately reduce relative humidity to between 30% and 45%
  • Use a moisture probe to measure water content
  • Once moisture content drops below 16%, increase air temperature to encourage evaporation

Professional restoration services can help you to recover hardwood floors. Contact SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455.

How Can a Water Cleanup Service in Raleigh Resolve My Craft Brewery’s Water-Related Issues?

9/11/2020 (Permalink)

As you ponder your options, remember that there is a reputable neighborhood service that can help you.

Raleigh Area Water Cleanup Companies Not Only Remove Standing Water from Your Commercial Site, They Also Expertly Dry Interiors and Neutralize Odors.

In recent years, craft breweries and other small drink manufacturers have proliferated around Raleigh and its environs.  These new businesses have developed in response to the public’s ever-increasing demand for exciting new flavors and beverages.  Local owners of such drink manufacturing, bottling, and serving enterprises use large industrial appliances and liquid containers.  Conducting business is a piece of cake when all of these production and storage tools are functioning properly, but they quickly produce a nightmare when they fail.  Malfunctioning equipment and deteriorating containers can rapidly spill gallons of water and beverage around your site.  Whenever this happens, you need the help of a good water cleanup service fast.

How is the Water Cleanup Process Initiated?
High-quality Raleigh water cleanup companies like SERVPRO are thoughtful and have well-planned procedures they follow.  Their process starts when you first contact them for assistance and generally involves:

    •    Collecting your contact information, business address, and key details about your property and specific water issue
    •    Then, often, arriving onsite within four hours of your call to locate and block the offending water source
    •    After the water flow has been stopped, our technicians determine if the water is contaminated and, if it is, its level of contamination
    •    Next, we evaluate your property’s level of water damage, noting what can be saved and what is a total loss
    •    Then, we inspect your site for safety hazards like asbestos and lead

Once SERVPRO workers have done all of this, they design a precise plan of action to resolve your particular problem.  Then, they quickly move on to removing standing water from and drying your business’ interiors.

What Does SERVPRO Do to Extract Water From and Dry My Business?
After your commercial site has been thoroughly inspected and evaluated for water damage, SERVPRO technicians get to work on eliminating your water issue.  This process employs the use of their extensive water removal expertise, as well as their arsenal of high-tech equipment, and includes:

    •    Establishing a drying goal-based specifically on your particular situation and location
    •    Bringing in powerful truck-mounted and portable extractors, submersible pumps, and wet vacs to swiftly remove standing water from your brewery or shop
    •    Locating moisture-impacted structural elements and materials around your business with advanced tools like infrared cameras, moisture sensors and meters, and thermohygrometers
    •    Moving out or blocking equipment, furniture, and commercial items to protect them from wet floorings and other affected surfaces
    •    Employing powerful desiccant or refrigerant dehumidifiers, air movers, and Injectidry systems to dry out all areas of your commercial site
    •    Monitoring the progress of the drying process with previously mentioned moisture detection tools

These advanced methods and tools enable us to speedily extract water from and dry your property.  This often protects you from total losses, extended closures, and other business-related hardships.

How Does SERVPRO Clean and Restore My Property?
During the final stages of returning your shop or brewery to its preloss condition, SERVPRO professionals focus on cleaning your property, eliminating microbial threats, and repairing water-related damage.  As technicians work to complete these efforts, they:

    •    Discard irreparable materials
    •    Utilize various cleaning techniques, like wet, immersive, dry, and abrasive methods
    •    Employ technologically advanced foggers to eliminate harmful bacteria and fungi, as well as unpleasant water damage-related odors
    •    Repair or fully reconstruct impacted structural elements and items

After all this work has been completed, businesses are usually back to their preloss conditions and ready to resume operations.  The speed at which we can make this happen is crucial since downtime equals lost customers and income.

Considering all this, choosing the right water removal company to help you is essential.  Some local services simply do not have the training, experience, skills, or equipment to complete your job effectively and in a timely manner.  Poorly done work has to be redone, and slow water removal service could force your business to close for an extended period of time.  All of this could permanently drive away customers, cause you to have to search for new employees, and ultimately drive you out of business.  The simple answer to avoid all these potential problems is to find a good cleaning and restoration company that can do the job right the first time.  In the long-run, this limits your overall damages, makes restoration efforts easier, and saves you time, money, and headaches.

As you ponder your options, remember that there is a reputable neighborhood service that can help you.  If your brewery or shop has suffered a leak, spill, or another type of water-related event, contact SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455 for assistance.

Is my Laundry Room Susceptible to a Fire?

8/31/2020 (Permalink)

Faulty appliances as well as a full lint filter in your dryer can quickly cause fire damage in your home. Call SERVPRO today for assistance.

The Laundry Room in your Raleigh Home can Cause a Fire, and a Fire Restoration Technician can Help you Overcome the Damage.

Spacious homes in Raleigh have the luxury of having a separate area for the laundry. Homeowners usually outfit them with functional shelving, some decor, and the latest appliances. However, laundry rooms can also be the starting point for a home fire that spreads into adjacent areas and leaves destruction in its wake. When disaster strikes, it is best to contact professionals in the field to restore your home and prevent further spread of the damage.

Raleigh homeowners needing fire damage restoration services should call SERVPRO at our 24/7 hotline. When you call, our expert crew mobilizes your home to assess how widespread the damage is and develop an action plan. Contrary to popular belief, restoration may take more than fixing the lint filter or faulty wiring where the fire started. It may also require water extraction and repairs, such as the replacement of drywall. Whatever your needs, our crew is here to help you.

Does a fire restoration team remove odors?

One of the biggest challenges after a fire is removing the acrid smell left behind by the smoke and flames. At SERVPRO, we understand your needs and prepare to tackle both the visible residue left behind and the air quality in your home. To achieve our goals, we employ industrial-grade equipment tailored to your situation, which gives us flexibility when taking care of your home. Some tools and techniques you may see us using could include-

HEPA vacuums to capture the smallest particles of soot

Foggers to disseminate a deodorizing mist throughout your home

Sponges, pressure washers and scrubbers allow us to clean walls and surfaces

Our team at SERVPRO of East Raleigh/Zebulon is your best resource when a fire erupts. Give yourself peace of mind by calling us at  (919) 250-0455 as soon as possible. Together, we strive to leave your home, "Like it never even happened." 

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Can I Get Help with Storm Damage in Raleigh?

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

We have well-equipped and highly trained technicians who work hard to ensure everything is just “Like it never even happened.”

Flood Damage Cleanup with the Help of SERVPRO Brings Your Raleigh Property Back to Normal Faster

Flooding after a storm is something that can happen without warning, and the damage may be severe. Calling SERVPRO to your Raleigh home ensures you have certified IICRC restoration technicians on the job in as little as a few hours after the incident gets reported.

How Does SERVPRO Help?

With our flood damage cleanup in Raleigh, we are there 24/7 to address emergencies from high wind and rain, resulting in flooding and storm damage. We can perform tarping or board up services right away to limit additional costs from damages. Our crew then focuses on water removal and ensuring your interior belongings get cleaned, dried, and restored.

Our SERVPRO franchise is locally owned, and we can reach out for help from additional franchises if necessary. We formulate our workforce based on the extent of the disaster. Our team is successful as a scalable company able to mitigate your flood loss by:

    •    Moving fast to minimize storm damage impact
    •    Prompt customized plan development to ensure your property gets back to pre-storm condition
    •    Utilization of the latest technologies and products for water extraction, restoration, drying, dehumidification, and sanitization

Our crew wears appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and makes sure to block off work zones so that debris and contaminants do not get tracked into unaffected areas of your home. The industrial-grade equipment that we bring to each storm flood project may include:

    •    Air movers
    •    Dehumidifiers
    •    Wet/dry vacuums
    •    Portable air scrubbers
    •    Moisture meters and sensors
    •    Various cleaning agents, deodorizers, and sanitizing products

When you call on us at SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon, we are ready to restore your home quickly so that there is no trace of flood damage. We have well-equipped and highly trained technicians who work hard to ensure everything is just “Like it never even happened.” Call us whenever you need us at (919) 250-0455, and we will deploy a crew as soon as possible.

What Services Does SERVPRO Provide After Disasters?

8/14/2020 (Permalink)

No matter when you make the call, we have technicians who can assist you.

Emergencies can take many shapes, and our team of professionals can help to steer your damaged property back to preloss condition. 

There are thousands of homes and businesses depending on us in the greater Raleigh area. We are a locally owned and operated facility, meaning that all of our technicians and administration professionals share these communities with you. We consider the help that we provide in your time of need the same as we would do for any of our neighbors. We are a full-service restoration and recovery team, meaning that along with experienced technicians to help with cleaning, extraction, and other restorative efforts, we also have a full team of residential and commercial contractors.


There is often a proposed 48-hour window to restore and recover Raleigh homes and businesses after a water loss incident first begins. The challenge with this finite timeline is reducing the spread and migration of these loss effects so that greater areas of your property do not fall victim to saturation, structural deterioration, and other secondary effects like microbial growth. We strive to be fast to any emergency that threatens your home, and our readiness for these emergencies can preserve as much of this initial critical window as possible.

What Mitigation Steps Can Help After a Water Emergency? 

Mitigation is one of the hearts of restoring a water damaged Raleigh home. These initial steps taken shortly after our technicians first arrive on the scene work to stop the migration of water throughout the property and address present concerns such as standing water in the home. Some of the critical mitigation steps that we take include:

  • Extraction
  • Controlled Demolition
  • Content Management and Inventory Solutions

Is Reconstruction Necessary After Drying? 

The drying process can often be one of the most challenging elements of restoring at home after a water loss incident. Considering how far spread moisture can travel throughout your Raleigh residence or structure, it is not unlikely that some degree of repair or reconstruction might be necessary. Our contractors can help to identify weakened structural elements, discard these damaged materials, and replace them at the appropriate times.


With the varying degree of storm systems and winter weather effects that can damage homes and businesses throughout Raleigh, Zebulon, and other communities, we must be prepared for the physical damage the exteriors of these buildings can experience. An advantage of having residential and commercial contractors on our roster is that these professionals can mobilize along with our restoration technicians to provide real-time emergency services when necessary.

How Do You Efficiently Remove Standing Water? 

When structural breaches exist, flooding is not often far behind. One of the most significant obstacles with flood damage in Raleigh structures is standing water. This condition can absorb quickly into exposed flooring materials and wall systems, which can begin the deterioration process along with this saturation. Water removal is vital to protect these construction materials, and we use several machines for this:

  • Extractors 
  • Vacuums 
  • Drying Tools

Rebuilding and Cleaning After a Flood Loss 

Flooding can present substantial damage to the interior of your Raleigh property, which can often require the replacement of specific structural elements to return the structure to its original condition. Controlled demolition prepares areas for later reconstruction by removing compromised sheetrock, wood, and carpeting for replacement once mitigation steps complete.


We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, and that's not just a slogan that can help win over some customers in Raleigh, Zebulon, or anywhere else that we serve. We understand that every moment that passes after you know about a disaster, the worse the effects and conditions in your property become. Because of this, we strive to stay ready for all of these emergencies with pre-stocked trailers and available technicians 24 hours a day.

What Can Our Team Do to Clean Up Immediately? 

Environmental and surface cleaning are vital efforts with fire damage recovery because the work area can be hazardous even after technicians arrive. This volatile environment is what makes DIY restoration such a risk. With the appropriate personal protective equipment and efficient machines and techniques, our SERVPRO team can help your Raleigh house be safer for the continued mitigation and restoration steps to come. These initial efforts to thoroughly clean the property include:

  • Surface Cleaning
  • Content Cleaning
  • Air Quality Control

What Restoration Steps Must Occur After a Fire? 

Soot removal can be a challenging effort for your fire-damaged Raleigh home. However, it is a necessary effort to reduce both health hazards, carcinogens, and acidic particles that can damage underlying materials. Many practices and products can address various types of smoke residues, including both wet and dry smokes, protein smoke, and even furnace puff backs. Addressing these concerns on surfaces involves numerous approaches, including soda blasting, emulsification, dissolving, and wipe cleaning with water-based chemical solvents.


Throughout Wake County, thousands of businesses depend on the fast and reliable response of our SERVPRO technicians whenever disasters strike. While many of these threats involve water and fire losses, we are prepared to handle even more challenging scenarios, including biohazard cleanup, air quality control, and flooding. Returning your Raleigh business to its original state is critical to get your doors open again to customers and expected profits.

What Solutions Keep Your Doors Open? 

It is always our priority to keep your doors open to allow your business to continue even in a limited capacity whenever possible. In many ways, this involves containment barriers and other equipment that can reduce cross-contamination while allowing our technicians to continually clean and restore your damaged Raleigh property.

What Products and Techniques Get Used to Clean Your Building Thoroughly?

Cleaning your Raleigh business does not always have to follow a disaster or emergency event. There are many instances, especially on the heels of a pandemic, where cleanliness and sanitary environments are more desirable than ever. Our program called Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned can provide a high level of efficiency in surface and content cleaning in high-traffic areas and wherever you deem attention necessary. This includes:

  • Applying Disinfectant
  • Surface Cleaning
  • Deodorization

Disasters can happen at any time, but our SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon team is always ready to help at (919) 250-0455.

How Difficult Is It to Deal with Fire and Odor Removal in Raleigh Homes?

8/3/2020 (Permalink)

Unless treated properly, this home will have lingering smoke odors. SERVPRO performs complete fire damage remediation. Call us today!

SERVPRO Can Ease the Process by Deodorizing Your Property Using Advanced Methods 

Surprisingly, odor, which is the least significant damage, leftover after a fire in your Raleigh property, is also among the most challenging issues to resolve. Unlike regular odors that dissipate, immediately you clean the source area, fire odors persist. 

When should I start addressing odor issues? 

Fixing the damage left by fire and odor removal in your Raleigh property is best handled as a combined process whereby you incorporate odor control in all aspects of the restoration. Our SERVPRO technicians help with that by: 

  • Setting up electronic odor control systems 
  • Mixing cleaning solutions with deodorizing agents 
  • Cleaning all surfaces to remove smoke residues 

How does electronic odor removal work? 

The odors you experience in your property can emanate from residues like soot, ash, or charred materials left on surfaces, or might originate deep within fabrics such as clothing and carpets or wood. 

Removing the odor generated by the residues is much easier since it only requires deep cleaning of the affected areas. However, the odors embedded deep within materials remain even after cleaning. The use of gadgets such as hydroxyl and ozone generators are excellent ways to remove such odor. The devices produce free radicals, combining with the Volatile Organic Compounds, which your nose detects as odor, neutralizing them. 

How convenient is this approach compared to chemical deodorizers? 

When our SERVPRO technicians use hydroxyl or ozone generators to deodorize your property, it is more convenient for you because of: 

  • Safer operation
  • Portability
  • Works like natural odor control 

Odor management using the generators is safe for you and your pets, so you do not have to vacate the property. Neutralizing odors using free radicals mimics natural processes whereby UV rays from the sun react with water and oxygen, creating hydroxyl radicals that react with chemicals in the air neutralizing them. However, ozone machines can only be deployed and activated when the interior is absent of people, pets, and live plants.

Controlling odors leftover by fire incidents is more manageable from a well-informed point of view. Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455 to help manage your property's odor using sophisticated deodorization methods. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Can Cleaning Restore the Allure in Our Sporting Goods Shop After Fire Damage?

7/22/2020 (Permalink)

Raleigh Area Commercial Showrooms Rely on SERVPRO for Rapid FIre Damage Cleanup and Restoration

SERVPRO Has Extensive Experience Cleaning Raleigh Showrooms after Fire Damage Restoring their Pre-Loss Shine

You may be thankful when a fire incident at your Raleigh sports good shop is stopped before it consumes everything. However, once the smoke, and initial panic clear, you are likely to encounter other problems such as large surfaces darkened with layers of residue. Even those not affected significantly may look dull.

Is there a way to expedite the cleaning process?

Although cleaning is a cost-effective way to restore fire damage at your Raleigh sporting goods store, you may feel discouraged when you consider the extent of cleaning tasks you have to perform. The bright and vast ceiling and wall surfaces may take considerable time to clean, leading to extended closure. Our SERVPRO crews can help ease the process by availing various resources, including:

Scrubbing a broad area such as a ceiling until it is clean can take time. When our technicians use pressure washers, we can reduce that time to a small fraction allowing you to resume operations earlier. We also bring plastic sheets to cover items in the store to minimize wetting. Needless to say, this process is not suitable for many showrooms.

Does cleaning remove all types of fire soils?

Fires leave a wide range of residues, including oily or synthetic deposits. Some of the residues may also penetrate beyond the surface in porous materials. The amalgamation of these factors means that cleaning might not be helpful in the removal of all forms of soiling. When our SERVPRO technicians restore damaged shops, we combine regular and sophisticated cleaning approaches to achieve the desired results. We combine cleaning approaches from different categories, including:

  • Mechanical agitation
  • Chemical action
  • Non-abrasive blasting
  • Special Dry Sponges for Wiping

Non-abrasive blasting such as soda or dry ice blasting helps remove residues embedded in porous materials such as unfinished wood in frame ceilings.

A fire incident should not dull your service to customers. Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455 to help clean your store, restoring areas damaged by the incident, "Like it never even happened."

What Happens to All of My Personal Property After Storm-Related Flood Damage?

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Strong storms impact our area several times each year. SERVPRO has the training and equipment to restore your home.

Not Only the Structure of Your Home in Raleigh Suffers During Flood Damage--SERVPRO Has a Broad Range of Strategies to Clean, Dry, Disinfect, and Restore Your Belongings to Their Function and Well-Loved Appearance   

Weather patterns are ramping up as this year's hurricane season evolves. Although Raleigh is rare to suffer a direct hit from a named storm, that does not mean the area is free of significant flooding risks during the torrential rains and high winds that pose issues as the storms move up the Atlantic coast. We also endure weather events moving in from the west. Any time heavy rains and substantial winds impact your property, interior flooding can result. 

Do I Throw Out the Wet Items in Storage and Living Areas? 

Among the many reasons it is wise to hire a professional flood damage firm for Raleigh residences affected by storm damage is the calm, experienced outlook our managers and technicians bring to your disaster. You and your family are overwhelmed by the damage to roofs, windows, and siding, and the shock of seeing treasured items mired in inches to feet of contaminated floodwater. Where you might see a hopeless situation, we can use our considerable resources to save your belongings. Our ability to mitigate ongoing fire damage of contents by various means and return much of your items to preloss condition minimizes out of pocket expenses. It can restore treasures you feared were lost. 

Sounds Great -- But How Do You Accomplish the Restoration of Flood Damaged Contents? 

Although the following recommendation might feel invasive, SERVPRO often suggests that our residential customers consider a partial or total pack-out of loose items, furnishings, clothes, rugs, papers, and more after flooding. We propose this approach for several reasons: 

  • Halts the continual absorption of water and contaminated residues on the contents when the items remain in your home, especially as cleanup efforts stir debris
  • Removes porous materials from the standing water or persistent moisture 
  • Permits our production facility technicians, who are contents restoration specialists, to evaluate the damage done to the full range of items, and use the many resources available to clean, dry, disinfect, deodorize, and return the articles to their former function and appearance
  • Opens up spaces inside your home, so the technicians remove water, clean residues, and positioning drying equipment without impediments. Thus, they need not move items repeatedly, allowing flood mitigation and remediation tasks to flow rather than stop and start frequently. 

What if I Have Neither The Time Nor the Ability to Do a Pack-Out? 

We understand that you are overwhelmed and unprepared to undertake a massive pack-out operation. Our crews complete the packing and transporting, shielding you and your family from the stress and physical labor, and keeping your loved ones far from the contaminated waters that can contain chemicals and pathogens. When determining where to move the items, we consult with you. If you have a clean, dry, protected space on your property, staging your belongings there can be adequate.  

How Are the Packed-Out Items Tracked?   

Our production facility is available for heavily soiled or damaged items culled from the inventory. Otherwise, we can bring all the property off-site for processing and climate-controlled storage.  

How Are the Packed-Out Items Tracked?   

Our Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) provides digital documentation of the articles moved out. Through a combination of old-fashioned lists, photography, and barcoding, we manage your items carefully. The CCIS helps as we work with insurance carriers, permitting us to record details about the condition of articles post-flooding, the best practices interventions we propose to restore the items, and the results of our efforts. If we cannot restore personal belongings, the evidence is all in the file, and we keep you and your insurance company informed and in the loop at all times in the process. 

What Kinds of Interventions Are Available at the Production Facility? 

Replacing walls or floors at your Raleigh home after a flood might be necessary, but it is uncommon to have a sentimental tie to your home's structure. Your possessions are different, imbued with memories, and thus irreplaceable. We continuously seek out ways to save these precious things that make your house a home: 

  • Freeze-drying of documents, books, and pictures 
  • Immersion and ultrasonic cleaning of loose, non-porous items
  • Fabric and textile cleaning and drying using a specialized wash and drying system
  • Small chamber drying, disinfection, and deodorization, permitting close monitoring and faster results 

The experienced, well-equipped, and prompt work crews from SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon are precisely the professionals you want to welcome into your home after flood damage. We await your call 24/7, lines at (919) 250-0455 answered 365 days a year. 

How Much Does Restoring My Raleigh Business After Water Intrusion Cost?

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When water damage happens to your business, you need to move quickly to get it resolved. Call SERVPRO to obtain our services.

Call SERVPRO for Professional and Affordable Restoration to Your Raleigh Business

Storm flooding may get the most attention, but a fractured pipe or a blocked drain can cost area businesses millions of dollars each year in repair and restoration. It takes quick water removal and thorough drying of property in a small operation like a coffee shop to get the best results.

Are My Employees and Customers Safe?

When it comes to commercial water damage restoration in Raleigh, commercial operations also have to be concerned about health risks. As we all come out of the current health crisis, SERVPRO technicians are ready to provide the best environment possible for employees and customers.

Where Do Your Technicians Start?

Each Restoration Team starts with water extraction. Even if standing water has already drained from your shop, technicians bring in water extractors to thoroughly clean and dry all floors. For tight corners and small storage areas, they use squeegees to remove the last trace of moisture.

As team members complete removal, others set up several devices to dry the interior of your building. Technicians set up exhaust fans at entrances and exits to remove the damp, inside air, and then set up air movers. These machines create a warm, dry airflow they direct over counters, storage racks, and other surfaces to dry them while also helping to force out the damp air. The air movers are also excellent for drying the space underneath coffee machines, ovens, and other equipment.

What About the Health Risks?

To protect everyone, especially in the foodservice industry, our office now offers Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned. This new program offers cleaning and decontamination at standards set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. No other restoration service can offer a service that meets higher standards.

If you have had any water in your business here or in Garner, contact SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon today. One call to us at (919) 250-0455 can help reopen your shop to customers again.

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Should I Secure Professional Restoration Immediately for My Flooded Raleigh Home?

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Migrating water effects can severely compromise the structural elements and contents of your home.

Professional Flood Damage Restoration In Raleigh

Flooding can cause substantial damage to your home, and its contents, so getting professional restoration started as soon as possible is vital.

Flooding might not initially seem as bad as it is in your Raleigh home. Not only must you address the structural damage, but also the migrating water effects that can result when this disaster ultimately enters your house. Whether flooding occurs from a breach in your roof or direct water penetration from flash flooding pools around your foundation, the pressing need for restoration and recovery cannot be ignored.

It is vital to secure professional restoration for flood damage in your Raleigh home as soon as you recognize this emergency. Because We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, many people have come to trust our SERVPRO team to take care of your home’s damaged elements, mitigation needs, and even full-scale reconstruction when necessary. This comprehensive approach to recovery can keep restoration costs lower then they might be one pursuing subcontractors to address individual loss effects and structural damages.

What Tools Get Used with Restoring Flood Damages in My House?

You, like many homeowners, might not realize the individual steps involved in restoring flood damages in your residence. Emergency services like roof tarping and board up services can seal up penetration points for floodwater so that subsequent extraction and muck-out cleaning can be successful. With nearly the full measure of our water restoration equipment inventory pre-stocked on production trailers and vehicles, we can reach your damaged property with:

    •    Submersible Pumps
    •    Air Scrubbers
    •    Wet Vacuums
    •    Thermal Foggers
    •    Air Movers
    •    Dehumidifiers

Migrating water effects can severely compromise the structural elements and contents of your home. With natural flooding, health hazards might also exist that can create an even more pressing timeline. Give our SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon team a call to make flood losses “Like it never even happened.” at (919) 250-0455.

Will This Floodwater Ruin My Interior?

6/24/2020 (Permalink)

Summer storms can cause flooding. SERVPRO is available 24/7 to restore your home.

SERVPRO Has the Techniques and Equipment to Salvage Your Raleigh Interior from Flood Damage 

When a water incident happens, and floodwater enters your home, it poses a threat to your structural materials, furnishings, and personal belongings. Calling a crew for prompt mitigation ensures that you lessen costs from secondary damage. SERVPRO is available 24/7 to come to your Raleigh home to handle your flood restoration needs. 

How Do You Handle My Flooded Interior? 

Once our customers call for help with flood damage in Raleigh, we send out a crew so that the initial loss assessment may begin. We bring all of the necessary water removal equipment, specialized cleaning agents, and tools to help us make it look, “Like it never even happened.” Our water restoration technicians (WRT) take the time to ensure your structural integrity is intact and get started removing standing water during the extraction phase. 

  • Powerful pumps and wet vacuums allow us to remove a tremendous amount of water rapidly.
  • If you have high levels of water present, we have specialized submersible and gas-powered pumps to handle the task.
  • To ensure no hidden pockets of water remain, we use moisture detection tools and hygrometers that locate moisture throughout your interior.
  • If we suspect the storm left moisture hidden behind walls and in the ceilings, we employ infrared camera technology. 

What Happens to Saturated Materials? 

There are many times when flood-saturated materials need removing way of controlled demolition. The team uses flood cuts to remove sheetrock up to several inches above the waterline, which allows us to thoroughly dry the wall cavity before the new sheetrock is put into place and refinished to look like new. 

When you call SERVPRO of East Raleigh/Zebulon, you can feel confident that your flood damage project is in excellent hands. Contact us by calling (919) 250-0455, and we can send out a team as soon as possible to get to work. 

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How Can I Eliminate the Risk of Long-Term Soot Damage in My Kitchen?

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Call our experts after you experience a fire disaster, we have training in fire & smoke restoration, odor control, upholstery & fabric cleaning.

IICRC-Certified Restoration Technicians Can Restore Your Fire-Damaged Raleigh Home After a Kitchen Fire.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)'s data, cooking equipment causes a whopping 49% of home fires based on 2013 to 2017 annual averages. 66% of cooking fires are ignited by food during the cooking process. Raleigh homeowners need a fast-acting team that can minimize structural and property losses.

When fire damage affects your Raleigh home’s kitchen, SERVPRO technicians are available to provide mitigation and restoration services 24/7. This fast-acting, emergency response to disaster minimizes structural and content losses for homeowners and reduces the impact that soot and protein residues can have on surfaces over time.

What Can Soot Residues Do to My Home Over Time?

  • Affect indoor air quality. Soot deposits become ionized during a fire, which allows it to cling to surfaces, including your HVAC system. Without professional cleaning, the soot can then spread throughout your home and affect the cleanliness of the air throughout your property.
  • Produce foul odors. The flames do not leave behind a smell, but smoke does. It can penetrate porous surfaces deeply, even those that do not seem affected on the surface.
  • Stain and corrode surfaces. Wet smoke from low-heat fires, in particular, can leave sticky, hard-to-clean deposits that smear when homeowners attempt to remove them with consumer-grade products.

Can SERVPRO Clean My Kitchen Appliances?

SERVPRO technicians can clean light damage to appliance finishes with EPA-registered water-based detergent solutions to remove light residues. However, if more extensive smoke damage is present, cleaners with increasing levels of alkalinity may be used to combat the acidic corrosion caused by soot. Licensed electronic service technicians can examine and clean the interior components of your home appliances.

SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon is prepared to leave your property looking, “Like it never even happened.” You can call (919) 250-0455 for disaster mitigation around the clock.

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What To Know About an Electronic Claims Service

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SERVPRO offers an electronic claim service which can be beneficial

What To Know About an Electronic Claims Service

When you make an insurance claim after a flood or fire at your Willow Spring, NC, business it’s also important to work with one of your agent’s preferred restoration providers. Restoration services such as SERVPRO may offer an electronic claims system, which can be a beneficial tool for the agent working on your claim. This system can do the following:

1. It Can Be Accessed Remotely

One benefit of this system is that it can be accessed remotely. This will allow your insurance agent to be able to quickly get the information stored from any location where they may be working from. This way they don’t have to play phone tag with your restoration team to check progress, see a picture of the damaged space, or look up the damaged item inventory.

2. It Uses One Database Location

A variety of information may be needed when filing an insurance claim. Having an electronic service available can mean that all of this information can be compiled into a single database. This can save your agent valuable time when trying to locate necessary materials for your claim. Rather than playing phone tag or going through various files, they can simply look in the database for the relevant materials.

3. It Can Store a Variety of Information

Another benefit of this system is its ability to store a variety of information. These can include photographs of damage, itemized lists of affected office furniture and supplies, the repair plan, scans of relevant paperwork, and any progress reports made as repairs are completed. This means that no matter what type of information your agent may need, they have a central location to keep track of it.

The agent working on your Insurance claim may recommend a restoration service such as SERVPRO because they offer an electronic claims service which can be beneficial. This system can not only be accessed remotely, but it can also store a variety of information in a single location which can help save valuable time.

How To Prevent Water Damage When You're Away From Home

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Before you head out on vacation, turn off the main water to your home

Imagine this nightmare scenario: You've been on vacation for several days or a few weeks, and when you return, you discover severe water damage in your home. This costly, time-consuming incident could destroy your home and ruin possessions and keepsakes. However, simple steps such as a water pipe repair and careful inspection of your home's systems can spare you a lot of grief.

Keep a Careful Watch

You may never expect something to go as wrong as a flooded home. This doesn't mean you shouldn't be vigilant in maintaining your property in Zebulon, NC. At least once a year, inspect the following:

  • HVAC system
  • Water heater
  • Rain gutters and downspouts
  • Foundation

Safeguard the Pipes
If you'll be away from your house during a point when the weather is cold, you'll want to treat your pipes so they don't freeze. A broken pipe can cause tremendous water damage. When pipes freeze, they can crack and burst, expelling heavy amounts of water onto your floors, walls, ceiling, and other materials. One way to prevent this in the winter is to insulate the pipes. Insulation is readily available and easy to apply.

Shut Off the Water
Before you head out on vacation, turn off the main water to your home. The valve may be located in various places from house to house. If you're not sure where to find yours, contact a plumber.

Drain the Water
After turning off the main water line, make sure you drain the water from every spigot and faucet in the house. This can prevent the need for water pipe repair as well as reduce the risk of having a flood.

Know the Consequences
Failing to take these steps can be catastrophic and require the work of professional flood cleanup companies. You could experience a loss of building materials, along with furniture, electronics, clothing, and documents. Following these guidelines will help keep your home and belongings safe from water damage. Don't risk needing water pipe repair or water removal.

Tips To Prevent a Hotel Fire

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You know how to protect your home in Wendell, NC, from a fire, but what can you do when you're on the road? You can't control every situation that might cause a hotel fire, but there are some smart fire prevention tips to remember when you travel.

Be Proactive in Preparing For a Hotel Fire

Before you book a room, make sure your hotel choice has smoke alarms and an automatic sprinkler system. It’s also a good idea to pack a flashlight with extra batteries, in case the power goes out.

Get To Know the Hotel Layout

After you’ve checked in, carefully read the evacuation plan. Become familiar with the exit routes near your room.
Count the number of doors between your room and the closest exit, in the event that smoke makes it difficult to see where you’re going.
Locate the fire alarms situated on your floor and near your room.

Prevent a Fire in Your Hotel Room

Never light candles or use matches in your hotel room. Always choose a hotel that is smoke-free to reduce the risk of a fire. If you need to smoke, go outside to a safe smoking area and discard the cigarette butts safely.
Keep flammable items away from heat sources, such as hairdryers and coffee pots. Turn off all appliances as soon as you are finished using them.

Keep your room’s keycard next to your bed so that it is handy if you need to leave the room quickly. In the event of an emergency, never evacuate using the elevator. If you aren't able to use the stairs or have difficulty navigating them, insist on a room on the first floor when you check-in. The hotel staff will contact a professional to conduct a fire damage assessment if fire restoration is required.
Following these simple safety tips will help you keep a level head in the event of a hotel fire.

4 Steps You Must Take After a Fire

5/25/2020 (Permalink)

It’s every business owner’s worst nightmare: a fire starts in the office, threatens your safety and inflicts serious damage. You prepare your best to ensure this never happens, but this won’t guarantee your immunity from a disaster. If you’ve had a fire at your place of business in Raleigh, NC, you need to act quickly so the fire restoration process can begin and allow you to return to work.

4 Steps You Must Take After a Fire

1. Stay Safe

Nothing is more critical than the safety and well-being of your employees. Your building’s integrity, your business information and your equipment are secondary to getting everyone out and away from harm.

• Develop a fire escape plan.
• Practice your plan at least annually.
• Do not re-enter the building unless a competent professional deems it safe to do so.

2. Document Damage

Depending on how severe the damage is in your building, you might not have access to your business for several days or even longer. If you can’t get inside for a while, have a trained professional such as firefighter take photos to record the extent of the damage and what areas were affected. Make sure you don’t touch any items, however.

3. Contact Insurance

If your company has fire insurance coverage, you will save yourself many financial headaches. Call your insurance agent as soon as you can - even before the fire restoration process begins.

4. Cleanup Structure

Only the most qualified professionals should handle this step. A company that specializes in fire cleanup and smoke cleaning will remove all soot and ash from your building. The technicians will extract any water and will clean and sanitize damp areas. A board-up service will cover holes or damaged structures as well. The team will also tear out unsalvageable carpet, drywall, furniture and other items. A skilled group of professionals will then replace these so you can resume your business in the building.

Fire restoration is critical, so you must hire the most reputable companies to help with this effort. Also, make sure you involve your insurance company.

A Pipe Burst Doesn't Mean New Wood Floors

5/12/2020 (Permalink)

Wood floor damaged by water in a Garner, NC business

If you have a pipe burst at your business in Garner, NC, you likely have a lot of questions about the best way to clean up your wood floor. Letting a wet floor sit for too long could mean long-term damage, such as warping or mold, which can be costly to repair or replace. Knowing when and how to effectively clean wet wood can keep your business running smoothly.

Timing Is Everything

In a crisis situation it can be easy to become overwhelmed and not know where to start. In the case of water on a wood floor, you want to take action within the first 24 hours to ensure the least amount of damage:

  • Move all furniture and other items off the floor surface; you don’t want to miss any pooling water.
  • Use towels, a mop, and a wet vacuum to help to remove water where the pipe burst.
  • Turn on the AC and open doors in the affected area to help air-dry the wet floor.
  • Once dry, use a disinfectant on all affected areas.
  • Place a dehumidifier in the area to continue drying out the room.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask for Help

Getting your business into working order after a flooding incident can be daunting. For help dealing with water clean-up in Garner, NC, call a commercial water damage expert. A water removal team can provide services that your business may not have access to, including water pumps, dehumidifiers, sanitation methods, and restoration services. These additional procedures offer peace of mind that you won’t be left with residual issues causing stress in the future.
Whether you choose to call in experts to help or mitigate the damage on your own, cleaning and drying your wood floor after a pipe burst scenario helps to keep your business thriving. By taking the time to clean and dry your floors at the time of the incident, you can save on the future cost of replacing your floors.

How To Prevent Mold Growth

5/12/2020 (Permalink)

Mold spores are present almost everywhere

How To Prevent Mold Growth

Mold growth in your Knightdale, NC, business can be a major problem. Fortunately, with a little knowledge and preventive maintenance, you can help your facility remain mold-free.

Necessary Conditions
Although mold spores are present almost everywhere, there are a few conditions that must be met before mold can colonize an area. The following are three things that all mold needs to grow:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Warmth

Most indoor locations have many food sources and are warm enough for mold to thrive. Therefore, the main determinant in where mold can grow is the presence of moisture. Keeping your facility dry will go a long way toward preventing a mold infestation.

Common Locations
Common places to find mold growth include areas with high humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens. However, there are some locations that are occasionally forgotten when checking for mold. Some overlooked places are the following:

  • Paper
  • HVAC systems
  • Ceiling tiles

Paper items are very good food sources for mold, so it is important to make sure document storage areas stay dry. Ceiling tiles are also prone to mold infestation because of their pulpy nature. Due to the high levels of condensation present, HVAC systems are ideal locations for mold to thrive. Be sure to check ductwork, drain pans, and other components for signs of growth. Clean the system regularly to prevent buildup of mold spores.

Preventive Measures
In addition to keeping your building dry and checking for signs of mold, there are a few other things you can do to decrease the chance of a mold infestation. Install a HEPA air purification system to decrease the number of mold spores present. Clean the building, including carpeting, thoroughly and regularly. Consider investing in mold-resistant paint, upholstery, and carpeting. Clean up any water damage as soon as possible because mold can begin to grow in as few as 24 hours.
Unfortunately, even the most conscientious business-owner's property can suffer mold growth. However, an experienced restoration company can help you get your commercial property back to normal quickly and safely.

5 Tips To Prepare Your Home for a Storm

4/29/2020 (Permalink)

Trimming back any trees in your yard may help prevent damage

Five Mitigation Tips You Can Use To Protect Your Home

If you know a storm is coming in Raleigh, NC, then it may be time to start protecting your home from the various types of weather damage that could occur, including flood water. There are five common damage mitigation tips your local restoration service recommends that you can use to protect your home.

1. Trim Trees

Trimming back any trees in your yard may help prevent damage. Look for branches that overhang the roof, as well as dead or weak breaches that could break and fall during bad weather.

2. Pick Up the Yard

It’s also a good idea to bring in any outdoor furniture and clear your yard of debris before the storm arrives. Debris and furniture have the potential to be picked up by high winds and blown into the home.

3. Clean Out Gutters

It’s important to keep your gutters free of debris, as clogged gutters could lead to water overflow and flood your roof. This flood water can lead to water damage in the roof and possibly cause problems in the attic as well.

4. Protect the Home

If you have exterior repair work underway, or areas that are at risk of needing repairs, it’s important to protect these spaces to help avoid a flooded building. Cover these spaces securely with a tarp or boards to prevent additional damage to the space until the repairs can be finished.

5. Stay Aware of The Weather

It’s important to stay aware of the weather in your area, as this can help you have enough time to prepare for a storm. Check your local weather advisories to find out how severe the storm is expected to be, and if the recommended mitigation measures.

Using these five tips can help you protect your home against wind damage, flood water, hail, and other forms of damage caused by the weather. If you do find a storm that has caused problems to your home, then a local restoration service may be able to help.

5 Tips For Preparing Your Business for a Fire

4/20/2020 (Permalink)

Keep emergency numbers handy

5 Tips For Preparing Your Business for a Fire

There are a few fire prevention steps every Eagle Rock, NC, business should be aware of for protecting their employees and company property. These steps can not only help ensure that everyone makes it out of the building safely if there is a fire but can also help mitigate damage and the likelihood of a fire occurring. Here’s what you may want to know.

1. Have an Emergency Plan

Having an emergency plan can help ensure your employees know what to do in an emergency. Consider making this part of the handbook and posting safety maps in your business.

2. Know Emergency Tool Locations

Knowing where emergency tools such as alarm pull or fire extinguishers can help protect your company from fire damage. Make sure your employees know where these things are as well as how to properly use them.

3. Maintain Equipment

It’s important to maintain any equipment your company may use as a method of fire prevention. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for keeping things clean, and call a professional if any repairs need to be made. Older equipment may need to be replaced.

4. Use Safety Precautions

Another way to prevent a business fire is to know the safety procedures for any equipment your business may use. This includes everything from a microwave or copier, to any manufacturing equipment kept on site.

5. Keep Emergency Numbers Handy

It’s also a good idea to keep emergency numbers handy. This not only includes the number for the fire department or paramedics, but also for your insurance provider. You may also want to keep track of a number for a local fire damage restoration service who can help with cleanup and repairs if a fire does occur.

Using these fire prevention steps can help prevent a fire, and may also help mitigate damage if a fire does occur. Remember, after a fire restoration service can help with cleanup as repairs.

How To Prepare for a Big Storm

4/9/2020 (Permalink)

Inspect the roof annually in your Lizard Lick, NC property

Big storms happen nearly every day throughout the world. It's only a matter of time before one hits in Lizard Lick, NC. Fortunately, there are many effective things you can do to better prepare your company for the day a hurricane, tornado, wind storm or hail storm sweeps into your area. Some of these actions only take a little time but can have a positive impact to reduce such things as hurricane damage. Others take more time than money, and still a few involve significant expenditures of money. Failure to get ready, though, can have large consequences on the future health of your company.

Small Actions

These steps to protect against high winds often can be done without a great expense to the company. A smart company will consider these safeguards:

  • Inspect the roof annually and make necessary repairs
  • Look at the landscaping of your property and remove dead trees and dangerous limbs
  • Clean out storm drains and remove debris from gutters every few months
  • Secure items in the building that could fall or become damaged in a hurricane
  • Establish a plan for protecting documents from water surges

The effort to minimize hurricane damage includes keeping a preparedness checklist. Make sure key people in the company know about and have contributed to the checklist. Also, locate a trusted storm remediation team in your area to help address any problems once the storm has passed.

Larger Steps

Solid window shutters can go a long way towards protecting windows from breaking and allowing water into the building. Vital equipment such as furnaces and electrical systems could be upgraded to withstand extensive hurricane damage. If an area is susceptible to flooding, the installation of barriers or sandbags can successfully divert water from the building. The list of possibilities is long, but it makes sense for your company to take storm preparation seriously. A good commercial insurance policy offers additional protection from the effects of storms.

Cleaning Shower Mold

3/29/2020 (Permalink)

To clean the mold in your shower, you will need a few items

Shower mold in your Shotwell, NC, home can be an unsightly mess. Fortunately, it is possible to remove the mold effectively.

Cleaning Supplies

To clean the mold in your shower, you will need a few items. You should gather up rubber gloves and cleaning cloths. If you will be working with tile, you will also need a brush for scrubbing. Toothbrushes are very good for cleaning grout. Additionally, you will need a cleaning solution. You can purchase a commercially-prepared mold cleaner, or you can make your own using one of the following materials:

  • Vinegar
  • Borax
  • Bleach

Bleach and Borax need to be mixed with water, but vinegar can be used undiluted. Bleach is the harshest of these cleaners, so you may want to save it for the toughest jobs.

Cleaning Process

The cleanup process for shower mold is fairly straightforward. First, vent the area so that you do not inhale any dangerous fumes. If possible, open a window and place a box fan facing outward on the sill. Then, spray the cleaning solution over the moldy area. You want to use enough cleaner to fully cover the mold but not so much that puddles form. Next, take a cloth to wipe the mold from smooth surfaces. Use the toothbrush to brush the mold from grout and caulking. If you cannot remove all the visible mold from the grout or caulking, you will need to replace it. Finally, rinse off any leftover cleaner and dry the area. Throw away your gloves and wash your clothes in hot water to prevent the spread of mold spores.
In many cases, homeowners can clean shower mold without professional assistance. However, if you feel overwhelmed, see large mold colonies or suspect your home has toxic black mold, you may choose to hire a certified restoration company. They can your get home back to normal quickly and safely.

How can I protect my business during an outbreak?

3/20/2020 (Permalink)

We can help you be proactive and sanitize your home or business.

How can I protect my business during an outbreak like Coronavirus?

With the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, many people are scrambling to ensure their property is protected. There is a consistent rise in business owners/parents/caregivers interest to ensure that facilities are taking every precaution to prevent any widespread outbreaks. In this article, we will cover what  the Coronavirus is, how you can protect yourself, and how SERVPRO can provide assistance with cleaning and disinfection. 

So, What is the notorious Coronavirus and how does it spread? 

Coronaviruses are zoonotic, which means they are transmitted between animals and people. This virus can cause a variety of symptoms and can lead to a more serious prognosis when introduced to infants, the elderly, and those with weakened immune systems. Once transmitted to humans, other humans can spread the virus through respiration such as coughing and sneezing. 

How can I protect myself, my family, my employees, and my customers?

Pathogens can rarely be seen or detected with the naked eye; but surfaces, toys, furniture, door knobs, etc are often carriers for communicable disease. When it comes to decontaminating surfaces and airborne Infectious diseases, it’s important to call on a professional that is trained & certified in biohazard remediation including the disinfecting of infectious disease. Surface cleaning is not enough these days, and unfortunately the average consumer does not fully understand the products and the chemical components behind the products intended usage. So many products we use and are familiar with are not used properly, and thus get rendered ineffective which is not the case.

How can SERVPRO help during the Coronavirus?

SERVPRO of East Raleigh/Zebulon offers thorough cleaning and disinfection services for schools, hospitals, and commercial properties. We have a passion for the prevention of illness through proper cleaning and sanitization. Our crews are always ready to go in their PPE to ensure the buildings in our community are safe to enter. 

Our disinfectants & virucides are EPA, FDA, and OSHA compliant, they have a very low toxicity rating, and are effective against the most common disease and odor-causing organisms, including MRSA, HIV-1 (AIDS virus), Influenza A2, Avian Flu, VRE, TB, Herpes, to name a few. The CDC is recommending a labeled Hospital Grade disinfectant with claims against similar type organisms to COVID19. SERVPROXIDE has demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to COVID19 on hard non-porous surfaces. This product can be used against COVID19 when used in accordance with the directions for use against Norovirus Feline Calicivirus** and Canine Parvovirus, Strain Cornell-780916, ATCC VR-2016** on hard, non-porous surfaces. In addition, SERVPROXIDE currently has EPA approved claims for Feline Coronavirus (Strain WSU 79-1683, ATCC VR 989**) and Canine Coronavirus (Strain 1-71, ATCC VR-809**). More product specific information can be obtained on the TDS & SDS.

Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh/Zebulon today to ensure you have a proper disease control prevention strategy moving forward to help support a healthy and safe atmosphere. (919) 250-0455

We are Cleaning Experts

3/18/2020 (Permalink)

We can help you take preventative measures for your home or business.

SERVPRO is Here to Help during this time of need

During this unprecedented time caused by the global pandemic of coronavirus, this is a reminder to our customers that we are specialists in cleaning services, and we adhere to the highest cleaning and sanitation standards.

Specialized Training

We are prepared to clean and disinfect your home or business, according to protocols set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We have years of experience in dealing with biological contaminants, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff perform on a daily basis.

The CDC encourages cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets and tables. Other spaces mentioned in the CDC’s guidance for commercial spaces include:

  • Kitchen/Food Areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Schools/Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Retail Spaces
  • Water Fountains
  • Shelving/Racks
  • Sales Counters
  • Carpets and Rugs
  • Stair Handrails
  • Elevator Cars
  • Playground Equipment
  • Fitness Equipment

Specialized Products

The CDC recommends usage of a labeled hospital-grade disinfectant with claims against similar pathogens to the coronavirus. Multiple products in the SERVPRO product line carry the EPA-approved emerging pathogens claims. While there is currently no product tested against this particular strain of the coronavirus, we are following all guidelines as provided by the CDC and local authorities.

Call Today for a Proactive Cleaning

If your home or business needs deep cleaning services, we can help!

Protecting Your Business From High Winds

3/5/2020 (Permalink)

Damage to roof shingles in Auburn, NC

Types of Damages During Hurricanes

Owning a business in Auburn, NC requires you to be prepared for the sudden onset of storms and other natural disasters. Hurricane damage can be devastating to your business and stressful to deal with. Here you can learn about what types of damage are most common during hurricanes and how you can lessen the impacts of high winds.

Damage to your exterior walls, windows, and doors.
Damage to your property's grounds and outbuildings.
Damage to your roof shingles, roof sheathing, and roof-mounted items such as HVAC units, skylights, and pipes.

Fortify Your Grounds
Hurricane damage affects not only the physical building of your business but also the outdoor areas. Don't forget to take steps to secure your grounds before a major storm. If you have any storage units or outbuildings, ensure that they are properly anchored. Then you can move all of your equipment into these areas for protection. Secure items on your grounds such as dumpsters, signs, and fences - and move them to an indoor area if they are not secure. Take care to keep trees and large shrubs on your property pruned and healthy so they are harder to uproot.

Brace Your Building's Exterior
Windstorms can cause considerable damage to your building, especially if you have not taken precautions. Your roof, exterior walls, windows, and doors will take the brunt of many storms with high-velocity winds. To keep your building as safe as can be, make sure the outside of your building can handle what nature throws at it. You should have regular inspections to ensure that your shingles are up to code and fitted properly and that all roof-mounted items are properly secured. Before a large storm, check that your building is sealed and windows are protected. Your entry doors should be triple-hinged and secured with a deadbolt.
Even the most prepared business can feel the effects of hurricane damage. If your business is hit by a major storm, call a professional water damage restoration team to help you recover as seamlessly as possible.

Home Safety: Preventing Cigarette Fires

2/19/2020 (Permalink)

Keep your home safe with these cigarette safety guidelines

Home Safety: Preventing Cigarette Fires

It may come as a surprise, but each year, cigarettes continue to cause thousands of fires in homes. Cigarette fires can lead to lingering odors and even structural damage to your property. Don't let your Willow Spring, NC, home fall victim to this danger. If you or your guests must smoke, follow these safety guidelines and puff responsibly.

  • Smoke outdoors
  • Stay alert
  • Secure ashtrays

Avoid Indoor Smoking
Though indoor smoking is banned from many public places, this is not the case for private residences. You are allowed to smoke inside your own home, of course, but it leads to offensive, lingering odors as well as potentially dangerous situations. An ashtray fire can lead to a devastating blaze that will require professional fire and smoke damage remediation. A simple rule of permitting smoking only outside can prevent a lot of issues. Your home is full of flammable items such as paper and fabric that are susceptible to flames and odors.

Avoid Distracted Smoking
Smoking while distracted leads to cigarette fires on a regular basis. If you or your guests are going to smoke, be sure to stay alert. Don't smoke while you are tired or if you have taken a medication or other substance that inhibits your awareness. You run the risk of falling asleep with a lit butt and this can catch your home on fire. When you smoke, be sure to fully and properly dispose of any burning remains. Don't just toss your stubs into the grass or on the ground. You must use a properly filled ashtray and douse the butts with water before you empty them into a trashcan.
Smoking may not seem as prevalent as it used to be, but cigarette fires still happen each year. Keep your home safe with these cigarette safety guidelines. Know who to call for fire cleanup in case of an emergency, as accidents do happen.

Why Is Black Water Problematic?

2/14/2020 (Permalink)

Category 3 water comes from several sources inside and outside your home

Why Is Black Water Problematic?

If you're home in Wendell, NC, recently experienced water damage, it's important to consider the source and type of moisture that invaded your rooms. While some liquid comes from clean pipes, other forms fall into a class known as black water. This exposure is troubling; the residence becomes flooded with heavy loads of bacteria and fungus, creating a major hazard for your family. You'll need expert help to clean it up properly.

1. Where Does It Come From?

Category 3 water comes from several sources inside and outside your home. Should a pipe break or a toilet overflow, think about the reason. If it happens from sewer backups and or busts, the house now has feces, food and urine in high concentrations. If that spills into your walls and floors, you have a breeding ground for microbes. In addition, when major storms or heavy flooding push sea or river water indoors, your spaces now have dirt, small animals and bacteria. Immediately seek the assistance of a professional water damage restoration company.

2. Can Other Fluids Become This Problematic?

Gray water is anything that may have some food particles or bacteria, but in small levels; thus, it is considered relatively clean. This includes overrun dishwashers, lingering standing water or clogged toilet clogs spills that do not have feces — think appliance or utility leaks. These turn into black water when they are not treated quickly and properly and the microbes fester for too long.

3. How Should You Handle This Issue?

Make sewage cleanup a priority. Allow a team to inspect the property, determining the extent of pollution. Not only can they dry out the impacted sections but they also have tools to sanitize the walls, floors and your personal belongings. Bleach alone cannot penetrate to kill the infestation. Much of the walls, baseboards and flooring may need to be torn out. This is to eliminate exposure and maximize disinfection.
Don't wait if you suspect black water entered your property. You need the pathogen-infected material removed and new items installed.

Steps To Minimize a Business Interruption

1/29/2020 (Permalink)

Commercial water damage in Zebulon, NC

The purpose of business interruption insurance is to protect a company from an event that shuts down operations. Individual policies may differ, but most policies cover the expenses related to not having a revenue stream come in because a company cannot sell its products for a temporary time frame. Without this coverage, a company could face bankruptcy or go out of business. Flooding in Zebulon, NC, is a disaster that could close the doors of a company for an extended period of time. In the case of large water damage events, such as a hurricane or tornado, a business could take weeks or even months to resume operations again.
Ways To Limit a Business Interruption
For nearly all companies, and especially for a small business, a quick return to business is critical. A fast response by trained water mitigation professionals can limit expenses, prevent many forms of damage and speed up the recovery process from flooding. Experienced workers with the right equipment can limit damages in the following areas:

  • Attention to sensitive electrical components such as computer systems
  • Awareness of the potential for mold growth
  • Knowledge of procedures to contain black water from a broken pipe that carries sewage
  • Attention to a "restore if possible and replace if necessary" mentality
  • Focus on quick and complete water removal

All of these steps could reduce expenses and shorten the time of a business interruption. The ability to limit the cost of an insurance claim could result in a better deal on premiums for the policy.

Steps To Clean Up After a Storm

Whether large or small, a flooding event poses unique challenges for crews. A fast, proven procedure, and the training to tackle the unexpected, is a big help. The initial inspection and damage assessment provides the groundwork for a rapid recovery. From there, the crew can put together a plan to remove water, clean and sanitize the building and allow business as usual to return.

What To Do When Your Tenant Complains of Mold

1/23/2020 (Permalink)

Mold growth in Garner, NC

Four Steps You Should Take As the Landlord

Mold cleanup is the responsibility of the landlord or property owner as long as a property issue caused the mold. For example, if a leaky water line or pipe break caused the mold problem, then it is the responsibility of the landowner. However, if a tenant left food sitting on a counter that molded over and spread to the surrounding area, then that is the tenant's responsibility. Regardless, when a tenant files such a complaint, there are four steps you should take as the landlord.

  1. Touch base
  2. Take pictures
  3. Get testing
  4. Hire a remediation company

Touch Base

The most important thing for you to do is respond to their complaint promptly. When dealing with mold, it is likely best to respond within 24 hours because it is an environmental and a potential health concern.

Take Pictures

Next, go to their apartment and photograph the area of alleged mold growth. During your visual inspection of the space, take note of anything that may have caused the issue. You will eventually need to determine liability for mold cleanup. However, do not be accusatory or insulting.

Get Testing

Once you have documented the scene and determined the validity of their complaint, contact an environmental testing service to determine the legitimacy of the threat. You may want a company to perform surface and air tests to determine if mold spores are present and the level of contamination.

Hire a Remediation Company

Last, if the results of the testing are positive for mold, then you should find a reputable mold remediation company in Garner, NC, and hire them for the removal. Since mold removal can take anywhere from three to seven days, depending on the level of mold contamination, the tenant will likely have to vacate their apartment.
While mold cleanup is not always the responsibility of the landlord, it is your responsibility to take tenant concerns seriously. Therefore, if contacted about a possible mold problem, return tenant complaints quickly, take pictures, get testing and hire a remediation specialist if necessary.

5 Ways SERVPRO Can Help You After a Disaster

1/23/2020 (Permalink)

Did you know that we are a Preferred Vendor for many insurance companies

5 Top Reasons SERVPRO Is Recommended for Restoration

After a disaster at your Knightdale, NC, company your insurance adjuster may recommend you contact SERVPRO for restoration. They are a preferred vendor for a number of insurance providers for several reasons. Here are the top five.

1. Quick Response Time

Choosing a local preferred restoration company can mean there’s a quick response time when a disaster occurs. All the equipment needed for most restorations should already be available allowing them to get to work as quickly as possible.

2. Ability to Pretest

Many restoration crews will have the ability to pretest for damage which can help the same time and money. This process is usually used after a fire but swabbing with a chemical pad and using the results to determine if and how much smoke damage has occurred.

3. Electronic Inventory System

Another reason your insurance adjuster may recommend SERVPRO is that their electronic claims system can help make it easier to document damage and repairs. This system can be used to keep track of itemized lists and photographs, as well as a restoration progress report.

4. Can Repair Various Damage Types

When it comes to a disaster you may find you have to make an insurance claim for several damage types. A restoration company is often trained to deal with various damage, including flooding, mold, fire and storm issues.

5. Quality Results

Working with a preferred vendor can help ensure quality results. These vendors have to meet 21 separate guidelines which have been set in place to help achieve a job done to an industry standards best.
Your insurance adjuster may recommend a restoration team such as SERVPRO for several reasons. They have a quick response time, the training to handle various damage types, and the ability to pretest for damage. They also have a useful electronic claims system. Working with them can help ensure quality results after repairs.

Are Chemical Drain Cleaners Safe for Home Use?

12/13/2019 (Permalink)

Drain cleaners are so common that nearly every homeowner has used one at some point

Ways That Chemical Drain Cleaners Can Damage Your Plumbing

If you’re like most homeowners, when facing a clogged drain in your Raleigh, NC, home, you reach for a chemical drain cleaner. Effective and affordable, these chemicals are the go-to for most people. What few of them realize, however, is that this quick-fix solution may lead to long-term problems. That’s because not every chemical cleaner is safe for pipes. Keep reading to learn some of the top ways chemical drain cleaners can damage your plumbing.

How Pipe Cleaners Work

Marketed under several familiar brand names, most chemical cleaners work by generating heat to loosen the clog. The most common types of pipe cleaners include the following:

  • Caustic cleaners – often contain lye
  • Oxidizing cleaners – often contain bleach
  • Acid cleaners – generally available to plumbers only

All have clear benefits but also lots of potential drawbacks.

Hard on Pipes
Perhaps the biggest drawback to these types of cleaners is their chemical effect on pipes. When used frequently on older pipes, they can cause pipes to break down, warp or even melt.

Environmentally Damaging
Another drawback is that these materials, once done with the clogged drain, go down the drain and into the water supply where they can cause harm. These chemicals can erode septic systems overall too.

Dangerous to Children and Pets
These cleaners are very dangerous if swallowed but can also cause damage other ways. They’re known for releasing noxious fumes that can burn eyes and mucous membranes, as well as damage skin. For a family with children or pets, using this type of cleaner can be an accident waiting to happen.
Drain cleaners are so common that nearly every homeowner has used one at some point, and they’re generally fine for an occasional clogged drain. However, if you find yourself reaching for one more than once in a blue moon, it’s probably best to call a plumber or sewage cleaning specialist to get down to the root of your problem.

FAQ About Mold

11/27/2019 (Permalink)

Mold spores exist around us virtually everywhere and are essentially harmless

Frequently Asked Questions About Mold

Almost everyone has seen mold at some point in their lives. Mold is often seen on bread; however, it’s also common to find mold underneath and behind wet areas such as sinks, refrigerators and air conditioning units. Mold thrives on moisture which is why it’s common to see active mold growth near sources of water. Here are some additional answers to frequently asked questions about mold.

How Can I Control Mold?

Individuals often feel helpless when they find mold in their Eagle Rock, NC, home. Fortunately, mold can be controlled in your home with the following tips:

Decrease the humidity in your home to below 60%. You can use an instrument, called a hygrometer, to measure if you have high humidity.
Dry wet areas immediately or at least within 24-48 hours.
Fix leaks around windows and doors.
Add insulation to exterior walls and windows to reduce condensation.
Have a professional check your heating and cooling system. Your system should be properly sized and maintained in order to remove moisture from the air.

What is Mold?

Mold is classified as a fungus because it’s main source of energy doesn’t come from the sun. Mold growth begins when fungi, such as mold and mushrooms, feed off of nutrients from other sources. Mold spores exist around us virtually everywhere and are essentially harmless. Unfortunately, when mold spores attach to a wet spot they can grow into dangerous levels and cause water damage.

When Should I Consult a Professional?

It can be tempting to feel like you can take care of mold on your own; however, mold remediation specialists have the training and equipment necessary to properly restore your home to safe conditions. If you find any signs of mold in your home, contact a specialist. They have the proper knowledge and tools to safely contain, filter, remove and clean the mold in your home.
Understanding what mold growth is and how you can prevent it is important. Remediation and restoration are possible with the help of a mold remediation specialist.

5 Ways to Prevent Water Damage While on Vacation

11/27/2019 (Permalink)

Turn the main water supply off until you return

Use The Following Tips To Prevent Water Damage In Your Home

While you’re on vacation, you want to relax and have fun. However, this can be difficult to do if you’re worrying about your house back in Raleigh, NC. If returning to a flooded house is one of your concerns, you can use the following tips to keep your mind at ease while you’re away.

1. Inspect the House

The first thing you should do before a vacation is to inspect your home. If you need to have water pipe repair done, then it is best to do it before you leave. Any leaks or damages in the house can cause trouble and may result in water damage.

2. Keep Pipes Warm

If you’re going on vacation during winter, then you will need to keep your pipes warm to prevent a frozen and broken pipe. You should make sure that they are insulated and that your cabinets are open to keep them from getting too cold. You may also want to keep the heat on low while you are gone.

3. Get a House Sitter

Another way to protect your home is to arrange for someone to stay at your house or to check on it regularly. They will be able to prevent the damage from getting worse if something does happen.

4. Turn Off the Water

If you are unable to have someone keep an eye on your house, then you may want to turn the main water supply off until you return. This way, even if something breaks and water pipe repair is needed, the damage to the building will be minimal. Drain the pipes after turning off the water as well.

5. Clean Up Outside

The inside of your house is not the only area you should be concerned about. If there is a severe storm, clogged gutters or debris can result in damage. Make sure that water will be able to drain properly, and store anything that might be picked up by strong winds.
Using these tips can help prevent damage, but sometimes unexpected things happen. A cleanup and restoration company can perform water pipe repair and return your home to its previous condition.

4 Smart Moves To Prepare Your Company for a Weather Disaster

11/27/2019 (Permalink)

It is vital to have periodic drills that mimic the conditions of a storm

Disaster Preparedness

On any given day there is bad weather happening somewhere in the world. This can be in the form of tornadoes, hurricanes, heavy rains or snow, lightning and hail. Eventually, extreme weather will hit Garner, NC. That's why a strong disaster preparedness plan is a necessity for every business. The better your plan the quicker you will be able to recover from a major storm. You will also be more likely to suffer lighter losses and a shorter business interruption, while providing greater safety for your employees and customers. Each plan is unique and depends upon the characteristics and location of each business, but a solid plan has these things in common:

Include Employees. Your employees are your greatest asset, and they are a true key to proper business preparedness. Make sure they are educated about where to go and what actions to take. Appoint a coordinator and a safety team to take charge during a storm. A plan to help workers with disabilities is an integral part of preparedness.

Buy Emergency Supplies. Every company should have on hand a good first-aid kit, clean water, a flashlight and food. Every employee should be aware of where the supplies are kept.

Engage in Drills. Practice makes perfect so it is vital to have periodic drills that mimic the conditions of a storm. Disaster preparedness depends on employees knowing the evacuation route and the location of a safe room.

Establish Communication Protocols. It's important to know who to call and when during the course of a storm and afterwards. The numbers for emergency personnel and first responders should be available to all employees. After the storm, the services of storm mitigation professionals should be contacted to assess damage and begin cleanup.

Disaster preparedness takes a bit of planning and extra work, but you'll be happy you put in the effort when a storm strikes. The road to recovery will be smoother for your business.

What To Know About Lightning and House Fires

11/22/2019 (Permalink)

Lightning strike in a Lizard Lick, NC home

What To Know About Lightning and House Fires

When you live in Lizard Lick, NC, the concept of lighting fire to the land may not be unheard of. While lightning striking the home is statistically less likely than a forest strike, it can cause wildfires which may also pose a fire risk to your home. It’s important to understand this phenomenon and what to do if a fire should occur. Here are three things you may wish to know.

1. When Strikes Occurs

In most locations it’s common to see strike related wild fire risk rise in mid to late summer when conditions tend to be drier and hotter than the rest of the year. In many places storms are also more likely to occur in the afternoon and evening hours of the day. You may wish to listen to weather advisories for your area. Be sure to follow any fire risk guidelines, such as avoiding cooking outdoors, during dry conditions.

2. What To Do if a Fire Occurs

If it does look like a lightning started fire could lead to a house fire, then it’s important to follow fire safety procedures. This includes following any evacuation notices even if you don’t believe you’re at risk. Once the wild fire is contained or extinguished your local fire personal will advise you as to when it’s safe to return.

3. How To Clean Up After a Fire

If a strike lighting fire in the area does cause damage to your home then it may be best to contact a fire damage restoration professional for your restoration needs. Not only can they handle any fire or smoke damage caused by the flames, but can also deal with water damage repairs that may be necessary after fire suppression efforts.
Understanding the weather and fire danger around you can help you prepare for the eventuality that a strike lighting fire nearby may occur. It’s important to follow all safety advisories, including evacuation notices, in the event a strike caused wildfire threatens your home. When you're allowed back to the property you may choose to contact a fire damage restoration professional to conduct any repairs.

Preparing Your Home for a Storm: 4 Tips

11/16/2019 (Permalink)

One way to prevent a flooded building is to have your gutters and downspouts inspected before harsh weather arrives

Preparing Your Home for a Storm: 4 Tips

When violent storms approach Shotwell, NC, protecting your home from high winds and flood water is likely a high priority for you. These conditions can cause damage to your roof, windows and even the interior of your home if flooding becomes severe. If dangerous weather is approaching your area, there are a few actions you can take that may help you protect your home and prevent some common types of storm damage.

1. Check Gutters and Downspouts

One way to prevent a flooded building is to have your gutters and downspouts inspected before harsh weather arrives. Broken or clogged gutters could cause additional flooding, as excess water may not drain away properly and cause standing water to enter your basement or crawlspace instead. Have a contractor remove and replace old gutters and ensure that your drainage system is working properly.

2. Sandbag Areas With Poor Drainage

Some exterior areas of your home may experience poor or inconsistent drainage, and this may lead to water damage. However, you can reduce the risk of flooding by using absorbent sandbags in areas where runoff may cause deep standing water or make its way into your home. You can contact your city government for more information about where to pick up complementary sandbags or buy them at your local home improvement retailers.

3. Move Valuables To High Ground

Important documents, valuable artwork and antiques are all vulnerable to flood damage. While a water mitigation and remediation service may be able to help you salvage these items if they are affected, moving them to higher ground, such as your home’s attic, could keep them from harm. Invest in a rugged, waterproof metal storage box for papers such as birth certificates and social security cards, as these can be difficult to replace.

4. Have a Family Plan in Place

Gather your family and discuss where you all might be safest from flood water and where you plan to meet in case of an emergency. This can help you feel less anxious in the face of dangerous storms.
Flood water, high winds and other types of storm damage that threaten your Shotwell, NC, home can be frightening. Knowing how to prepare for these events can help you keep your family and property safe before, during and after a major weather event.

3 Initial Steps To Take After a Fire in Your Home

10/7/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage in Lizard Lick, NC

A residential fire can be a terrifying and unsettling experience for any homeowner. If you have experienced fire damage in your Lizard Lick, NC, home, having some information about what to expect may help you navigate the early stages of cleanup and restoration. It’s important to move quickly into the cleanup to prevent secondary damage, but the most important first step is ensuring your home is safe to enter.

Confirm the Safety of Your Home

Once the fire is extinguished, a fire safety specialist will likely inspect key areas of potential damage to determine whether entering your home is safe.

  • The Electrical System may be inspected for damage and will likely be disconnected from power until the water can be safely removed from the dwelling.
  • The Structural Integrity of stairwells, floors and ceilings may be inspected for fire damage, to determine whether they are stable enough to support cleanup.
  • Hazardous Chemicals may be examined to assess their stability and confirm no unique dangers remain.

This important inspection can protect you and your family from incidents that could only complicate an already difficult situation.

Survey the Damage

Once your home is cleared for safe entry, a fire official will generally accompany you to survey your property. You may notice, in addition to fire and smoke damage, that water damage from the pressurized fire hose may be significant. Once you have an overview, it is important to call your insurance agent to ask about the details of your coverage and schedule with an adjuster.

Hire a Professional Remediation Expert

It is strongly recommended that you hire a specialist to manage the complex fire and water cleanup process. Professional teams know how to clean and dry your damaged property quickly and safely. They have access to specialized equipment and methods for restoring your structure and belongings as completely as possible.

Home fire damage can mean extreme physical and emotional stress for you and your family. The initial impact can make even small tasks difficult. Safely assessing your damage and seeking expert assistance are your first steps in the direction of returning to your home and your peace of mind.

5 Locations Mold Can Grow in Your Home

9/25/2019 (Permalink)

Attics are another area where mold growth may be found

5 Locations Mold Can Grow in Your Home

Discovering mold damage in your Shotwell, NC, home can feel overwhelming. Especially if you're not entirely sure where the problem may be located. Here are five locations that many local mold remediation professionals recommend looking for the problem.

1. Basements

The basement can be one of the most common places to find mold as they are often dark and somewhat damp. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to protect your basement from these problems, such as the installation of a sump pump.

2. Kitchen

The kitchen area can also be a location where mold or mildew growth can be found. If you believe there may be an issue in your kitchen it's best to check areas such as under the sink, or behind a refrigeration unit first as both of these may be areas of potential water damage.

3. Bathrooms

Because bathrooms are often areas of high humidity it's not uncommon to find mold damage in these locations. One mitigation step you can take is to run a fan anytime you take a bath or shower to help cut down on humidity levels.

4. Attics

Attics are another area where mold growth may be found, as a leak in the roof can lead to the creation of damp areas. This is why it's important to deal with any roof damage as soon as it occurs.

5. Ventilation

Mold can also find its way into ventilation units such as the air conditioners. If you believe this may be the case a professional can perform a test to confirm. The ventilation unit will then needs to be dismantled and thoroughly cleaned.
In many cases mold damage, can be found in dark areas of high humidity such as basements, attics, kitchens, bathrooms, and even in ventilation. Fortunately, mold remediation professionals have the tools and experience needed to deal with such problems. If you have any questions these professionals may be able to help.

What To Do When a Toilet Overflow Affects Multiple Floors

9/25/2019 (Permalink)

Toilet water is Category 3 water

What To Do When a Toilet Overflow Affects Multiple Floors

The only thing worse than dealing with sewer damage on one of the floors of your commercial property in Lizard Lick, NC, is facing damage on two floors of your commercial property. Here's what to do when an overflowing toilet threatens to flood a second floor.

1. Call for Backup

All flood water isn’t created equal. It's generally classified into three groups:

Category 1: Clean water, likely from a broken supply line, that holds no threat of contamination.
Category 2: Water that's used in appliances and equipment, rendering it mildly contaminated.
Category 3: Highly contaminated water that may contain sewage, bacteria, or other toxins.

Toilet water is Category 3 water, which means that you should resist the urge to start cleanup on your own and instead call a water mitigation company immediately. Once you've made those arrangements, call your insurance company.

2. Stop the Water

While you wait for help from sewer damage professionals, your first job is to stop the flow of water by turning off the toilet's supply valve. Then, try to contain the water if you can, getting as much water off the floor as possible, being careful not to make direct contact with it. The goal is to stop as much water as you can from making the jump to the floor below.

3. Remember That Subfloor Damage May Not Be Visible

If the ceiling of the floor below the overflowing toilet shows even the slightest sign of water damage, that means water breached the barrier between floors and you need professionals to get in there, see just how much got wet, and carefully remove it. Resist the temptation to simply paint over water marks on the ceiling and call it a day. Wet building materials, if left unattended, may harbor mold or become structurally unsound and unsafe.
A flooded toilet doesn't have to spell disaster for your commercial space. Minimize the threat of sewer damage and unsafe working conditions by enlisting the help of an experienced sewage company for cleanup and restoration.

3 Ways That FEMA Can Help You After a Flood

9/9/2019 (Permalink)

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, can provide various kinds of assistance

3 Ways That FEMA Can Help You After a Flood

After a storm in Auburn, NC, many people find themselves in difficult situations. If you don’t have insurance, it can be even worse. While experiencing damage to your home is never a pleasant situation, there is some good news. The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, can provide various kinds of assistance.

1. They Can Inspect Your Home

After a flood, you will probably be dealing with some damage to your house and belongings. Whether you expect to have the repairs covered by your insurance policy or will need some other type of assistance, you will need to have your home inspected by an adjuster. This is necessary to determine the extent and severity of the damage. The Federal Emergency Management Agency can send someone to do this for you.

2. They Can Help With Expenses

Floods are often not included in your homeowners insurance. If you do not have an additional policy or if your insurance won’t pay for the entire cost of repairs, FEMA can help. They also provide financial assistance in other areas. If you or a loved one has been injured during the emergency, they may be able to help cover the medical costs. They can also help with funeral expenses if necessary.

3. They Can Help You Find Somewhere to Stay

In severe cases, you may not be able to stay in your home if it was damaged in the storm. If flooding has made your house an unsafe or unsuitable living environment, then you may need to find temporary housing. If you are having trouble doing so, the Federal Emergency Management Agency can find somewhere for you. If you cannot afford to pay for housing, they can provide grants for this purpose.
If you need a cleanup and restoration company to repair your home, this can be costly and inconvenient. However, FEMA can make the situation a little bit easier on you by providing financial assistance and helping you through the process.

Cleaning Up After an Apartment Fire

8/28/2019 (Permalink)

Apartment fire in Auburn, NC

If you have experienced an apartment fire in Auburn, NC, there are a few steps to take to ensure a smooth transition after the smoke has cleared. Consider the following procedures for a swift cleanup:

  • Communicate any losses to your insurance company
  • Remove any valuables from the living space
  • Contact the superintendent to make sure all electrical and plumbing is inspected
  • Arrange for alternate living quarters if necessary

Secure Your Possessions

It's a great idea to remove any items from the area that you deem to be irreplaceable or expensive. There will more than likely be a steady stream of people in and out of your living quarters immediately after a fire. Fire damage remediators, police and other authorities will be there to help with the aftermath, but unlocked doors and easy entry can open the door to theft. A good short-term solution is to rent a small storage unit to house your goods while the situation is being sorted out. For those that have purchased renters insurance, one of the first calls should be to the agent handling your contract. If you choose to wait to file your losses, your reimbursement could be delayed and red tape may hold up the proceedings. As a safeguard, always document high-end goods by keeping a list along with photos for proof.

Meet With the Landlord

Contact the person in charge of the building as soon as possible after an apartment fire. You can find out when professionals will be on-site to begin repairs and confirm that all wiring and piping will be thoroughly investigated. The manager of the complex may also be able to direct you to accommodations for the time immediately after the fire.

Find a Place to Stay

Once all the initial issues are addressed, get in touch with family or friends to secure a space to live while cleanup is being completed. You can also check into local relief funds if you need financial assistance. An apartment fire can be devastating, but choosing to act quickly can reduce the amount of time spent recovering from a disaster.

FAQs About Preparing Your Business for Flood Damage

8/28/2019 (Permalink)

Plant trees and other plants that can soak up large amount of rainwater

Though you hope your business in Shotwell, NC, is never affected by flooding, preparing your business for disasters is often important. Learning about flood preparation can help you to minimize the risk of your property sustaining flood damage.

How Can You Prepare Your Business for Water Damage Before a Flood?

There are several ways you can prepare your property before a flood occurs. As you prepare, it can often be useful to:

  • Place sandbags at doors and by windows in order to decrease the amount of water that can enter a building
  • Clear the gutters outside of your building prior to a flood, as this can help to decrease the chance of water accumulating in one spot
  • Plant shrubs, trees, flowers and other plants that can soak up large amounts of rainwater
  • Research a mitigation and restoration company in case you do need assistance

How Can You Protect Items Inside Your Property?

Unfortunately, flooding is not always avoidable. If you know that a flood may impact your building, however, there are several steps you can take to keep items in your building safe, including:

  • Move furniture, valuable items and documents to the highest level of your building
  • Make electronic and physical copies of important documents in case your documents become damaged
  • Unplug any items that use electricity prior to a flood in order to decrease the chance of a fire occurring

When Should You Begin To Prepare for a Flood?

Many people are unsure when to begin preparing for a flood. However, it's often wise to start preparations before storm damage occurs. If you begin preparing only a day before a flood could impact your business, you are more likely to feel rushed, which may cause you to forget something important. Planning ahead of time can allow you to follow the best practices and go over flood preparation strategies with your staff.

Before your business is impacted by flooding, it can be useful to learn about flood preparation. Knowing how to protect your property, items in your business and when to begin preparation can help your business to avoid the need for flood cleanup after a storm.

5 Tips for Determining a Shower Leak

8/28/2019 (Permalink)

A defective pan can result in a shower or bathtub leak

5 Tips for Determining a Shower Leak

Whether a shower or bathtub leak, it's often difficult to determine the cause. If you're a homeowner in Knightdale, NC, and you suspect you're dealing with a shower leak, here are five tips that can help you determine the answer.

1. Check for Signs of Damage. From loose flooring or tiles to peeling paint and discolored wood finishes, there are many signs of shower leak damage. Water stains can appear on the ceiling of a shower or the ceiling below it. Traces of mold may also appear on the walls and floor of the shower.

2. Check the Door or Curtain. Whatever the type of entrance to your shower, close or secure it and then run the shower for a few minutes. Pay attention to rubber gaskets, sweeps and caulking to see if the water breaches or seeps from these components.

3. Check the Grout and Tile. Old or crumbling grout and chipped or loose tiles can allow water to seep behind the shower walls and under the floor. Inspect the interior of the shower for any signs of damage or decay. If everything looks okay, then saturate each surface and look for water seepage.

4. Check the Drains and Fixtures. As with the grout and tile, inspect drains and fixtures for any kind of damage. Then, plug the drain, run the water for a short time, mark the water level, and check back later to see if it remains steady. If not, you may have a leaking drain.

5. Check the Shower Pan. Today, most residential tiled showers feature a plastic liner or pan between the tile and sub-floor. A defective pan can result in a shower or bathtub leak. Inspecting the pan entails removing the tile so make sure you revisit the water damage to see if it's consistent with a shower pan leak.

There are several ways to investigate a shower pan or bathtub leak. Of course, it's always a good idea to bring in a water damage detection and repair expert.

4 Tips for Handling Electronics After a Home Fire

7/29/2019 (Permalink)

Keep all of your devices off

Four Tips For The Best Chance of Restoring Any Electronics

If you’ve just experienced a home fire in Willow Spring, NC, you likely are eager to see if your electronic devices are working. However, these type of belongings requires special handling by a fire cleanup company to ensure further damage doesn’t occur. When trying to recover your items after a fire, make sure to follow the following four tips for the best chance of restoring any electronics.

1. Keep All of Your Devices Off

Never try turning on devices after a fire. Smoke damage can leave a residue containing acids on any metal surfaces of the device, which can lead to corrosion. Turning on the device before removing these residues can cause electronic failure.

2. Allow Wet Items to Dry

Items can be affected by water used to extinguish the flames. It is important you allow the device to completely dry before attempting to turn it on. Personal devices like cellphones or tablets can be placed in a bag of rice to help absorb any water.

3. Unplug All Appliances and Devices

Even if your device is turned off, smoke and water can damage items that are plugged in since a small amount of power if often still supplied to inactive electronics. If it is safe to do so, unplug any items that are still plugged into your home’s electrical system or notify the fire cleanup specialist.

4. Search For Warranty Records and Take Inventory of Items

If any of your electronics cannot be saved, it helps to have your warranty records on hand. This way, you can receive some money back for damaged items. Additionally, it helps to keep track of your electronics so you can give insurance an inventory of what was lost.
Many of your electronics are very valuable and some devices, such as your home computer, might contain important files and memories that are irreplaceable. These four tips ensure the best chance you can recover your electronics before the fire cleanup company arrives.

How To Prevent Mold Growth In Your Building

7/29/2019 (Permalink)

Fix plumbing leaks quickly

How To Prevent Mold Growth In Your Building

A mold infestation can shut down your commercial building and lead to expensive damage and lost profits. Mold can appear in a variety of locations throughout your property, including:

  • Carpet
  • Electrical equipment
  • Air ducts
  • Paper
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Cavity walls

However, there are mold prevention techniques you can use. Since mold thrives in moist conditions, limiting water damage to your building is the key to reducing mold growth.

Stop Water Leaks

Water leaks are a common source of mold. You should regularly check your building for excess water. Pay especially close attention to the roof and HVAC system. Any identified leaks should be dealt with immediately to prevent the mold from spreading.

Any items that have been damaged by water leaks need to be cleaned and dried immediately. Some wet items, including ceiling tiles, may have to be replaced entirely. Carpets that have been wet for more than 48 hours should also be discarded.

Reduce Condensation and Humidity

Mold prevention does not just involve water leaks. That’s because humidity and condensation can also cause mold to spread.
Condensation is particularly common in the corners of rooms, where air circulation is inadequate. You should thus make sure that any furniture or large objects are arranged to maximize airflow throughout the room. You should also frequently check wall corners for condensation and remove it as soon as possible.
If your office still uses paper, make sure to store it in an area with temperature controls and low humidity. Avoid placing boxes of paper in moist areas such as basements. Any paper that has gotten wet may need to be thrown away or restored.
Even if you do follow these mold prevention tips, a sudden storm can still cause a fungal infestation. If you do see mold in your Shotwell, NC, building, contact a professional to assess and fix the damage. Mold remediation experts can quickly remove excess spores and clean contaminated equipment.

How to Prepare for a Flood

7/11/2019 (Permalink)

Clean out your gutters to reduce water buildup

How to Prepare for a Flood

If you are expecting a severe storm in Wendell, NC, then you need to make sure you are prepared. Flood water can be unsafe and can cause quite a bit of damage to your home. The following are just a few things you can do to make sure that you and your family are ready for whatever happens.

1. Put Together an Emergency Kit

During a storm, it is possible that you will be unable to leave your house or that the power will go out, leaving you without your usual resources. Build an emergency kit with items that will help in this situation. A flashlight and batteries should be included as well as canned food that doesn’t require heating. Be sure to have plenty of bottled water as well, since flood water can sometimes contaminate your water source.

2. Move Important Items to a Safe Location

If you live in a two-story home, you may want to move important belongings to the second floor in case you end up with a flooded building. If you do not have an upper floor, put smaller items on high shelves and in cabinets. If you have a waterproof safe, use this to store important documents. An airtight container may help limit damage to items as well.

3. Inspect Your Home

The inside of your home is not the only area that you should be concerned about before a flood. Water damage can occur if the outside of the building is not prepared as well. Clean out your gutters to reduce water buildup that could cause leaking. It is also a good idea to store outdoor belongings that could be picked up by strong winds as they may cause damage to the exterior of the building and can even shatter windows.
Being prepared for a storm can help keep you safe and reduce the amount of damage that is done to your house. If your home is affected by flood water, contact a cleanup and restoration service to perform sanitization and any necessary repairs.

Protect Your Property After a Fire

6/28/2019 (Permalink)

Use tarp to isolate any sooty areas to keep the mess from spreading

A fire can cause varying degrees of structural damage to your commercial property once all is said and done. While you handle fire cleanup, preventing further damage can be of the utmost importance. There are several things you can do to mitigate your losses in Willow Spring, NC.

Cover Up

Roof and wall damage can leave the interior of your building exposed to the elements, such as rain and wind. You will want to clear out everything you can to either be stored elsewhere or thrown away. Then you should take measures to:

  • board up any holes in the exterior
  • cover any blown out windows
  • hire tarp services to fill in the missing sections of roof
  • use tarp to isolate any sooty areas to keep the mess from spreading

Lock Up

A damaged property can be an easy target for looters. You should consider providing additional security like a camera or padlocks where you can. It would help to remove anything of value from the property until fire cleanup is complete and all the repairs are finished. Signage indicating that the area is restricted would be a useful final touch.

Lawyer Up

While you're waiting on the roof repair, it would be a good time to call up your insurance company. You can file a claim, find out what you're covered for and re-up your insurance if you feel it's necessary. If you suspect that the cause of the fire was due to faulty equipment or the oversight of another company, you should also look into taking legal action.
The period of time that exists in between the fire itself and the restoration of your building is a critical one. You should be sure to take all the proper steps to ensure that no further damage is caused and that your property is secure before the hard work of fire cleanup starts. Don't forget to document this process, as well.

Tips for Drying Out Your Commercial Building

6/21/2019 (Permalink)

Turn off the electricity

Proper Steps to Begin the Cleanup Process After Flooding in Your Building

If your commercial building in Wendell, NC, gets flooded, it is important to know the proper steps to take to begin the cleanup process. Acting fast in this type of situation is vital in order to make sure that even larger issues don't occur. Here are some damage tips to get you started before help arrives.

Turn Off the Electricity

The power needs to be shut off immediately. This can help prevent further damage, but is also extremely important in ensuring people's safety. If you are unsure how to do this or do not know where the power box is, contact the building manager or obtain a copy of the building plans to help you.

Stay Safe

If you've had a pipe burst, the water is going to be different than if it came from a sewer problem. Cleaning tips for contaminated water need to include wearing the proper safety gear. If you're unsure about the source, you may want to wait until a water restoration expert arrives.

Get Documentation

Insurance may help pay for some or all of the damage, so it is important to take pictures of the flooded area. When you go to file a claim, they usually ask for this, so be sure to get shots from every angle before any cleanup takes place.

Ventilate the Area

Opening all windows to begin proper air circulation is one of the best damage tips there is. Fresh air can help start the drying process naturally. Do not use fans or try to blast the heat or air conditioner as this can sometimes cause more harm than good.
Although these damage tips are there to get you started, it is a good idea to call a professional restoration company in Wendell, NC, to come take a look at the contaminated area. They may also be able to help you locate and fix the source of the problem so that additional flooding does not occur.

Three Questions You May Have About Water Damage

6/14/2019 (Permalink)

Clogged drains may cause water damage to your Zebulon, NC home

Three Questions You May Have About Water Damage

If you have never experienced a pipe burst as a homeowner in Zebulon, NC, you most likely will in your future. Water damage is unavoidable for even the most competent heads of household. It's best practice to prepare yourself for the eventuality so you'll know what to do.

1. Where Is It Coming From?

There are myriad ways unwanted water can manifest in your home. Sometimes it can be coming from multiple sources. You should be aware of these common occurrences, so you know what to keep an eye out for:

  • Leaks - including your main water line, appliances, air conditioning unit and water heater
  • Storms - including flooding and roof damage
  • Sewage backups - look out for overflowing toilets and clogged drains
  • Fires - although seemingly counter-intuitive, fires are fought with water

2. Who Should You Call?

Professional water damage restoration services know how best to manage scenarios of leaks and a pipe burst. There are strict safety standards and protocols that should be adhered to, so it's best not to attempt this yourself. Immediate action can be crucial for proper restoration, so try not to put it off for too long. A call to your insurance company is a good idea, as well, especially if you are covered for instances like these. If you're not covered, you should think about expanding your insurance policy.

3. What Will They Do?

Before any work is done on your home, a restoration service will assess the damage. This is also relevant to your insurance claim. Then a process of removing the water can begin, which includes thoroughly drying the area, sanitizing what doesn't need to be replaced, and restoring what was damaged. This may also include repairs for your water line or kitchen. Each situation is different, so every solution is unique.

Now that you you have a basic understanding of potential water damage in your home, it may not seem so daunting. Just be vigilant of any pipe burst issues and water buildup!

4 Steps To Keep Mold Out of Your Bathroom

5/30/2019 (Permalink)

Every bathroom should have an exhaust fan to eliminate the humidity problem

Four Steps to Limit the Impact of Mold

Bathrooms are warm, moist and offer plenty of food for hungry mold and mildew. Total elimination of bathroom mildew is almost impossible. However, you can limit its impact by following four simple steps.

1. Dry the Tub, Shower Enclosure or Sink After Use.

Drying may sound inconvenient, but nobody ever said that mold prevention is easy. An inexpensive squeegee is perfect for this. A quick sweep sends the water from tub or shower enclosure down the drain. The same applies to shower doors and curtains. This procedure will eliminate most of the moisture from the bathroom. After using the sink, wipe it dry. Dry and put away the squeegee and put all wet towels to the laundry.

2. Clean Carpets and Other Cloth Items Regularly.

The problem here is that these items spend much of the time wet. They are also an excellent food source for bathroom mildew. The colors and designs of these items make it impossible to tell how moldy they are. Even if they look clean, wash them regularly.

3. Vent the Humid Air to the Outdoors.

Every bathroom should have an exhaust fan to eliminate the humidity problem. On lower levels of the home, wall-mounted units work well. Ceiling units work well at the highest level of your home. Exhaust fans must vent the air to the outdoors. To save energy, it’s a good idea to connect an exhaust fan to a timer switch. Setting a timer eliminates the chance of a fan running all day.

4. Treat Bathroom Surfaces With a Mold-Resistant Cleaner.

When it comes to eating, mold is not very fussy. It likes to eat paint, tile grout and molding. It likes just about everything non-porcelain in your bathroom. Cleaning it with a mold-resistant cleaner will reduce the possibility of mold infestation. Regular cleaning with lemon juice or vinegar should do the same.
Bathroom mildew in your Knightdale, NC, area home shouldn’t be a problem if you keep up with it. If it gets out of hand, there are mold and mildew removal specialists nearby and waiting for your call.

What Should I do After a Pipe Breaks?

5/28/2019 (Permalink)

Bursting Pipes can cause extensive Water Damage.

A pipe break can happen during any time of the year but is more likely to occur during the winter if the pipes are in an uninsulated area of your commercial property in Raleigh, NC. Be advised that bursting pipes can cause extensive water damage in Raleigh, which is why it’s important to call a restoration company as soon as possible. 

3 Steps to take after a pipe break.

  1. Stop the Water

Turn off the water immediately. After you shut off the main water supply, you need to drain the pipes. To do this, turn on the cold water on every faucet on your property and flush every toilet at least once. Then turn off the hot water heater and run the hot water on every faucet. Taking these crucial steps ensures the leak will stop. But you’re not done yet.

  1. Reduce and Fix the Damage

At this point, it’s best to reach out to the professionals so they can fix the broken pipe. However, you might be able to locate the broken pipe yourself. Don’t walk in water as this bears the risk of getting electrocuted. It’s recommended that you turn off the electrical power no matter if the water is one foot or only one inch high. Furthermore, unplug appliances and turn off the furnace. If safe, you can move valuable items, electronics and fabrics to higher ground.

  1. Call a Cleanup Company

Opening the windows and running fans run won’t prevent mold growth from bursting pipes. No matter how extensive you think the damage is, contact a water restoration company as there might be damage you are not able to spot. Mold and mildew begins to grow only 24 to 48 hours after such an event. You don’t want to risk more damage to your property.

When your plumbing breaks, there’s little time to spare. Take these three steps immediately to reduce the water damage in Raleigh, NC due to bursting pipes.

How Long Does It Take To Repair Water Damage?

5/28/2019 (Permalink)

Heavy rains that recently impacted our area caused a storm water intrusion in this home that left the floor covered in water.

Flooding caused by bursting pipes or some other plumbing disaster can affect your Raleigh, NC home on a variety of levels. Water can cause considerable damage to your large appliances, floors and furniture. When a flood occurs, you may be unsure about the extent of the trouble or how long it might take to fix. However, working with flood restoration professionals and your insurance company can help you create a working timetable for necessary repairs.

Water Damage Repair Timetable 

Location Matters

Where the flood took place can affect how long it takes to make repairs. For example, small or slow leaks in a utility room can be repaired quickly if they come from these sources:

  • a leaking water heater
  • a washing machine
  • a clogged sink

However, bursting pipes in your basement due to a sudden cold snap may take four days or more to repair, especially if the resulting flood waters are more than a few inches deep.

Plumbing Problems May Slow Repairs

Water damage can be slowed or stopped by shutting off the supply lines in your home. However, if you need to call a plumber in to fix a broken pipe, this may extend the repair process by several days, especially if you cannot find someone to come out right away. In the meantime, you can ask your flood restoration experts to remove standing water and begin repairs to your walls and floor if necessary, and contact your insurance agent to begin a claim.

Material Drying Can Affect a Timetable

If your floors and countertops were affected by a flood, the material they are made of can affect how long it may take to repair them. For example, hardwood floors may need to undergo a special drying process to ensure they do not warp or suffer discoloration.

Flooding in your Raleigh, NC can occur for many reasons. However, whether you are dealing with bursting pipes or a leaking appliance, being able to gauge how long it will take for repairs to be completed can help you feel more confident about their outcome. 

How To Remove Smoke Odor From Your Home After a Fire

5/22/2019 (Permalink)

Ozone machines clean smoke particles from the air to remove odors

Smoke Cleaning Steps

Even after the fire has passed, your Garner, NC, home may still have lingering odor. There are a few different ways that you can get rid of this unpleasant smell. Use the following smoke cleaning steps to get your home smelling fresh again.

1. Remove Remaining Smoke Residue

An important step to removing smoke odor is getting rid of any residue that may have been left behind. This soot not only contributes to bad smells in your home, but it can also cause further damage to your belongings. This residue is corrosive and can cause metals, plastics and other materials to break down over time, so you should be sure to remove it completely from your home.

2. Clean Fabrics and Soft Items

Porous materials can trap soot and hold odors, so smoke cleaning should always include these items. You will need to clean any carpets, curtains and upholstered furniture in your home. Items such as clothing, blankets and stuffed animals will likely need a deep cleaning as well.

3. Hire a Professional Service

The best way to have smoke damage and odor removed from your home is to hire a professional fire restoration company to do the work for you. Because they have the necessary equipment and training to handle this kind of damage, they will be able to clean your home much more thoroughly than you could on your own. They will have access to ozone machines, thermal foggers and air filtration devices that use a variety of techniques to effectively clean smoke particles from the air to remove odors. They can also make sure that any affected belongings are properly cleaned.

In order to remove any remaining odors from your home, professional smoke cleaning is the best solution. A restoration company will often include these services during the remediation and repairs process. With their expertise, your home will be clean and odor-free in no time.

Contaminants in Flood Waters

5/11/2019 (Permalink)

Bacteria in floodwater can cause serious bacteria growth in a very short period of time during a storm event

Flooding can be caused by heavy rainfall, ocean surf or river overflow. It can also be the result of plumbing mishaps inside buildings, such as broken pipes or sewer backups. Regardless of the reason, flooding can cause significant water damage to a building and its contents and pose a threat in any location, including Raleigh, NC. Depending on the cause, water from flooding events can be highly polluted and contain a host of disturbing contaminants.

Why Is Flood Water Unsafe?

Water from flooding events is categorized based on the level of pollution. Black water is the most polluted category and is the most serious type to manage. When water rises, it comes into contact with sources of pollution and picks up numerous contaminants:

  • Chemicals
  • Sewage
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Trash and wreckage

How does the water become contaminated? Recall the images you have seen of flooded areas. Have you ever seen a car submerged in water, for example? All of the fluids in the car (e.g., gasoline, coolant) are susceptible to leakage under these conditions. Similarly, flood water can come into contact with underground septic tanks and sewer systems, which allows the contents to leach out into the water. If your building is flooded with contaminated water, the concern is not only water damage but also contamination of the structure itself.

How Can It Be Cleaned Up Safely?

Buildings that have experienced an influx of black water should be cleaned by experienced professionals who have the appropriate equipment to do the job and are trained to work under potentially hazardous conditions. It is often the safest way to manage the situation and may also be the simplest option.

Flood water contamination can be a serious threat, and buildings should be meticulously cleaned when flooding occurs. Water damage should be managed by commercial storm damage restoration personnel, especially if contamination is suspected. Professionals can ensure your building is thoroughly cleaned, and it will be “Like it never even happened.”

What To Do When Your Flight Is Canceled Due to Storms

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Three Ways To React When Your Flight Is Canceled Due to Storms

A canceled flight due to a storm in Eagle Rock, NC, can leave you feeling frustrated. However, there are various ways you can react to a cancellation that may make your experience less stressful.

1. Prepare Before Entering the Airport

Before your trip begins, it can be wise to pack extra clothing, medication and personal items that you may need if your flight is delayed or canceled. If you know that your area may be affected by storms, it can be helpful to prepare your home ahead of time by placing items in water-resistant containers and following other storm tips. Additionally, it can be useful to locate your local storm damage restoration experts and to write down the company’s contact information just in case your home becomes damaged.

2. Request Accommodations

Once your canceled flight has been announced, it can be helpful to speak to someone at the airport who can assist you with accommodations. Often, it is possible to get another ticket for a flight that will leave to the same location later in the day. However, if this is not possible, spending the night at a nearby hotel may be the best option. Though each airline has different policies on what accommodations they will cover, you should still request advice on what services are convenient to your location.

3. Adjust Your Plans

Once you have been accommodated, readjusting your original plans can help you make the most out of your trip. If you find yourself with a few hours to spare before your flight, you can take the time to explore a few nearby destinations in your area. In the event that you’re spending the night at a hotel, you may feel more at ease by taking advantage of any complimentary services the hotel offers. Adapting with ease can make the change in plans feel more like an adventure than an inconvenience.

A canceled flight doesn’t have to cause major stress. Preparing before you go on your trip, requesting accommodations after your flight has been canceled and adjusting your plans can help you make the most out of your experience.

Are You in Need of a Flood Cut?

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When dealing with contamination after major flooding, you may hear your restoration specialists mentioning something called a flood cut. To anyone without a lot of experience with flooding or the work that goes into restoring a home afterwards, this phrase may sound strange. What is a flood cut? Why and when is it necessary? The answers to those questions can help you decide on the best options for repairing your home.

1. What Is a Flood Cut?

A flood cut occurs when the contractor has to cut into the drywall of your Raleigh, NC home. The cut is usually made about 12–18 inches above where the flood line ends. Then, the drywall is taken completely out of the wall. The point of a flood cut is to remove the damaged wall and also to make sure that there is no moisture trapped behind it. Any and all mold and contamination can then be cleaned up as a result of the tear out.

2. Is a Flood Cut Necessary?

The answer to this question is "not always." Some flooding damage may be caused by clean water. This is water that doesn't contain any contaminates. If this is the case, then the specialists may do everything they can to fix the wall. However, if your flooding was caused by a backed-up sewer line or if it is contaminated with harmful pathogens, then the best course of action is a flood cut.

If your home has been recently flooded, then odds are you’ll have some damage to your home. Mildew and mold can grow fast, but often the contamination won’t be so extensive that you need a tear out. However, in cases of black water flooding, it’s imperative that you have a flood cut. When it comes to deciding which course of action is necessary, however, you should always have a consultation with professionals. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
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What is Black Water?

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What Is Black Water? 

Water from a flood can do a lot of damage to your place of business. Extensive water damage may even cause you to close up shop for several days (or weeks) until the damage can be fixed. There are three classifications of water, and each is treated differently.

Classification of Water

Clean water – Clean water is considered category one and poses no immediate health threats or contaminants. Flooding that involves clean water is usually due to broken water lines, toilet holding tanks, snowmelt, etc. category one water can turn into category Two water if left untreated. 

Gray water – Gray water is considered category two. It does contain some level of contaminants that may make you sick. Discharges from dishwashers, washing machines, sinks, showers, waterbeds and aquariums might be sources of a gray water flood. After about 48 hours of contact with building surfaces, category two water is upgraded to category three.

Black water – Black water is dangerous. Flood water from storms and hurricanes is considered category three. Water damage should be handled by a professional to make sure contamination is limited. Water leftover from flooding may contain sewage containing microbes, which are pathogenic to humans and cause many diseases. Make sure to take proper precautions when dealing with water from flooding. The best course of action is to hire flooding damage restoration professionals in Raleigh, NC.  

Black Water Flooding

Considerable care should be taken after a hurricane or storm that causes flooding. Inspections, testing and documentation are advised. You want to make sure it is safe to reoccupy a contaminated area before inviting employees or customers back into the building. You should never try to clean up sewer spills or contaminated water damage on your own. Hire someone with correct equipment and training for such a project. Improper cleanup procedures could lead to trouble down the road, so get the job done right the first time. Visit http://www.SERVPROseraleighgarnerzebulon.com for more information on water damage.

Sewage Backup After Heavy Rains

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Dealing With Sewage Backup After Heavy Rains

Heavy rains in Raleigh, NC might have resulted in a sewer backup inside your commercial building. Not only is the smelly, black water unsightly and unbearable, it also poses a health risk. Knowing how to react to such a situation is vital to minimizing damage and headache as much as possible and getting your operations back on track quickly and efficiently. Put these tips to use the next time your building is ground zero for a sewage disaster and an overflow of rain water. 

1. Be Cautious of Live Electric Currents 

It’s not news that water and electricity make for a bad mix, but it’s a fact that bears repeating in these situations. Caution is of the utmost importance when cleaning up wastewater in conditions where a live electric current might be running through the water. It’s always best to ensure all electricity is shut off before dealing with a sewer backup incident.

2. Clean Up as Much Water as Possible 

Once the necessary safety precautions have been taken regarding electricity, the next step is to clean up as much of the standing water as possible. The longer water is left unattended, the bigger chance of there being a mold outbreak, which only adds to the dangers and risks of a backed-up sewer. There’s also the fact that the more damage sewage and rain water do to a building, the higher the cost of remediation is likely to be. 

3. Check to See Who Is Responsible

With backed up sewers, determining who is responsible for the issues is paramount. For instance, it might be the city that’s responsible, which could make a huge difference when it’s time to file an insurance claim. Hopefully, once the rains end, the wastewater will flow normally down the drain, allowing you to take care of any remaining water and get back to business. 

Commercial building owners need to know exactly what to do with sewer backup, excess rain water and black water incidents. A single misstep can prove detrimental in more ways than one. 
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How Do Experts Restore Water-Damaged Electronics?

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Electronics restoration experts may be able to fix damaged devices or appliances.

Electronic devices or appliances may sustain damage and become unstable when exposed to or submerged in water. Devices that are powered on when damage occurs can be prone to short-circuit, which will reduce the likelihood of successful restoration. Experts who specialize in electronic damage caused by water can remove corrosion and replace ruined components. Learn more about the process that could restore the functionality of flooded electronics.

Off-Site Cleaning

Specialists will remove damaged electronics from a building or business that has suffered a leak or flooding for cleaning at an off-site location. This facility is equipped with the tools necessary to dry, clean or replace sensitive components. The restoration process involves several general stages:

  • Cleaning corrosion and debris
  • Drying
  • Repair

Items that are successfully repaired can be stored in a climate-controlled facility until a restoration job is complete. Proof of loss can be provided for electronics with irreparable damage to support an insurance claim for replacement.

Corrosion and Damage

Corrosion is the most common type of damage found in flooded electronics. This chemical reaction occurs when metal is exposed to hydrogen and oxygen. Corrosion will degrade materials used in circuits and other critical electronic components and can cause a device or appliance to short circuit or prevent it from functioning.

Restoration or Replacement

The owner of a building or business should consider whether the cost of restoring an electronic device or appliance will exceed the replacement cost. In some cases, it may be more cost-effective to claim some electronics as losses rather than risking a restoration attempt that may or may not succeed.

Electronics restoration experts may be able to fix damaged devices or appliances. In other cases, professionals can provide business or building owners with documentation to file a claim for replacing flooded electronics with irreparable damage. Rely on the expertise of water damage restoration specialists in Knightdale, NC.

Kitchen Safety Tips

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You do it every day, oftentimes three times a day, without a second thought: cooking. For many people, cooking is second nature, and the thought of a grease fire or a kitchen fire is far from their mind. However, even the most experienced of cooks have set fire to their stoves once or twice. In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Association, kitchen fires are the leading cause of house fires. Fortunately, kitchen fires are highly preventable, with these tips from fire restoration experts in Raleigh, NC: 

• Keep track of what you place on your stove top. 
• Remain in the kitchen while you cook. 
• Wear proper cooking attire. 

Know What’s on Your Stovetop

One of the biggest culprits of kitchen fires is miscellaneous items left on stovetops, such as towels, papers, appliance cords and curtains. Keep your stovetop clear of all items that do not belong on a hot surface or, at the very least, know what is on your stove before turning it on. By keeping track of what you place on your burners, you can know what to remove and therefore prevent kitchen fires. 

Stay in the Kitchen While You Cook 

This tip is especially important if you have small children or animals. Children and pets may be small, but they’re quick, and if left unattended for even a second, they could unwittingly knock a hot pot from the stovetop or place a flammable item on its surface. Protect your home and your family by remaining in the kitchen and vigilant the entire time you’re cooking. 

Wear Proper Clothing

This is one of the most ignored cooking tips but probably one of the wisest. Many kitchen fires start because a flowing sleeve or a too-big shirt gets caught in a gas grill, burner or open flame. Make sure to wear tight clothing while cooking, and roll up long sleeves. 

Kitchen fires can be extremely dangerous, not to mention the extensive amount of fire damage they can cause. Fortunately, such fires are preventable. With these three tips, you can cook smart and stay safe whenever you decide to yield a spatula and frying pan. 

Steps for Removing Mold in Your Air Ducts

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Strong, musty smell can be a sign of mold. SERVPRO is highly trained and experts in mold removal.

Process To Remove Mold In Your Air Ducts

A musty smell in your building in Garner, NC, can be a sign of mold. If your customers or employees are complaining about the odor throughout the building, it may be hiding out in the ducts of your HVAC system. Professional HVAC cleaning can remove the fungus and improve your building’s air quality. Here are the steps mold mitigation experts are likely to take to complete this process.

1. Assessing the Issue

In order to use the right procedures, technicians need to know what kind of mold and how extensive a problem they are dealing with. They may test the area to determine where the mold is located and how much of your air ducts are affected. Once they know how big the issue is, they can formulate a plan that hopefully will leave your building fungus-free.

2. Pinpointing the Cause

Mold growth is often the result of unresolved water damage or excess dust. It doesn’t do any good to get rid of the malodorous mold if the factors that led to it persist. Professionals may need to find and remediate the cause of the problem with damage repair or HVAC cleaning before they tackle the fungus issue.

3. Shutting Off Air Flow

Mold spreads easily through the air. Because cleaning vents can stir up the spores in the growth, it’s important to seal off the area with the mold problem. Turning off the HVAC system and covering vents to limit exposure to other parts of the building is crucial.

4. Cleaning the Area

Spores are tiny and can thus infiltrate just about every surface, crack or pore. Certified professionals are trained to permeate every place these spores may hide. They may use a variety of methods to make sure your building is completely remediated.

If you smell mold throughout your building, HVAC cleaning may be in order. Call in the professionals to make sure it is done correctly and thoroughly.

3 Ways a Quick Disaster Response Improves the Restoration Process

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Ceiling damaged in a commercial facility by storm

3 Ways a Quick Disaster Response Improves the Restoration Process

When a storm, flood or fire damages a business in Lizard Lick, NC, a quick disaster response is often essential. The restoration process can be drastically improved if a restoration company that is Faster to Any Size Disaster is employed.

1. Gives a Positive Public Perception

Often, it’s important for business owners to show the consumers in their community that they care about their business. However, consumers may believe that a business isn’t well taken care of if the company is outwardly damaged and there are no signs of a quick response. Alternatively, employing a vendor that can quickly respond to a disaster can show the community that the wellbeing of the business is a priority for the managers and owners of the company.

2. Decreases the Cost of Claim

After a commercial property is affected by a disaster, business owners often make an insurance claim. Unfortunately, many business owners are surprised to find that primary damage to a building can result in secondary damage such as mold growth. Secondary damage can increase the cost of the claim. However, choosing to employ a restoration company that’s Faster to Any Size Disaster can reduce the cost of the claim by taking steps to prevent secondary damage.

3. Restoration Begins Quickly

Starting restoration quickly can save business owners and insurance companies time and money. Before any repairs can be made, however, a building must be assessed by professionals who can determine what type of damage has occurred. If a company can respond shortly after a disaster, an assessment can be made quickly, and repairs can begin before more damage occurs. The sooner restoration begins on a commercial property, the sooner a business can reopen its doors.

Hiring a restoration business that’s Faster to Any Size Disaster can make the restoration process easier. A company that can respond quickly to commercial property damage will give a positive perception to the public, decrease the cost of the insurance claim and can allow the restoration to begin quickly.

What To Do If You Find a Leak Under Your Kitchen Sink

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Contact a restoration company in Shotwell, NC

What To Do If You Find a Leak Under Your Kitchen Sink

Slow dripping under a kitchen sink is a common household occurrence. Most leaks are small and unlikely to cause flooding, which may seem like a good thing, but beware: damage from a small leak that goes unnoticed over time can actually cause more problems than visible water in your home. If you find a leak under your sink, following these steps can help minimize long-term secondary damage and save you money on a costly kitchen repair.

1. Shut Off the Water Supply

Whether you notice dripping, flowing, or flooding, your first step is to immediately shut off your water. Using the valves under the sink may be your first instinct, but it might not solve the problem. If you are at all in doubt as to the location or extent of the leak, shutting off the main water supply to the house is advised.

2. Call Your Insurance Company

Contact your agent as soon as you notice suspicious moisture, slow dripping, or a burst pipe. Your insurance company is going to want to know when you discovered the leak and how quickly you acted to address the problem. Leaks that are ignored for any length of time are much less likely to be covered by your policy. Document any visible damage with photographs before you begin any clean-up or repair work.

3. Call a Professional Restoration Company

Moisture from a pipe leak can spread into cabinets, floors, sub-floors, and walls. Over time, even a small drip can cause rotting wood, buckling floors, and damp drywall, creating structural damage and providing an ideal environment for toxic black mold to take hold. Not all of this damage is visible. Contacting a restoration company in Shotwell, NC, can help you identify the extent of damage and make sure the issue is not just patched, but fully remediated.

Whether you find a nagging, slow drip or a burst, flooding pipe, time is of the essence in addressing water leaks. Following these steps can help reduce damage, saving you time and money, and keeping your home healthy and free of unwanted mold and mildew.

What To Do When You Notice Black Mold in Your Home

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Black mold damage in Auburn, NC

Things to Keep in Mind If You Notice Mold Growth in Your Home

Mold is a problem for many homeowners. It might be easier to ignore it and hope that the problem solves itself, but if you don’t take action to remove the black mold from your Auburn, NC home, then it will only get worse over time. Because of the way mold grows, it is not possible for it to go away on its own. Here are some things to keep in mind if you notice a growth in your home.

1. What Causes Mold
One way to treat mold is to consider the source of the growth. If you have mold in your home, there is likely an underlying moisture problem that needs to be addressed. Mold likes dark, moist spaces and that is where it grows most easily. If your home has suffered some kind of water damage, this can lead to a mold problem.

2. What Happens if You Don’t Treat It
It might be tempting to leave the mold alone and try not to concern yourself with it, but this is not a problem that can be solved without action. If the black mold is not treated, it will continue to spread and grow until it has caused severe damage to your home. It can enter walls, carpeting and flooring, causing discoloration and an unpleasant, musty odor.

3. How To Remove It
In order to be sure that the damaging mold is really gone from your home, it is best to hire a mold remediation service. They have the training, experience and equipment to perform a thorough mold cleanup. If you attempt to do this on your own, you can miss areas if you don’t know what to look for and may even inadvertently spread the mold to other parts of the house.
Because black mold can spread quickly, it is best to treat it as soon as you notice the signs. Don’t put it off, because that will only cause the damage to become worse.

How SERVPRO Makes the Insurance Process Easier

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Flood cuts to repair storm damage in Willow Spring, NC

In the event of a serious storm, flooding and other damage to your home can occur. In the most serious circumstances, you’ll need to hire the right company to provide storm restoration. SERVPRO is your top choice for a trusted, competent group of professionals. In addition, you need to work closely with your insurance company to make a claim and ensure that you don’t have to shoulder the financial burden of the disaster. SERVPRO will provide the support you need in this process as well.

Why Call the Professionals

After a major storm, even moderate flood damage requires immediate attention. SERVPRO should be your first choice when you have cleanup and repair needs in your Willow Spring, NC, home. Here’s why:

  • They have experience.
  • They have the skill.
  • They use the best equipment and employ industry-leading techniques.

Working Hand in Hand With the Insurance Company

After you get in touch with SERVPRO for storm response help, you’ll contact your insurance agent. The two professionals will exchange information to help ensure you get full coverage. SERVPRO is accustomed to partnering with insurance companies at the beginning of storm restoration all the way to the end. SERVPRO will respond quickly to your needs, which will in turn speed up the claims process so you don’t have to wonder and wait what type of service your agent will provide.

Peace of Mind

There’s a lot to worry about in the storm restoration process. Not only do you have concerns about what the company can repair and salvage, but you need the confidence that your insurance provider will cover damages and approve your claim in a timely manner. The team at SERVPRO will do its part and won’t bog down these important matters.

Storm restoration can be easier and faster when you get the right team on the job. SERVPRO also knows how to make things go smoothly with the insurance company.

How Do Experts Fix Storm Damage?

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Wet roof from storm damage in Wendell, NC

A severe storm can damage the exterior and interior of a commercial building in Wendell, NC. Mitigation and restoration specialists should recommend the best approach for addressing damage. Mitigation experts will extract standing water and tear out damage before cleaning and disinfecting the area. Restoration professionals will then replace damaged materials and complete the job. Learn more about the stages of storm restoration.

Exterior and Interior Damage

Depending on which portion of the exterior of a structure has sustained damage, a building owner may require the services of a contractor or roofer. A restoration company can be helpful if one or more of the following forms of damage are present:

  • Broken windows
  • Damaged or blown open doors
  • Roof leaks

A commercial mitigation and restoration company can determine the extent of damage and provide a complete cleanup and rebuilding plan and estimate. It is important to address water damage as quickly as possible to prevent mold.

Interior Damage Mitigation

A restoration company will start by removing standing water. Water from a flood or leak is considered Category Three, which is highly contaminated. Several measures may be necessary to mitigate damage:

  • Extract water with a pump or wet vac
  • Tear out damaged building materials
  • Clean and disinfect the affected area

Porous materials such as ceilings, drywall or insulation may need to be torn out. These materials are difficult to dry completely and may pose an increased mold risk.

Complete Restoration

Once the cause of damage has been repaired and the effects have been mitigated, restoration professionals can complete the job. It is necessary to wait until the affected area is dry before rebuilding.

Mitigation and restoration are necessary to fix storm damage that affects the interior of a commercial building in Wendell, NC. Building owners should rely on trained professionals to remove water, tear out damaged materials and finish the restoration process.

The Importance of Having Your Electronics Cleaned After a Fire

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A fire cleanup company in Zebulon can help in preserving items that have been exposed to smoke

If you’ve recently experienced a fire in your home in Zebulon, NC, you’re likely wondering what can be done to help restore your valuable items that have been damaged by smoke or fire. One type of personal item you will need to handle with extreme care is all electronics. It is best to wait on interacting with your devices until the fire restoration company arrives and evaluates all your belongings during the fire cleanup process. A complete understanding of how smoke affects electronics will help you avoid accidentally destroying your items or hurting yourself.

How Smoke Affects Electronics

Smoke damage is especially harmful to electronics, even if you don’t notice any physical damage. Here’s why:

  • Acids contained in smoke residue corrodes metal
  • Smoke insulates components and causes over-heating
  • Extremely hot plastic or metal releases toxic fumes
  • Smoke on circuit boards cause erratic behavior

How a Fire Cleanup Company Can Help

Fire restoration specialists are aware of how smoke and fire affects your electronics and can help identify which items have been damaged. As long as you don’t turn on your electronics after they’ve been exposed to smoke, there’s a chance the company can get your device working again. Time is of the essence when it comes to restoring smoke damaged electronics, so make sure you get help as soon as possible. While you might not have the equipment and expertise necessary to restore your device without potentially hurting yourself or destroying your device for good, they will know exactly what steps to take!

Although fire and smoke can have a devastating effect on your electronics, a fire cleanup company can be extremely helpful in preserving items that have been exposed to smoke. It’s important to remember that you might not be able to tell by looking that your electronics have been damaged. Play it safe by keeping your device off and waiting for the cleanup team to inspect it!

5 Items That Must be Worn During Mold Remediation

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Wear proper personal protective gear

5 Items That Must be Worn During Mold Remediation 

While mold clean-up jobs are best left to mold remediation specialists, it is important that you know what protective equipment is necessary for handling mold growth in your home as you might need enter the area yourself. Cleaning mold in  Knightdale, NC, is not like typical cleaning you do around the house. When disturbed, mold spores are quick to spread to other parts of your home or onto your clothes. Learn what items you must wear during mold remediation to protect yourself and reduce the risk of spreading.

1. Air-Purifying Respirator

The most important piece of equipment you will need to get is a face mask, such as an N-99 respirator mask, to prevent you from breathing in mold particles. These face masks are designed to filter out mold spores in the air around you.

2. Safety Goggles

Mold and chemicals used to clean mold can easily damage your eyes. Make sure to wear a pair of decent safety googles to protect yourself.

3. Protective Gloves

Probably the second most important piece of equipment after face masks, protective gloves are essential for keeping mold off your hands as you work.

4. Disposable Hair and Shoe Covers

To avoid bringing mold to other parts of your home, make sure to use disposable covers to keep mold out of your hair and off your shoes. If you leave the area with mold damage for any reason, also make sure to take off the covers and a grab new ones before getting back to work.

5. Long Clothing

While Tyvek suits are ideal for larger jobs, make sure you at least wear clothing that fully covers your arms and legs. Take off your clothes as soon as you’re done to wash them.

From the proper face masks to the clothing you wear, it is important you have the necessary equipment when dealing with mold growth in your house. When dealing with the mold remediation specialist, they should already have all the necessary equipment to get the job done!

Why Do Water Heaters Make Noises?

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Leaking water heater in Garner, NC caused the around it to flood

Some water heater noises indicate problems, such as the accumulation of sediment. Other sounds may accompany regular operation. Here are some of the most common causes of noises and ways to silence most of these sounds.

Built-Up Sediment

Poor water quality may cause calcite, sand, and magnesium deposits to build up around heating elements. Crackling noises result when water is forced through these deposits. These sounds may become louder as build-up becomes thicker. Rumbling noises occur as sediments are stirred up by water flow. There are several ways to reduce these noises:

  • Treat the tank with de-liming solution
  • Perform a water heater flush
  • Clean or replace the heating element

Sediment forces heating elements to work harder. This may result in premature part failure.

Loose Electric Heating Element

A loose electric heating element may hum or vibrate during operation. Turn off the power to the water heater and tighten the upper or lower element.

Pipe Hammering

Knocking noises in pipes result from sudden stoppages of water flow. Vibrating pipes may be more prone to break and can damage walls over time. Homeowners may want to install one of the following preventative measures:

  • Anti-hammer devices
  • Shock absorbers
  • Pipe straps and blocks or pads

These additions can prevent pipes from making contact with walls. Hot water may also cause knocking noises in cold pipes.

Valves and Switches

Heat trap or check valves may make tapping or ticking noises in the pipes above a heater. These sounds are usually not indicative of a problem, but may be eliminated with a dielectric nipple. Partially-closed valves can cause screeching or singing sounds. Check the position of valves near the heater to stop these noises.

These are some of the most common sources of water heater noises. If this appliance or pipes leak and cause damage at a home in Garner, NC, contact mitigation and restoration experts.

How To Prepare for and Extinguish a Fire

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Make sure your building in Raleigh, NC has the right fire extinguisher

Fires can happen at any time, at any place and often without warning. Having a fire extinguisher on hand is your first line of defense. If your building in Raleigh, NC, has a fire, it is vital to know the appropriate actions to take when fighting it. If used correctly, an extinguisher can help limit the amount of fire damage to your building. The following steps will help you prepare for and extinguish a fire:

1. Pick the Right Extinguisher

Make sure your building has the appropriate fire extinguisher for the type of fires you might face at your workplace. (This may mean having multiple extinguishers available for use.) All extinguishers are labeled in accordance with what type of fire they are to be used against. For example, a kitchen fire would require an extinguisher labeled with a ‘K,’ as it is designed for fighting fats, grease and oils.

2. Call Emergency Services

In the event of a fire, the most important step is calling emergency services. Fires can be unpredictable and quickly grow out of control. Always take the immediate step of pulling the fire alarm and ensuring back up is on its way.

3. Use the Extinguisher

Before choosing to use an extinguisher, always make sure there is a clear path for evacuation if necessary. Then follow the PASS method to operate the extinguisher:

  1. Pull - Pull the pin; this releases the locking mechanism.
  2. Aim - Always aim low, toward the base of the fire.
  3. Squeeze - Spray the extinguisher by squeezing the handle.
  4. Sweep - Use a side-to-side sweeping motion to most effectively cover the fire.

After following these steps, if the fire is not yet out or if it re-ignites, use your evacuation route and wait for emergency services to arrive.

While knowing how to effectively use a fire extinguisher can aid in limiting fire damage, personal safety should always be your top priority. Whenever a fire has taken place, it's wise to have a fire damage assessment to ensure the building's safety before returning.

How To Fix a Leaky Faucet

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If a leaking faucet causes water damage, contact a cleanup and restoration company in Raleigh,NC

A leaking faucet can lead to water damage or wastage. Learn how to fix any type of faucet.

Prepare for Repairs

Start by identifying the faucet design. The most common types include:

  • Ball
  • Cartridge
  • Ceramic Disk
  • Compression

Shut off the water supply by turning handles on under-sink pipes clockwise. Insert a plug to prevent components from falling down the drain.

Ball Faucet Repair

Ball-type faucets contain many parts. Obtain a ball faucet replacement kit and follow these steps:

  • Unscrew and remove handle
  • Remove cap and collar
  • Remove faucet cam
  • Take out washer and ball
  • Remove inlet seals and springs
  • Replace O-rings, springs, valve seats, and cam washers

Replacement kits contain specialized tools and parts. Purchase a kit from a home repair store.

Cartridge Faucet Repair

Cartridge faucet handles move up and down to regulate flow and left and right to control temperature. Follow these steps to fix a leaking faucet:

  • Remove handle or decorative cap
  • Remove retaining clip
  • Pull cartridge straight up
  • Remove faucet spout
  • Replace rubber O-rings

Be sure to coat replacement O-rings with plumber's grease. Leaks typically result from worn-out cartridges or O-rings.

Ceramic Disk Faucet Repair

Ceramic disk faucets are durable designs. Follow these steps to repair this type of faucet:

  • Unscrew and remove handle
  • Remove eschutcheon cap
  • Unscrew and remove disk cylinder
  • Pry out neoprene seals and soak in vinegar
  • Reuse or replace seals

It may be possible to reuse clean seals. Replace damaged seals to stop a leak.

Compression Faucet Repair

Damaged stem assemblies may cause a compression faucet to drip. Follow these steps to disassemble this faucet:

  • Remove handles by prying off decorative caps and unscrewing
  • Remove nut
  • Pull out stem
  • Remove and replace seat washer

Inspect the stem assembly for damage. Unscrew the packing nut to check for damaged O-rings.

It is possible to fix any type of leaking faucet. If you are not sure about the design, contact a plumber for a fixed leak. If a dripping faucet causes water damage, contact a cleanup and restoration company in Raleigh, NC.

How To Keep Your Home Smoke Alarms in Good Working Order

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Fire damage in a Garner,NC apartment

It’s a good feeling when your family is all tucked safely in bed and the world is at peace. But sleeping through a fire is a leading cause of death in Garner, NC. A smoke alarm is the best way to keep your family safe from the ravages of a home fire. If properly installed and fitted with fresh batteries, an alarm will sound at the first sign of smoke or flame and alert your family members in time to get out before they are overtaken by smoke or heat. But how often do you need to give these units a little attention?

How To Keep Your Smoke Detector Going Strong

  • You need to replace the batteries in every unit at least once a year
  • Test the units periodically to make sure they are functioning
  • For modern units, it is recommended they be replaced about every ten years
  • Most inexpensive alarms work as well as expensive designer ones – but good batteries can make a difference

Taking Further Steps

You can also buy linked detectors, which can for instance, set off an alarm upstairs when a fire is sensed up by a detector downstairs. The cost of batteries doesn’t compare it to the price you would have to pay if something goes wrong and you have no warning, so use quality batteries. Make sure to install the appropriate number for the home you are living in and that they are all in good working order.

If things do go wrong, your home could suffer from fire damage, as well as damage from water and smoke. Cleanup and repair can be a daunting task and one that is hard to tackle on your own. Call a professional restoration service in Garner, NC, to help salvage and repair your home and its belongings. They can help with washing, dry cleaning and ozone or ultrasonic treatments to rid your home of residue and odor.

Category 1 Water Damage: Act Now!

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If you have a flood damage situation be sure to call a water restoration company in Knightdale, NC

Take the Following Steps Within 24 Hours, If Possible

There are three categories of water that can flood your business in Knightdale, NC. Category 1 water is the best-case scenario. Category 1 damage comes from clean water sources, such as a broken supply line or a broken pipe. The key is to act quickly before any damage becomes worse. Untreated category 1 water can quickly turn to category 2 or 3 water. 

1. Turn Off Electricity

When water is involved, your first safety concern is electricity. Turn off all electric sources near the flooded area. If the water is confined to a single room, then cutting power to that room will suffice, but if the damage is multi-room, consider cutting power to the building. Call your utility company if you can’t reach the panel safely.

2. Stop the Flow

Once the threat of electrocution has passed, find the source of the flooding and stop the flow immediately. Stopping it could be as easy as turning the valve off on an overflowing toilet tank or more difficult, like completely shutting off clean water to the whole building. It is important to know where all the water valves, inside and outside, are in your building.

3. Call Your Insurance Company

As soon as the risk of electricity and flowing water is resolved, call your business’s insurance company in order to discuss the coverage for your assets. Many insurance policies cover flooding from broken pipes but not from a natural flood. Ask your insurance company to work quickly so you know what is covered. Be sure to take pictures of the damage for your records.

4. Get Help for Cleanup

If it’s a small flood, you may be able to start cleanup yourself, but be sure to call a water restoration company quickly. These companies should know exactly what to do to ensure the damage is as minimal as possible.

Flood damage recovery may be a long process. The good thing is that category 1 water is clean water and that makes the situation a lot less complicated. Using a reputable water restoration company can help keep the cleanup as simple as possible.

How Long Before Mold Follows a Water Loss?

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Air scrubber to remove the contaminants in a Zebulon,NC commercial property

Mold may start to develop within just 24 to 48 hours after water damage. It is necessary to quickly mitigate primary damage to discourage mold growth. Here are several mold prevention methods for commercial structures that have recently suffered water losses.

Dry the Affected Area

Regardless of the source, the risk of mold rises sharply after any type of water loss. A building owner or facility manager should take immediate action to remove standing water. This may involve:

  • Using buckets, brooms, mops, towels, or wet vacs
  • Pumping out water
  • Running dehumidifiers

In the aftermath of a flood or severe leak, it is advisable to contact a mitigation and restoration service. These professionals have the expertise and equipment necessary to quickly remove water and limit primary and secondary damage.

Clean or Tear Out Damaged Contents and Materials

If the source of water damage is a sewage backup, or more than 48 hours have passed since the damage occurred, it may be necessary to tear out saturated materials. The following porous contents and materials pose a high risk of mold:

  • Carpeting
  • Drywall
  • Insulation

A restoration service can determine which materials are most likely to develop mold. Seek an expert opinion if you are unsure whether contents or materials should be cleaned and dried or torn out and replaced.

Monitor the Area For Mold

Mold may still form even after moisture has been removed. Restoration experts may recommend:

  • Ventilating the area
  • Lowering humidity levels
  • Waiting for the structure to dry

Do not attempt to rebuild or restore a structure until the affected area is completely dry. Keep an eye out for any signs of mold.

These methods may help to prevent mold growth following a flood or leak in a commercial structure in Zebulon, NC. If you have any questions or concerns, contact a water damage mitigation service that specializes in mold prevention.

Storm Preparation: Are You Ready for Flooding?

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Always keep your gutters clean

Three Ways to Prepare For A Storm

If your home floods in Raleigh, NC, it can not only pose a risk to your investment but put your beloved family in danger. Taking steps to prepare your loved ones and your home for a storm before one is even predicted can give you the greatest chance of increasing your safety and security, as well as help reduce your need for storm remediation services. Here are three ways that you can prepare for a storm that may involve flood water.

1. Create an Evacuation Plan

You may have to make a quick exit in the case of a severe storm, so make sure all of your family members understand what can be done to leave the flooded building as quickly as possible. Also, ensure they know where to seek shelter in such an emergency. Practice this plan on a frequent basis to confirm that everyone has the plan fully memorized.

2. Gather Essential Supplies

Some important necessities that you may want easy access to in a storm include prescription medications, critical pet supplies, medical information, and electronic supplies such as a cell phone charger. Gather these items in advance and keep them somewhere that is both accessible and easy to remember in a possible frantic flood water situation.

3. Clean House Gutters

There are ways to help secure your home against water damage. One of the best actions you can take may be cleaning your gutters. Another may be keeping your storm drains clear. Complete these activities on a regular basis to help keep your water drainage as efficient as possible.

During a storm, remember that you and your loved ones are always more important than belongings and property. Your items and buildings can typically be repaired or salvaged, which is why you should put yourself and your family members first. Remember the storm preparation tips above so you can be ready if you should ever find yourself facing a flood water disaster in Raleigh, NC.

Water Damage After a Fire: Why So Much and Where Does It Come From?

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Sprinkler are a typical cause of water damage in Garner,NC

Water Damage After a Fire

If a fire isn’t devastating enough, then the likely water destruction may push you over the edge. Most business owners have an idea of what fire damage looks like, picturing charred walls and broken equipment, but few understand the extent of the water cleanup necessary after a commercial fire. Sure, it’s easy to consider the harm from the sprinkler system, but that isn’t the only contributing factor.

1. Hoses and Extinguishers

Depending on the severity of the fire, hoses and extinguishers will likely be the most significant cause of water damage to your facility. While hoses are a prominent contributor, many owners are surprised that extinguishers are also a culprit. Though many canisters are filled with a foam concoction to snuff the flames, some contain compressed water.

2. Sprinklers and Burst Lines

Sprinklers are a typical cause of excess water, but the extreme heat of fires can cause pipes to deform and even burst to create the need for excessive water cleanup. Additionally, while this damage is usually located near the affected areas, it is possible for a sprinkler system to malfunction in other parts of the property.

3. Weather

As fire can lead to collapsed or mutilated roofs, it is necessary to protect your property from inclement weather. A lot of water problems can be avoided by implementing appropriate mitigation measures and covering all visible holes with boards and tarps.

There are emergency restoration solutions available in the Garner, NC, area, specializing in both fire cleanup and smoke cleanup. Many of these services are available 24/7 and offer immediate mitigation assistance to protect your property from any potential liability issues.

While fires are devastating and can lead to significant structural damage, don’t underestimate the necessity of thorough water cleanup. Hoses, extinguishers, plumbing and even weather all contribute to the buildup of excess water in your property and the need for timely mitigation.

Flood Water Removal: What to Expect

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Flooding damage in Zebulon, NC

If you’re dealing with flooding in Zebulon, NC, then you may be wondering how to remove the standing water from your business. With the right equipment this process can be fairly straight forward.

Putting Safety First

Whether you’ve hired a water removal professional or decided to attempt to remove the water yourself, safety is the first step before any cleanup can be done. Here are a few steps you should consider taking:

  • Make sure electricity is turned off in the flooded area before attempting to go in
  • Wear appropriate protective gear such as waders, waterproof boots and gloves
  • Use appropriate equipment for water removal such as a trash pump
  • Read the manuals for equipment use before hand
  • Thoroughly wash your hands before touching your face or eating

Removing the Water

Water removal should only be attempted with the appropriate equipment for the job. Many professionals have heavy duty pumps designed for this work, but buckets or a shop-vac may also be used. It’s best to remove as much of the standing water this way as possible, after which our building’s drainage should kick in.

Ensure Proper Drainage

In many cases after the storm waters have subsided a bit, the drainage system installed in your building should begin to work again. However you will also want to ensure that any drainage your business is equipped with has not been clogged with debris from the flood water. Check for sticks, leaves and muck that could get in the way. If a sump pump is installed the intake and outtake valves should also be looked over. Once the main part of the water is removed then you can begin drying out the building, and follow up with any needed sanitation steps.

With the right equipment, such as a trash pump, water removal doesn’t have to seem like a daunting task. Remember to take proper safety precautions during the cleanup process. If you think your business may have suffered water damage then a professional in Zebulon, NC, may be able to help.

3 Steps to Snake a Clogged Pipe

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Water damaged bathroom due to a broken pipe in Garner,NC

A drain auger or snake is a coiled metal spiral about a quarter-inch thick with a handle that has a hand-crank or drill attachment. If plunging does not clear a clogged pipe, you may want to try this tool. A snake is not difficult to use, and may clear a stopped pipe without the need for a plumber. Here are three simple steps to snake out a drain.

1. Insert the Snake

Put the auger down the sink drain and continue to push more of the length in until you encounter resistance. The sharp curve of the sink trap may pose an early challenge. Apply pressure while cranking to make the snake bend and proceed down the pipe toward the blockage.

2. Push Until You Encounter Resistance

Continue feeding the snake down the sink drain until you encounter more resistance. This should be the cause of the clogged drain. Now it is time to crank or drill the snake.

3. Drive the Snake Through the Clog

Some augers require cranking by hand to rotate the tip. Other designs have an attachment for a power drill. Soft clogs tend to get broken up by the snake and go down the drain. Solid clogs may get caught in the auger head. If twisting does not gradually become easier, try pulling up the snake. The head may have captured a solid clog.

Run water down the affected drain for several minutes to make sure the clog is completely clear, and then clean off the snake. Homeowners may want to purchase an auger or snake, but you can also rent this equipment from home improvement retailers.

Contact a plumber if you cannot clear a clogged drain yourself or experience a pipe break. If a sewer backup causes damage in your home in Garner, NC, you should also hire a residential water damage restoration service.

How To Efficiently Clean Your Gas Grill

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Frequent grill cleaning can reduce the risk of a destructive fire in your Auburn, NC home

Grilling may be a common summer activity for many households in Auburn, NC. Performing a grill maintenance inspection at the beginning of the season can help you ensure your unit is primed for optimal performance. To help minimize the risk of a grease fire, you should also complete a simple grill cleaning after every use.

Initial Inspection

Your grill may sit idle for many months. Because of this, it’s a good idea to complete a thorough inspection prior to using it for the first time every spring or summer. Performing routine checks throughout the summer is also beneficial and may help you diagnose leaks and other safety concerns early. An efficient grill maintenance review should include the following steps:

  • Check fuel lines for bends, holes or cracks and replace as needed
  • Examine fuel tank for defects and loose connections
  • Ensure pressure regulator is adequately secured to tank
  • Confirm that the ignition system is operating correctly

You should also test gas lines for leaks by wiping a soapy water mixture on them and then turning on the gas. If you see bubbles forming along a line, there is a leak. For safety reasons, you should promptly replace any leaking gas lines.

Cleaning After Use

Completing a quick grill cleaning after every use can also help you maintain your device. To initiate the process, burn off excess grease and food for approximately 15 minutes. Allow the grill to cool until the grates are only slightly warm to the touch.

As a safety precaution, disconnect the gas tank before proceeding. Then, brush the grill grates to remove remaining residue. To minimize the risk of a grease fire, you should also routinely clean the cook box and dispose of grease and debris. Finish the job by wiping the grill’s exterior with stainless steel cleaner or soapy water.

Avoiding a Grill Fire

Frequent grill cleaning can help reduce the risk of a potentially destructive fire that may require extensive cleanup and fire damage restoration. Performing a routine grill maintenance inspection is another key safety precaution that every budding grill master should complete annually.

Homeowners May Qualify for FEMA Assistance

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Homeowners Should Know Disaster Assistance Options

When a community is hit by a tornado, hurricane, tsunami or other storm and suffers from devastating flooding, the U.S. president may officially declare Raleigh, NC, a disaster area. This declaration allows the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to offer federal assistance to those affected by the disaster.

Federal assistance is available to you when certain eligibility requirements are met: the home is in an area the president has officially declared a disaster; someone in your home is a US citizen, non-citizen national or qualified alien; the damage is to your primary residence; you cannot access or live in your home in its present condition; and expenses incurred related to the disaster are not covered by insurance or other sources.

Qualified Households May Be Eligible To Receive Federal Assistance

When you meet the federal requirements, FEMA may be able to provide assistance in the following ways:

• The cost of a hotel/motel room may be covered when flood waters make it impossible for you to access your house or live in it for a short time, or rental assistance may be available for an extended period of time while repairs are made or other housing is established.

• If your home and belongings have water damage and need repair by a professional restoration service provider, financial support may be available.

• Other expenses as a result of the flood may be covered as well: medical/dental, funeral, childcare, vehicle repair/replacement, and moving expenses.

Casualty Survivors May Apply for Assistance

You may apply for federal assistance before you file an insurance claim, but don’t forget to contact your insurance provider as soon as possible. After you apply for federal assistance, a home inspection may be needed to assess your property damage; an inspector should schedule an appointment with you. Inspectors, wearing official photo identification, make an assessment of the property but do not decide if you will receive assistance.

Homeowners Should Know Disaster Assistance Options

When you survive a major storm, the resulting damage may cause devastating consequences, but being well informed of your options for assistance can lessen the turmoil. FEMA assistance may be one of the options that you can depend upon. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROeastraleighzebulon.com/.

Reasons To Have Electronics Cleaned After a Fire

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In order to ensure that electronic devices can be used safely, they must be thoroughly inspected and cleaned during the fire cleanup process.

Fire damages everything near it. If a fire breaks out in your home in Raleigh, NC, you don't just need to have the immediate charred area cleaned. Fire cleanup must occur throughout your home. Even items that look like they are fine may have taken on severe smoke damage. This is especially true of your electronic equipment. Even if there is no visible damage, there are many reasons your electronics need to be restored by certified experts.

Items Affected

The effects of smoke may not be apparent at first glance. Unless your electronics are inspected by a qualified technician, you have no way of knowing if they were damaged in the fire. All of your electronics must be inspected:

• Computers
• Televisions
• Game consoles
• E-readers or tablets
• DVD players
• Stereos

Thermal Damage

The heat caused by the fire damages electronics. It can melt delicate components, causing the system to short or simply not work at all. It also expands the porous openings of the device, allowing smoke to enter. It can also warp devices, causing them to overheat the next time they are used. Every fire cleanup process includes taking into account the amount of heat that was present at the time of the fire to assess the potential damage it caused.

Smoke Damage

Smoke and soot are highly corrosive. The acidity levels in soot cause anything it infiltrates to degrade. The oxidation involved in the corrosion process can cause etching or pitting in the metal components of your electronics. Smoke is also electrically charged, which can cause circuitry to short and the devices to overheat when in use.

In order to ensure that electronic devices can be used safely, they must be thoroughly inspected and cleaned during the fire cleanup process. While it's possible that the fire caused too much damage to restore the machine properly, an electronics expert is your best chance of getting it to work again. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROeastraleighzebulon.com/.

Keep Sneaky HVAC Mold at Bay

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Mold may be part of life, but it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming problem.

Whether a new, old, small or large business, the people running it have plenty of things on their mind. When it comes to the structure the business operates out of, it can be easy to overlook what can’t be seen. One area of maintenance easily forgotten is HVAC cleaning—a surprising key to mold prevention.

While mold can easily be spotted on walls, floors and areas prone to water, it can also hide in air ducts. Below are three steps to help spot and deal with sneaky mold issues.

1. Inspect the HVAC system. Unfortunately, mold is something that pops up quickly and never completely goes away. Fortunately, it’s easy to minimize its growth by regularly checking around the system for moisture—mold fuel. Any signs of moisture around ducts, vents and the system’s parts, such as blowers, could indicate it’s time for an HVAC cleaning. Also, check that the drain and condensation pans are draining and not retaining water.

2. Get the system cleaned. Mold doesn’t only need to moisture to make its rounds. It can also grow on dust inside the ducts and vents. Cleaning vents helps reduce the accumulation of mold and keeps airflow operating smoothly. Business owners in Raleigh, NC, with the potential for mold in their vents should call an expert to help resolve the issue quickly and professionally.

3. Preventive maintenance keeps the mold away. Once an HVAC system is cleaned, its time to set up a regular maintenance plan. Change filters regularly to stunt future growth, and ensure that the filters are positioned correctly. Continue to regularly inspect the system and its components for any moisture buildup or improperly functioning parts. Additionally, regular general dusting and vacuuming can help air ducts stay relatively clean, keeping mold from serious growth. Lastly, be sure to set up an annual cleaning appointment with an HVAC expert.

Mold may be part of life, but it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming problem. While HVAC cleaning may not be on the priority list, its benefits can help put business owners’ minds at ease. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROeastraleighzebulon.com/.

Flushing 101: Water Heater Maintenance

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Remember to perform routine flushes of your water heater to prevent the inside of the tank from corroding due to a buildup of mineral deposits.

Your home’s water heater is sometimes in an area that you normally do not frequent. Since you don’t see or operate it daily like other appliances, you may forget that it still needs to be flushed regularly for top performance. Here are five steps to perform a simple DIY water heater flush.

1. Turn It Off

If you have an electric heater, shut it off using your breaker box. For gas models, rotate the gas valve until the pilot light goes out.

2. Attach a Hose

Find the drain outlet valve, located at the bottom of the water heater, and connect a garden hose to it. Take the open end of the hose to a designated drainage site that won’t be affected by debris and hot water.

3. Drain It

Go back to the drain outlet valve and open it. After allowing the water to flow for a few minutes, go to the faucet closest to the heater and turn on the hot water. Doing this ensures the water will drain swiftly. Shut off the water supply after waiting a few more minutes. The water flow will slow down before completely stopping.

4. Restore the Water Supply

After the appliance has drained completely, turn the water supply back on and close all valves. Once the open faucet’s flow changes from sporadic to consistent and smooth, the tank is now running properly and is full.

5. Restore Power and Turn On the Heating Element

You can restore the unit’s power and turn the heating element back on after ensuring the tank is completely full. Then turn the running faucet off and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

Remember to perform routine flushes of your water heater to prevent the inside of the tank from corroding due to a buildup of mineral deposits. If you wait until it’s too late, the unit may begin leaking. If this happens, be sure to call a water damage cleanup crew in Raleigh, NC. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROeastraleighzebulon.com/.

5 Ways You Can Clean Up After a Building Flood

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A flooded building in Raleigh, NC, can be a nightmare to deal with, but it can be fixed.

No one wants to experience a flooded company building, but it happens from time to time. In order to get back to business as soon as possible, you can do a few things before the professional cleanup crew arrives.

If you caught the flooding early, these steps can help start the cleanup process. If the water has been standing for several days, however, it is best to contact an expert to deal with possible mold or sewage contamination.

1. Power Down

If you can safely reach your breaker, shut off power to the building immediately. Please call an electrician if you have to walk through standing water to access the power switch.

2. Get Ready to Clean

Be sure to wear boots, gloves and a face mask while moving furniture and cleaning up a flooded company building. If your damage was caused by a broken pipe, you will want to be extra careful about exposure to chemicals or toxins.

3. Remove Water

Try to remove as much water as possible. Once the standing water is gone, run a dehumidifier and fan to begin the drying out process. The key here to prevent mold and mildew from growing in the moist environment.

4. Get Rid of Damaged Items

Paper products, carpeting and wall coverings usually do not hold up after being flooded. Discard or recycle anything that appears to have been damaged by water. Hard surfaces and clothing can be cleaned.

5. Wash Your Clothes

Be sure to wash any clothing that you or your employees wore during the cleanup process. They can potentially be contaminated with mold or sewage. This clothing should be washed separately from uncontaminated items.

A flooded building in Raleigh, NC, can be a nightmare to deal with, but it can be fixed. Taking the above steps and talking to a restoration expert can save you on costly downtime and damage.

Why Your Business Needs Flood Insurance

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Even the most prepared business owners may be hit by a flood.

Floods are one of the most commonly declared natural disasters, but many Raleigh, NC, business owners are not prepared for the damage a flood can do to their establishment. Even just a few inches of water can damage walls, inventory and equipment. Most natural disasters are covered under commercial insurance policies, but flooding typically is not. Nobody wants to find themselves in water up to their knees and then come to find out they don’t have flood insurance.

What Is Considered a Flood

When water affects at least two properties or 2 acres of land, it is usually considered a flood. Flooding is water that inundates an area, whether it be from snow melt, heavy rain, dam breakage, overflowing rivers or other water-related issues.

How To Know If You Need Insurance

If your business is on a lower level, you are definitely at a higher risk for flooding. Knowing if you reside in or near a flood zone will also help you assess your risk of flooding.

What Is Not Covered

There are some losses a business can experience that insurance for floods will not cover:

? Income loss due to business not being fully operable
? Company vehicles
? Septic systems
? Landscaping

How Soon Coverage Starts

There is usually a 30-day waiting period from the time you purchase coverage until the coverage goes into effect.

How Much Coverage Is Available

Commercial flood insurance can protect your business whether it be large or small. Most commercial policies provide up to $500,000 for inside contents and $500,000 for the building. Here are the most common items covered:

? Merchandise
? Machinery
? Inventory
? Building

Your insurance company will work with flood remediation professionals to clean items, repair water damage and assess which belongings are a total loss.

What If More Coverage Is Needed

If your property is valued above the national limits, you can get additional coverage by purchasing an excess flood policy.

Even the most prepared business owners may be hit by a flood. Knowing that your business is covered with flood insurance can provide piece of mind should such a disaster happen. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROeastraleighzebulon.com/.

What Goes Into a Fire Damage Estimate?

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A qualified company will include deodorization in your fire damage estimate and will have the tools and chemicals necessary to remove smoke odor.

After a fire on your commercial property, one of the first steps is having an insurance adjustor out to evaluate the damage and determine what you can claim on your insurance. You may also have a commercial fire professional from Raleigh, NC, out to determine exactly what you can salvage, and how. But what exactly does a fire damage estimate entail?

Evaluating What Can Be Saved, and How

While an insurance estimator is determining how much you can be reimbursed for your losses, a fire damage estimator’s job is to:

• Provide immediate emergency response to prevent secondary damage through mitigation
• Fully assess the extent of the damage and give an accurate picture of remediation efforts
• Determine what can be cleaned and restored
• Determine what should be torn out/destroyed and rebuilt/replaced from scratch
• Provide a cost breakdown for cleaning and teardown services
• Deliver an approximate timeline for completion

Will My Insurance Cover the Cost of Fire Damage Restoration?

The amount of a fire damage estimate may not match with the amount of an insurance claim, but only the fire damage professional and insurance adjustor can provide accurate information on that depending on the extent of the damage to the property. The claim may fully or partially cover the cost of fire remediation. Unless you intend to pursue further claims with your insurance company, anything not paid by the claim would come out of pocket.

Does Cleanup Include Deodorization?

If you’re working with a qualified company, yes. Smoke odor can permeate items with a lasting stench, often associated by yellowed smoke stains. If the odor is strong enough, it can last years and create an unpleasant effect on anyone in the vicinity of the smoke-damaged, contaminated items. A reputable, qualified company will include deodorization in your fire damage estimate, and will have the tools and chemicals necessary to remove smoke odor from even the most porous items without damaging them. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROeastraleighzebulon.com/.

How Can I Detect Mold in My Home?

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Specialists can educate you on what causes mold to flourish, and how to prevent another outbreak by pinpointing the source of your infestation.

Mold can be like cockroaches; if you see even one patch it can mean a larger infestation throughout your walls or through other areas of your home. Just getting rid of that one patch may not be enough, but how can you tell if you have even more mold throughout your Raleigh, NC, home?

Find an Indoor Environmental Specialist

If you’ve never heard of indoor environmental specialists, they’re certified professionals who can:

• Test for air quality
• Test for and identify mold infestations
• Identify the type of mold and its effects
• Pinpoint the location of hard-to-find mold outbreaks
• Recommend safety and remediation activities

When an indoor environmental specialist conducts a mold test, they’re often able to pick up sensitive information that wouldn’t otherwise be detectable by the naked eye or with over-the-counter mold tests.

Can an Indoor Environmental Specialist Get Rid of My Mold For Me?

Sometimes, though you can never truly be free of mold when the spores are constantly active in the air around you. You can only minimize and control its presence. Some indoor environmental specialists are certified for mold remediation, while others may refer you to additional professionals to devise and launch an effective remediation plan to rescue your home from mold. Either will be able to tell you the first steps to take to prepare your home for mold remediation.

Can an Indoor Environmental Specialist Help Me Prevent Mold?

Absolutely. Specialists can educate you on what causes mold to flourish, and how to prevent another outbreak by pinpointing the source of your infestation. Usually the cause is water leaks and water damage, providing the fuel mold needs to thrive on organic matter. A remediation and environmental specialist can talk to you about removing these sorts of problems from your home, and steps to take to prevent excess moisture in your environment from contaminating your home with fresh mold. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROeastraleighzebulon.com/.

Kitchen Fires: Smart Cooking Is the Best Deterrent

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Better safe than sorry is more than a cliché. When it comes to avoiding kitchen fires, it’s one of the best tips ever.

Whether you cook to survive or the kitchen is the heart of your home, it’s the most likely room for home fires to start. By following a few basic tips, you can easily prevent kitchen fires and avoid the heartbreak of fire damage to your beloved appliances and keepsakes.

Avoid a Disaster While in the Kitchen

Many people know the best way to extinguish a grease fire is by smothering it or using a fire extinguisher — never use water, which makes these fires spread and intensify. However, the best way to prevent any kitchen fires from starting in Raleigh, NC, is smart cooking:

1. Wearing flowing clothes like kaftans and robes with gull-wing sleeves while cooking may sound like fun. However, those styles increase the chance of the cook catching fire when the loose material hits a hot burner or oven element.
2. Grease buildup on stove surfaces, under burners and in the interior of the oven easily catches fire, so keep those areas clean.
3. Never walking away from a stove while broiling, grilling or frying is one of the best tips to avoid kitchen fires. The high temperatures required for all those cooking methods make them the most dangerous, and even a few seconds out of the room is enough time for food or grease to ignite.
4. Timers aren’t just for baking. It’s easy to get distracted, so set a timer for 15 or 20 minutes when you leave the room and come back for a minute to occasionally stir the sauce, taste the soup, or just make sure everything is on track.
5. Keep your stovetop and adjacent surfaces free of everything flammable, including curtains, food packaging, bags, potholders and wooden kitchen tools.
6. It’s easy to get caught up in serving, eating and cleaning up when you cook. Before leaving home or retiring for the night, take a minute to double-check that all small appliances, ovens and stovetops are switched off.

Better safe than sorry is more than a cliché. When it comes to avoiding kitchen fires, it’s one of the best tips ever. Contact your local fire department in Raleigh, NC, with questions or concerns about home fire prevention. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROeastraleighzebulon.com/.

Why Is Black Mold Growing in My Building?

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Black mold is one of a variety of mold or fungi that are caused by moisture that doesn’t dry out quickly. It can grow anywhere in a building where there is moisture, high humidity or standing water. Here is what you should know to find problem areas and prevent mold.

Finding Moisture Problems

In commercial buildings in Raleigh, NC, there are multiple areas where a moisture problem can lead to the growth of mold. Some of the most common moisture issues in commercial buildings include the following:

• Water from leaking pipes or roof leaks
• Excessive humidity in areas such as wash rooms, boiler rooms or cafeteria kitchens
• Areas with poor ventilation such as locker rooms
• Ground water that runs into a building’s foundation or basement
• Any spills or drips that aren’t quickly mopped up or dried
• Damp insulation from internal leaks in the walls
• Poor building maintenance

Preventing Mold Growth

Generally, the best way to deal with any moisture problem that could lead to the growth of black mold is to prevent it in the first place. If you suspect a problem, do a thorough inspection of your building, looking for all the problems listed above. Talk to your building maintenance crew about ways to minimize standing water, moisture and high humidity in all areas. These may include improved ventilation systems on air conditioning and heating units, more fans and ventilation in damp areas such as locker rooms and kitchen areas, moisture-resistant insulation, frequent checks of rugs, carpets and ceilings to make sure they aren’t wet from spills or leaks.

The design and layout of a commercial building can also help minimize any problems. Tile, linoleum or other hard floor surfaces are usually better choices than carpeting, which can soak up moisture. Mold can grow underneath a wet carpet quickly. Improved venting and windows that can be opened to allow air to circulate more freely can also help prevent growth of fungi or mold.

Mold is often hard to tackle alone. If you’ve taken all the necessary precautions but still have black mold in your Raleigh, NC, building, be sure to hire an expert in mold cleanup that is familiar with the problem and knows how to eliminate it. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROeastraleighzebulon.com/.

3 Things To Do When Your Toilet Overflows

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Nothing can ruin your day like a flooded toilet. Beyond the ick factor, you usually have to act fast to prevent serious water damage. If you’ve had a major flood in your house thanks to sewer damage in Raleigh, NC, you should call a water restoration specialist ASAP. In the meantime, here are some tips to mitigate the damage.

1. Stop the Water Flow

Any sewage company will likely tell you, in the event of a flooded toilet, step one is shutting off the water source. You can do this by turning off the valve behind the fixture. This may not solve your bathroom woes, but it can help stop the spread of water damage.

2. Clean Up Standing Water

It’s good planning to have gloves, mops, rags, paper towels and other cleaning materials on hand for an emergency. Standing water—the visible water that has flooded—should be absorbed as quickly as possible before it seeps into the flooring.

For a serious flood that affects two floors, you may have to remove the flooring and ceilings. Sewer damage that seeps into the floor can lead to the formation of mold. By removing the wet materials, you’re often able to disinfect and dry everything out to ensure that you don’t get any nasty surprises down the road.

3. Ventilate

Air out the rooms as best as you can. Open all the windows and bring in any fans you have around the house. Keeping the air moving can help dry out the area and reduce humidity before your water restoration specialist arrives.

Sewer damage from a flooded toilet is never fun, but if you act fast with these simple steps, you can have a better chance at reducing the extent of the damage to your home. Because of the bacteria inherent in toilet water, for any major amount of flooding, be sure to call a professional in Raleigh, NC, to assist in clean up. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROeastraleighzebulon.com/.

A Flood Cut Is Your First Step to a Dry Home

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Powerful stormy weather, such as the recent torrential rainstorms in Raleigh, NC, can wreak havoc on homes causing flooding and related damage. Homeowners can be left to face the tumultuous project of restoring their residences. There are often many factors to consider for a safe and effective clean-up, such as the degree of water penetration throughout the house. Water damage specialists can be a vital resource in combatting the effects of water inside your house. They are usually trained to analyze and determine how much damage your home has sustained and put you on specific path to normalcy.

What Is a Flood Cut?

Once it is determined water has compromised the walls, it may be necessary to perform a flood cut. A flood cut typically follows specific steps:

• Determine and mark the water level throughout the home. This water line may vary based upon the degree of flooding.
• Mark again at least 12 inches above the noted water line mark, which is the flood cut line.
• Slice and remove the dry wall at the flood cut.

For example, if the water level stopped 4 inches from the floor, a flood cut could be created 16 inches from the floor.

Why Is a Flood Cut Helpful?

Once the flood cut is performed, the specialists can tear out any affected materials behind the wall, such as insulation. This is often necessary to alleviate the possible development of mold and mildew. Water damage specialists can remediate mold contamination so residents can be free of concerns.

Flooding within your home may feel invasive. Personal property can be harmed as well as the structure itself. The emotional toil may be overwhelming, as well as the process of restoration. A flood cut can help create a barrier against continued water intrusion. If you experience a problem, work with a professional restoration company to put your home back in order. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROeastraleighzebulon.com/

Lawn Slime: An Uninvited Visitor

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When it comes to the topic of mold, most residents in Raleigh, NC likely think of greenish-black spots on shower walls or underneath old wallpaper. Just as mold thrives in a wide variety of places, it can also easily spread outdoors, as seen in the infamous lawn slime that plagues yards of all kinds. Keep reading the pointers below to find out what this type of mold is, what its common characteristics are, and how to identify it.

What Is Lawn Slime?

A homeowner unfamiliar with outdoor mold may be shocked to find a dark, sludgy substance across the yard. Like most types of fungi, slime mold grows in a variety of forms and can actually help other parts of the yard break down organic matter. Outdoor slime can take on many different colors, such as pink, blue, or orange, but it is usually dark.

How Long Does It Last?

A common characteristic of mold is that most types depend largely on temperature and moisture. If both of these elements are at the right levels, it may be years before lawn slime fades into the background of your domain. For instance, if your area sees a lot of rain, you can likely expect the slime cleared from patches in your yard, only to see it reappear days later.

Where Can One Spot It?

Aside from the most obvious location of your lawn, outdoor mold can pick favorite areas to spread. While it mainly sticks to lawns, this type of fungus can also affect paved areas, such as sidewalks and driveways. If you see a powdery or slimy substance outside your home, you are probably dealing with some degree of this mold.

When you've discovered a problem that is making your home less homey, small patches of lawn slime can seem magnified. Although it can become a spot for slip and falls when on paved areas, slime in your yard is typically no major cause for alarm. Visit http://www.SERVPROseraleighgarnerzebulon.com for more information on mold. 

How Can You Prepare for Flood Damage?

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Mother Nature is unpredictable, but even when you can’t prevent or predict flooding, you can still be prepared. Flood damage and storm damage can cause costly and catastrophic losses that many commercial businesses struggle to recover from. With appropriate preparations, you can minimize loss of property, inventory, and livelihood.

1. The First and Best Preparation Is Prevention

If you’re selecting your first commercial location, one of the best things you can do is choose a site that’s both advantageous to your business needs and positioned strategically in a low-flood zone. Historical flood data in Raleigh, NC can tell you which areas are less likely to deal with flooding and runoff.

If you’re already established, though, you can still mitigate damage by ensuring your property is water-tight. Check weather stripping and sealing, and where applicable, use waterproof coatings and paint.

2. Stock Up on Sandbags

When you know bad weather is coming, it helps to have sandbags on hand. Sandbag your doors and windows to create a watertight seal and prevent windows from breaking inward. You can also sandbag your walls if you have enough, particularly if you’re worried about water damage or about walls breaking inward under heavy flooding.

3. Seek High Ground

If you have the ability to move inventory, furniture, and office equipment to a higher floor in the event of a flood, take advantage to keep your investment safe. Migrate anything that isn’t fixed in place. Organize and label everything neatly as needed; you may also need to create a labeled floor diagram to replace things after.

4. Check for Leaks

Although sandbagging will help prevent some water intrusion, check your entire property for leaks. This includes checking your ceiling. Sandbags can’t prevent roof leaks, which can cause major storm damage and make the work of restoration specialists even more difficult. One good way to test if areas are watertight is to check if they’re airtight. You may notice drafts already, but you can also use a can of air to check any seams or jointed areas. Visit http://www.SERVPROseraleighgarnerzebulon.com for more information on commercial storm damage. 

How Can I Prevent Mold From Growing?

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Mold spores are present everywhere, and they can quickly begin to grow and spread if good mold prevention practices are not in place. You can prevent the development of mold in your commercial property by quickly taking steps to remediate any water damage that may have occurred. Sources of water damage can include the following:

• Spills
• Leaks
• Burst pipes
• Broken appliances
• Excessive rainfall

These are just a few of the ways that water can be introduced to a property. Once the water comes in contact with a surface, mold can begin to grow. Because mold growth can begin with surprising speed, property owners and managers in Raleigh, NC, should not delay remediation and restoration efforts.

Clean up Water as Soon as Possible

Begin clearing up the water as soon as it is detected. Soaking up water with towels and rags is a good first step; be sure to wash these quickly to avoid them becoming a hot spot of mold growth themselves. If a leak cannot be stopped, place a bucket or other container underneath the flow to catch the water. Contact a plumber as soon as possible to arrange for repair services.

Check Surfaces for Damage

Water can damage all kinds of surfaces, including stucco, drywall, and wood. These and other porous surfaces can absorb water quickly, which leads to mold growing in small and hidden spaces. Simply wiping up the water with rags and mops is usually not enough to hold back mold growth. Water damage can weaken materials such as drywall and plaster, and may require professional assistance to repair. Working with experienced water removal and remediation companies can be a good way of ensuring that damage due to mold is prevented. Your commercial building can be free from deeply established mold colonies that grow underneath floorboards, behind walls, and in ceilings.

Contact Professionals Promptly

Working with plumbers and mold remediation technicians promptly can be a good way of preventing mold from growing in your Raleigh, NC, business. Instead of taking chances, choose to work with experienced service providers.

Clearing Smoke Damage: A Job Better Left to Professionals

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Returning to your building after a destructive commercial fire can be difficult to process, both mentally and emotionally. However, immediate action should be taken regarding fire cleanup to avoid further damage. When you need to clear out smoke damage in Raleigh, NC, it’s best to hire trained professionals to get the job done right. Though you may want to get involved and even clear some of the soot damage yourself, smoke cleaning requires more experienced labor from those who know how to accurately clear it.

Here’s why you should hire certified fire specialists to restore your building:

* If called soon enough, they can keep ash and soot from seeping into your belongings. It takes as little as a few hours for fire damage to settle into the walls and furnishings of your home. The longer you wait to take care of the situation, the harder it will likely be to restore your items. Hiring professionals early means having trained technicians clearing the area quickly and efficiently before more damage can occur.

* They can lower your restoration costs significantly. If smoke damage goes unchecked for a few days or even weeks, the effects on your property are sure to be far worse. Ash residue starts to discolor surfaces, metals become tarnished and any smoke odors may simply never fully dissipate. Calling on professionals within 24-48 hours better ensures your property won’t endure a greater loss, a situation that becomes that much more expensive.

* Experts have more efficient materials to use. While many DIYers simply go for the soap and water method, clearing away extensive soot, ash and smoke odors often calls for stronger solutions. Chemical solvents and special detergents are the best options for saving more of your belongings and eradicating fire damage as competently as possible.

If your commercial property in Raleigh, NC, needs some serious TLC after a devastating fire, hiring trained professionals to clear away smoke damage is a smart move. Any soot damage is disposed of correctly while the expert smoke cleaning process eliminates any pesky odors that can linger behind.

What To Know About Secondary Damage

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There are a number of damages associated with flooding in Raleigh, NC. While many of them are caused by direct contact with the flood water, that isn’t always the case. In fact, secondary damage can still occur after the water has been extracted.

Knowing the Signs

Before you dive into what secondary water damage is, it can help to know what signs to look for. After a flood, these are a few of the most common signs that your residence is being damaged by indirect exposure:

• Bowed wood floors
• Rotten wood
• Black mold
• Fungal growth

Any of these signs could indicate that your property is being damaged indirectly rather than directly.

Understanding Indirect Exposure

The simplest way to explain secondary damage is by referring to it as indirect exposure. This is damage that is done after the initial flood and without contact with the original flood waters. The way that this happens is that moisture can evaporate and contamination from the original intrusion of water can remain in the residence. The high humidity that this causes can lead to a spread of black mold growth that can be damaging to your property.

Preventing Damage

The best way to prevent indirect exposure is to act quickly when there is a flood. If you take a prolonged amount of time to clean up the water, it may lead to more contaminants and more places for those contaminants to hide. When dealing with a flood, utilize the help of a professional remediation service, which will be able to help you prevent further problems.

Secondary damage, or indirect exposure to contaminants and water, can lead to problems such as black mold, warped floors and even rot. This is why it’s so important to take care of a flood as soon as it happens. The problems that come later can be expensive and inconvenient. Visit http://www.SERVPROseraleighgarnerzebulon.com for more information on water damage.

Top 4 FAQs About Mold

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Top 4 FAQs About Mold

One of the most common and most misunderstood problems for homeowners in Raleigh, NC is mold growth. It’s normal to wonder if molds are dangerous in the home, and more importantly, what can be done to fix the problem. These growths often begin due to high humidity or instances of water damage, and they can go unseen until the problem requires professional attention. Here’s what you need to know about these frustrating fungi.

1. It’s a Hydration Situation

Too much moisture is the primary culprit when mold is found in the home. Microscopic spores travel through the air, and when they settle in damp, musty areas, they’re capable of growing into potentially harmful structures. Limiting humidity and resolving leaks are common fixes to these types of issues.

2. There are Multiple Types

Mold comes in a variety of colors, most commonly gray, green and black. Certain growths can produce mycotoxins, which are capable of causing notable adverse health effects when overexposure occurs. That’s why regardless of type, mold remediation is necessary when growth is observed indoors.

3. It Starts Quickly

Don’t take evidence of water damage sitting down—it can result in mold growth in as little as 24 hours. Common causes often include:

Leaky plumbing pipes
Damaged roofing components
Basement flooding after heavy rain

4. Restoration is Possible

In some form, molds are just about everywhere, inside and out. Therefore, while complete removal is technically impossible, remediation is a very attainable goal for any home in Raleigh, NC. It’s a job best left to the pros, as mold remediation professionals utilize equipment made to inhibit further fungal growth in addition to cleaning and removing compromised materials.

Prevention’s always the best route, so make sure to limit the potential for high humidity in your home. Keep a sharp eye out for any signs of water damage, including discolored spots on walls or ceilings, and be sure to tackle any signs of mold growth quickly before they can spread further. Visit http://www.SERVPROseraleighgarnerzebulon.com for more information on mold.

Under New Ownership

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Bill Shook, New Owner and Operator for SERVPRO of East Raleigh/Zebulon

SERVPRO of East Raleigh/Zebulon is excited to announce that we have a new owner and operator. Bill Shook recently took over all operations this month and has a vast knowledge and experience in the restoration industry. He served many years working for SERVPRO Industries and excited to own and operate a franchise. 

Bill  says, "We are excited to serve the Raleigh area. What excites me most is all the new jobs and opportunities we will be creating for locals." 

You can visit http://www.SERVPROseraleighgarnerzebulon.com/ for more information on the services that SERVPRO offers. Bill brings a strong culture of outstanding customer service and will make sure every client receives the best service available. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at anytime. 


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