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How Hazard Assessment Helps in Raleigh Properties after Fire Damage

4/17/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicles in the driveway of a home Call our experts after you experience fire damage in Raleigh. We have training in fire & smoke restoration, odor control, and fabric cleaning.

SERVPRO Runs Smooth Fire Restoration in Raleigh Homes

Whatever financial or sentimental losses you face after fire damage pale compared to the threat of personal injury. Fire causes not only immediate property deterioration but also poses other significant hazards that can prevent you from entering your Raleigh home or taking the appropriate restoration actions. A professional can help identify and mitigate the risks at your premises.

A speedy conclusion to any task is desirable when dealing with Raleigh fire damage restoration processes. Therefore any action that does not seem to facilitate progress may seem unnecessary. Setting aside time to look for hazards that may or may not be there might seem like wasting time. However, since hazards can affect equipment and personnel, stopping all work, any time spent on evaluation is not lost even if you do not find anything of concern. Since SERVPRO crews are made up of several technicians, we can perform such assessments quickly.

Likely hazards after a fire:

  • Overhead hazards from partially burnt panels
  • Openings that may allow unauthorized entry 
  • Electrical shock hazards
  • Slip, trip, and fall hazards

Fire precipitates these hazards in many ways, including compromising the structural integrity of materials through combustion. Our SERVPRO technicians check the level of char depth for solid wood or hanging materials attached overhead to ensure there is minimal risk of collapse. We can perform controlled demolition or provide temporary support for any vulnerable areas before we start working. 

Hazards From The Utilities In Your Burnt House

Utilities such as water and electricity can make your house hazardous in the event of a fire. The insulation of the electric cables running through the affected sections of the house can be compromised by the exposure to high temperatures leaving frayed wires that can shock anyone who touches them or damage any equipment plugged into outlets. Our SERVPRO technicians turn off power at the mains immediately on arrival at the property. If power is needed, we use equipment such as circuit analyzers to check for anomalies before turning on the power.

Water can cause hazards directly or affect other utilities, making them hazardous. For instance, the water spilled to quell flames can get into electrical circuits. Since moisture can conduct electricity, electrocution is possible when handling wet structural materials. Our technicians use non-contact voltage detectors to establish whether electric current flows through wet materials or standing water. Another problem from moisture, whether deposited during firefighting efforts or from damaged pipes, is leaving surfaces slick, leading to injury when people slip. 

Other likely sources of the slip or trip hazards:

  • Cables and hoses
  • Debris
  • Inadequate lighting

Your home can be hazardous after a fire because of poor management of resources and waste. For instance, most of the equipment used for cleaning, drying, and other restoration tasks requires cables and hoses to supply power or transport air or liquids. Careful positioning is essential when using or storing them. Our crews establish a staging area for all equipment before starting restoration. We also ensure a tidy layout of cables and hoses by taking actions such as bundling and zip-tying them.

Debris can also trip people if left scattered. We use large, wheeled trash cans to hold pieces of drywall, ceiling, or insulation that we tear down from the structure. Such demolition is necessary if there is significant charring or residue deposit. 

SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon takes every step possible to ensure fire damage mitigation efforts at your property run smoothly and safely. You can reach us at (919) 250-0455. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

SERVPRO Offers Fire Damage Restoration Services in Raleigh

1/9/2023 (Permalink)

smoke and soot on ceiling and walls of fire damaged room Even small fires can create damage throughout your home.SERVPRO is equipped to restore your home to its preloss condition.

Need Fire Damage Restoration, Cleanup, and Repair in Raleigh – Call SERVPRO

Even if it is a small fire in your Raleigh home, the damage can seem overwhelming to the homeowner and their family. The fire may leave charred remnants in the immediate area of the fire, soot and smoke residue in adjacent rooms, and smoke odors throughout the house. In many situations, the home's HVAC system runs and distributes odors and residues to every room.

SERVPRO offers fire damage restoration services to our clients in Raleigh and surrounding areas. We are on-site less than four hours after your initial call and often before the fire department leaves the scene. Our technicians can begin cleanup as soon as the fire department, your insurance adjuster, and our clients approve.

Many potential dangers are associated with fire: live electrical circuits, slips, falls, and structural issues related to severe fire destruction. We focus on keeping our clients and our employees safe during controlled demolition if needed and cleanup after a fire.

Many residents are concerned about the strong odors after a fire. We remove the debris left from the fire, clean all surfaces and remove surface smoke residues to reduce odors to a minimum. We also clean your HVAC system to remove any residue that may have settled inside the system.

Once all residues are removed and all surfaces have been cleaned, our final step is to deploy powerful deodorization units to remove any lingering odor from the fire. Our building services team can also coordinate the restoration of your home after the fire. Structure repair, plumbing, electrical, drywall, flooring, etc., are coordinated to return your home to its original condition as quickly as possible.

Our services include:

Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon for fire damage restoration services. We provide service to Raleigh and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (919) 250-0455.

Dealing with Smoke Odor after Fire Damage at a Raleigh Home

7/11/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO team on job-site When fire damage restoration is needed for your Raleigh home, its time to call SERVPRO.

Reliable Fire Damage Cleanup at Raleigh Homes

A fire can have terrible and deep-rooted effects on your Raleigh home. Even if the fire was just a small kitchen flare-up or contained quickly, its byproducts could damage the property long after the flames have been extinguished. Smoke odor is one typical example of the negative consequences of a fire. It can permeate your home, and if no measures are taken, it may compromise the indoor air quality. Therefore, in the unfortunate event, you suffer fire damage, getting rid of the smoke smell quickly and effectively is crucial.

Proper fire damage cleanup in Raleigh homes makes restoring possessions overwhelmed by strong smoke odors possible. Smoke odor infiltrates everything, even in parts of the house untouched by fire, including items in storage or those tucked away in drawers. Most household deodorizing sprays and scented candles provide only temporary relief. They may also interact with smoke odor and create an additional unpleasant smell. SERVPRO crews understand how odor molecules permeate a property and utilize various odor removal methods such as thermal fogging techniques and ozone treatment.

Other harmful effects of a fire

  • Soot damage
  • Charring effects
  • Melted glass, and plastics
  • Blistered paint

Soot can coat walls, ceilings, floors, and household items, leading to serious discoloration. The chemical combination makes this coating challenging to remove. Also, burned or charred wood is inherently unstable. Following a large fire, a structural engineer can determine if the replacement of structural elements is required.

Smoke odor removal 

Dealing with smoke odor would be easy if all that smell came from one source, and perhaps could use only one method to eliminate all. Neutralizing the various malodors sometimes involves more than one type of deodorizing action.

Steps towards effective smoke odor removal

  • Removing odor sources like charred debris
  • Cleaning surfaces with odor-causing residues
  • Sealing surfaces exposed to malodors
  • Mechanical means like air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators

SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon crews is highly-trained in using the proper equipment for fire damage restoration, including smoke odor removal "Like it never even happened." Call us at (919) 250-0455.

Removing Bathroom Exhaust Fan Fire Damage in Raleigh

5/22/2022 (Permalink)

house on fire Fire damage restoration for your home is a job for SERVPRO. We have the experience and manpower for every disaster.

SERVPRO Electrical Fire Damage Restoration

Exhaust fans are one of the fixtures many Raleigh homeowners can unintentionally overlook during their maintenance tasks. However, various changes in condition, especially without regular inspection, can leave these devices vulnerable to ignition. Excess dust can overheat the motor more quickly, for example. These fires can leave behind overwhelming amounts of soot that, when combined with moisture, can corrode metals and leave behind hard-to-remove stains.

Raleigh SERVPRO fire damage restoration covers everything from HVAC inspection and soot removal to structural repairs and deodorization. Repairs and mitigation are performed per SERVPRO standards and restoration industry guidelines set by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)

Electrical fire cleanup considerations for bathrooms 

Electrical fires can leave extensive soot damage and structural deterioration in various hard-to-reach areas, including HVAC systems and ceiling cavities. SERVPRO techs can take the following steps to mitigate bathroom fire damage:

  • Removing bathroom soot from ceiling to floor, starting with light, dry soils before moving on to heavier stains and charring
  • Safely containing and disposing of debris with a combination of PPE, disposal equipment, and negative air pressure machines
  • Partial duct sealing and HVAC cleanup with agitation tools ensure that airways in the home are free of soot. Sheet metal and duct board are often restorable, while flex duct needs replacement 
  • Performing odor control with thermal fogging, which binds with soot on a particle level to eliminate it

SERVPRO also provides water cleanup for homes that require fire suppression after ignition and takes inventory of contents affected by the disaster.

When homeowners need service that makes their property look "Like it never even happened," they can call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455.

Seek Professional Help for Fire Damage Restoration in Garner

4/24/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO smoke damage sign Fire damage restoration technicians at SERVPRO have the skills and experience for every size fire. Call now for fast and immediate help.

Fire Damage Restoration in Garner is Easier With SERVPRO’s Assistance

Fires are a source of massive destruction of property to many homeowners. Repairing your fire-damaged house is a process that can take longer than you expect and cause a huge dent in your pocket.

You can seek assistance from a competent firm like SERVPRO to handle the fire damage in your Garner residence. We use state-of-the-art equipment to restore homes to preloss condition. Our process is as outlined in the steps below:

  • Damage assessment
  • Securing the property
  • Water mitigation and drying
  • Cleaning and smoke removal
  • Reconstruction

Damage assessment

Upon arrival, SERVPRO performs a full assessment to determine the level of damage the building and the contents therein have sustained. This helps us to choose suitable restoration techniques.

Securing the property

We can secure your house by installing a fence around it, boarding openings left on the structure, and tarping parts of the roof destroyed by the fire for protection against the weather.

Water mitigation and drying

This stage aims at avoiding further damage like corrosion and mold growth due to water damage. Our SERVPRO technicians can use powerful portable pumps to get the stagnant water out of your building. We can also use centrifugal air movers to get dry air into the building and refrigerant dehumidifiers to remove water vapor from the air.

Cleaning and removal of smoke

Our SERVPRO team can clean off every inch of your affected building to get rid of soot and smoke. We can also deodorize your home using thermal foggers. These devices vaporize petroleum-based or solvent-based deodorizers to generate a fog or smoke consisting of small particles. The particles will make a fog similar to the smoke a fire produces, allowing the deodorizers to interact more effectively with odor-causing residues.


Our SERVPRO team can perform all the necessary repairs and rebuild the damaged areas to get your house to preloss condition.

SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon averts fire damage quickly and efficiently. Contact us at (919) 250-0455. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

You Need Fire Damage Cleanup & Repair in Zebulon – Call SERVPRO

2/20/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO team arriving on the job ASAP SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians have all the training and experience for every size of fire damage restoration service needed. Call now!

How to Prevent Fires in Kitchens in Zebulon Homes - SERVPRO Suggestions

Kitchen fires are more common than we would like in homes in Zebulon. Kitchen fires can cause oily smoke from grease fires and unattended cooking. In addition to the smoke residues, the cupboards around the fire are charred and usually must be replaced. Thankfully kitchen fires are usually quickly contained, but there is still lots of damage from the fire that requires controlled demolition of the cupboards and thorough cleaning to remove all smoke and odor.

SERVPRO provides fire damage cleanup and restoration in Zebulon homes. Kitchen fires often produce a heavy greasy or oily smoke residue that smears unless the proper cleaning agents are used. Water and detergent usually is the best approach. However, SERVPRO technicians evaluate every situation and follow recommended cleaning processes to remove the oily soot from all surfaces, including nonporous and porous materials.

Fire prevention in homes from kitchen fires is the number one concern for many homeowners. Homeowners can protect their families by following some of the following guidelines:

  • Never leave anything cooking on the stove unattended
  • Remove any combustible materials away from hot stovetops.
  • Keep kids away while you are cooking
  • Always turn pot handles toward the back of the stove
  • Have a fire extinguisher nearby
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing while cooking
  • Smother grease fires
  • Keep oven and microwave doors closed until fires inside these appliances are contained.

SERVPRO fire restoration technicians are available 24/7. Our teams can be onsite in less than four hours to provide fire damage cleanup for water and chemicals used by the fire department to quell the fire, remove smoke residues deodorize your home. We can also remove charred cabinets and assist with fire damage repairs.

Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (919) 250-0455.

Cleaning Soot from Contents in Garner Homes

1/24/2022 (Permalink)

smoke and soot damaged wall Do you know how to clean personal belongings after a fire? SERPVRO does!

The Cleaning Approach to Remove Soot Changes Based on the Affected Items in Garner Properties

After fire losses overwhelm properties, hundreds of items can become damaged by lingering effects like soot, smoke, odors, and fire suppression techniques. Determining the most efficient and thorough restoration approach for these items hinges on thoroughly evaluating a content’s condition and salvageability. This process includes several necessary steps:

  • Cataloging the damage
  • Inventorying the items
  • Relocation or pack-out
  • Documenting cleaning progress

Soft Materials and Clothing

Fabrics and clothing can be among the contents most heavily impacted by fire damage in Garner homes. Not only can residues stain and ruin these vulnerable materials, but fabrics and soft goods are also sensitive to smoke damage like odor penetration. Off-site cleaning with equipment like our ESPORTA Wash system allows us to clean delicate materials safely.

Hard/Non-Porous Contents

We must carefully clean porcelain, glass, and other non-porous surfaces to manage and remove soot and smoke residues. At our SERVPRO facility, we have advanced cleaning equipment like our ultrasonic submersion tank, which can use microscopic bubbles bursting on the surface of the submerged contents to remove soil deposits.  

On-Site Cleaning Solutions

It is possible to perform some restoration and recovery that contents and personal belongings in your home might require without relocating. If we can keep fire loss effects from infiltrating undamaged areas of the house, contents in these areas might only require superficial cleaning to restore to original condition.

Content cleaning is an integral part of restoring properties after compromising fire loss events. With the volume of items affected by spreading soot and smoke residues, our SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon team must work quickly to protect what matters most. We have experienced professionals available 24/7 to help when you call (919) 250-0455.

Initial Services to Start Fire Damage Recovery in Raleigh Homes

1/10/2022 (Permalink)

fire and smoke damage in foyer Even small fires create debris that needs removing. SERVPRO provides complete fire damage restoration.

Mitigating Fire and Smoke Damage is a Critical Effort for Raleigh Residences

Initial services and mitigative actions are crucial to promptly restoring fire-damaged homes and businesses. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, so our talented FSRT-Certified technicians are ready 24/7 to help remedy pressing concerns when the SERVPRO Green Fleet first arrives. 

Temporary Construction

The first steps to overcoming fire and smoke damage in Raleigh homes are board-up and tarping. Structure fires can leave a building vulnerable to other harm with holes, missing or burned construction elements, and other exposure points. Our contractor license allows us to work quickly to help.  

Fire and Smoke Debris Removal

Debris and smoke residues must be removed from the flooring before much cleanup and restoration can occur. This formidable presence can include:

  • Ash
  • Bulk materials
  • Soot
  • Smoke particles
  • Solids
  • Blistered structural elements

Content Relocation 

Another one of the early services our SERVPRO team can provide is content relocation. Evaluating the condition of individually affected items and personal belongings shows which can be stored elsewhere on-site and what objects require intricate cleaning and restoration at our nearby facility. Our pack-out process also provides a stable storage location until in-house recovery completes.

Air Quality Control

Airborne contaminants can be a significant struggle when the restoration is underway. Post-fire damage in a property is often amplified by the hazardous conditions created by volatile compounds circulating in the environment. We have air scrubbers and filtration equipment capable of capturing contaminants and carcinogenic particles threatening the household.

Emergency services play a significant role in how fast fire restoration completes in damaged homes. As challenging as these circumstances might initially be, we have multiple mitigative efforts that can overcome pressing concerns like fire debris, damaged contents, and airborne threats. Our SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon team is available 24/7 at (919) 250-0455.

Need Fire and Smoke Cleanup Services in Your Raleigh Home? Call SERVPRO

9/25/2021 (Permalink)

a house on fire with firetrucks outside trying to put it out Make sure that you contact SERVPRO right after the fire fighters leave. Our technicians have the training and equipment to deal with fire damage.

SERVPRO Can Protect Your Raleigh Home by Offering Fast and Efficient Fire and Smoke Cleanup

A fire can leave your home in an almost unrecognizable condition, with smoke and soot covering up all exposed surfaces. You need professional restorers like SERVPRO for your Raleigh home's fire and smoke cleanup to contain the damage and prevent any major issues. Our IICRC certified fire damage restoration experts are the quickest to respond, and We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.  

SERVPRO restorers meticulously plan your Raleigh home's fire and smoke cleanup to minimize the secondary damage and speed up the restoration. Fire damage restoration is a complex process that involves several steps, from cleaning the smoke and soot residue to deodorizing the premises. SERVPRO technicians use their extensive training to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

How do SERVPRO Techs Clean Acoustic Tiles During House Fire Cleanup in Raleigh Homes?

SERVPRO has developed a special process for cleaning acoustical ceilings in Raleigh homes. We use the Peroxide Active Ceiling Cleaning process that preserves the sound-deadening characteristics of the acoustic tiles while restoring their appearance. The method is also effective in cleaning blown ceilings(Popcorn) that might dissolve or deteriorate by other wet cleaning agents. 

SERVPRO techs use the Peroxide Active Ceiling Cleaning process if water-based cleaning agents do not damage porous surfaces. The process begins by pre-cleaning the damaged ceiling with vacuum and brushing. Once the loose soil is removed, the next step is to apply the Active Peroxide cleaning solution with the help of a spraying machine, taking care not to over-wet the surface.

The stabilized hydrogen peroxide in the cleaning solution easily oxidizes the smoke and soot particles loosening their bonds with the surfaces allowing them to be wiped clean. 

Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455; we are available 24/7 to help you.

What Methods Suit Smoke Cleanup Best in Raleigh Properties?

7/23/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo Fire damage restoration is a job for professionals. SERVPRO will be onsite within 4 hours of the initial call.

After a Fire, SERVPRO Professionals Work Fast to Eliminate Threatening Smoke Damage in Raleigh Homes. 

Smoke damage is a common threat after structure fires. Partial combustion can create hazards and unsafe conditions like soot exposure, making it critical to begin emergency services and cleanup as soon as possible. 

Removing Soot from the Environment 

Circulating soot can be one of the biggest priorities for fire and smoke cleanup in Raleigh homes and businesses. Air scrubbers with HEPA filtration provide direct results for hazardous soot particles. 

Eliminating Soils and Residues 

Smoke generated during combustion can circulate in the property, and when aerosolized, allow particles to rest on porous surfaces that can be stained or marred. Dry chemical sponges and wet cleaning tactics begin the removal process, which often requires more aggressive measures like media blasting or controlled demolition.

Deodorization and Odor Removal 

Reducing the overwhelming odors left behind after combustion and extinguishment requires several approaches working simultaneously. Factors like occupants still living in the house during restoration can limit the available deodorization equipment and products available to use. Some of the common neutralization choices are: 

  • Ozone generators
  • Hydroxyl machines
  • Thermal fogging
  • Counteractants

Soot and smoke damage can be tremendous obstacles for restoration after an emergency. Our SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon team is experienced and ready to help 24/7 at (919) 250-0455.

Why Should You Wait for SERVPRO Technicians for Fire and Smoke Remediation of Your Raleigh home?

6/17/2021 (Permalink)

smoke and soot on wall of fire damaged home Even seemingly small fires can cause structural and electrical hazards. For safe fire damage restoration, call SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Puts Safety First During Fire and Smoke Remediation of Raleigh Homes

Fire and smoke remediation of your Raleigh home are potentially dangerous. There are many known and possibly some unknown hazards in a fire-damaged home. SERVPRO technicians exercise special precautions to work around these hazards.

SERVPRO technicians are IICRC certified and undergo several hours of training to make fire and smoke remediation of your Raleigh home as safe as possible. Safety is the primary concern of SERVPRO restorers during fire damage restoration. Every fire damage incidence is different, and hence, the technicians need to anticipate unique safety challenges that a particular situation poses.

Common Safety Hazards SERVPRO Technicians Handle During House Fire Cleanup in Raleigh

Although many hazards lurk in a fire-damaged Raleigh structure, the most common ones include:

  • Electrical hazards- If the electric supply is still connected to the fire-damaged homes, SERVPRO technicians check the power distribution panel and turn off all circuit breakers. We use instruments called ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) that can cut the power if they sense too much current while working in a wet environment.
  • Structural hazards- Fire and smoke damage can create structural issues in buildings. Restorers are equipped with hard hats and work safety boots to protect them from falling debris if present. In some cases, an engineer needs to verify the soundness of the structure before fire damage restoration can begin.

Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455 for fast and safe fire damage restoration service.

How Long do Burnt Odors Remain in a Property after Fire Damage in Raleigh?

4/23/2021 (Permalink)

smoke coming from under a door Fire and smoke residue can remain long after the fire has been extinguished. Contact SERVPRO for effective fire damage remediation services.

SERVPRO in Raleigh Can Assist with Fire and Smoke Cleanup

Fire restoration professionals have two main tasks to deal with at the site of a property fire. The first is to remove smoke residues that may have adhered to surfaces or belongings in the home. The second is for deodorizing smoke odors. Generally, once burnt materials and smoke residues are cleaned, the odors are significantly reduced.

We are here to help you with:

  • Fire damaged homes
  • Smoke remediation
  • Fire and smoke damage restoration and cleanup

The deodorization procedure for fire and smoke cleanup in Raleigh homes is dependent mainly on the severity of odor. A light odor may clear up with ventilation and removal or cleaning of smoke-damaged materials. A property with severe damages may require direct spraying deodorant application to surfaces or activated oxygen units to clear odors.

  • Dry solvent deodorizers are helpful for application on hardwood furniture and flooring.
  • Deep cleaning and sealing an HVAC system can help to limit odor issues in a property.
  • Placing odor pellets or deodorant granules into loft spaces and outside air intakes can further reduce odor problems.

Odor control technicians can help. Contact SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon for fire and smoke cleanup at (919) 250-0455.

How Does Fire Damage Recovery and Controlled Demolition Work?

3/24/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged room with soot covering everything Fire damage cleanup is a customized task. Call our SERVPRO team to put together a remediation plan for your home.

Fire Damage Often Leads to the Need for Controlled Demolition of Areas Throughout your Garner Home

After a fire, you may worry that your home is a total loss. However, with skilled restoration efforts and controlled demolition, you can often restore your home to pre-fire condition. SERVPRO tackles each step of the restoration process with precision, adjusting as we go along to quickly achieve our goals.

When you have fire damage in Garner, there are a few things to keep in mind. One phone call that has to get made is to your insurance company. During this phone call, you will learn more about what you need to do to begin recovery efforts. Most often, the take-away to-do list may include the following:

  • Ensuring that the structure is sound and protected. SERVPRO offers board-up and tarping services to address any vulnerable locations. 
  • Documentation of the damage should be done, including photographs.
  • Selecting the best fire damage remediation team for the job. 
  • Commencement of salvaging as well as cleanup of all charred debris

In some cases, controlled demolition gets done to remove any destroyed or questionable structural details or building materials. SERVPRO always works to rebuild rather than replace whenever possible, giving you incredible results that make your interior “Like it never even happened.”

When it comes to fire damage situations, no two projects are ever alike. SERVPRO of East Raleigh/Zebulon has the experience and training to ensure your project goes off without a hitch. Call us at (919) 250-0455 for a rapid response so that we may begin the assessment and cleanup process.

Fire and Smoke Cleanup You Can Count On

3/14/2021 (Permalink)

smoke billowing from the charred remainders of a building Smoke can damage as many things as fire. Contact SERVPRO when your home is facing fire damage. We are available 24/7.

Raleigh Residents Need Reassurance After a Fire Emergency – Our Team can Handle All the Fire and Smoke Cleanup!

As the capital of North Carolina, the city of Raleigh is fondly known as the ‘City of Oaks’ due to the number of trees lining all of the streets throughout the downtown area. Additionally, Raleigh is the home of North Carolina State University. The majority of Raleigh is located in Wake County, with a smaller portion going into neighboring Durham County.

Raleigh Was a Planned City

Back in 1788, Raleigh was selected as the capital and then later incorporated in 1792. During the Civil War, this city narrowly escaped significant battles, only facing issues within the war's closing days. However, this does not mean that it escaped hardships economically. Just like the remainder of the American South, there was a notable economic decline throughout the Reconstruction Era. During the 20th Century and when Research Triangle Park opened in 1959, the region's jobs soared, and there was a boost in population.

Famous Names Coming from Raleigh, North Carolina

The city of Raleigh is home to several well-known actors, actresses, athletes, and political figures, including:

  • Evan Rachel Wood – Actress
  • Michael C. Hall – Actor
  • Hunter Schafer – Model
  • Andrew Johnson – 17th President of the United States
  • John Wall – Basketball Player
  • YBN Cordae – Songwriter/Rapper
  • Josh Hamilton – Baseball Player
  • Clay Aiken – Songwriter/Singer
  • Emily Procter – Actress

Shopping, Dining, and Enjoying Attractions Throughout the Raleigh Area

Raleigh itself is home to a vast selection of educational, cultural, and historical sites. Whether you are going to make a day trip out of it or you are going to explore on vacation, there is something for everyone. Due to the nature of the attractions, businesses, and neighborhoods in the area, it makes Raleigh the perfect city to put down roots as well. Some top attractions and establishments in the city include:

  • The Raleigh Grande Theater
  • North Carolina Museum of Art
  • Alamo Drafthouse
  • Kings Dining & Entertainment North Hills
  • North Carolina Museum of History
  • Raleigh Little Theatre and Rose Garden
  • Marbles Kids Museum
  • Umstead State Park
  • North Carolina State Capitol Buildings

Never Get Overwhelmed with Fire and Smoke Cleanup. Have SERVPRO On-the-Job to Restore Your Raleigh Home Fully!

While a fire emergency poses numerous challenges, calling SERVPRO to your Raleigh property is the best way to overcome each obstacle. Our attention to detail will ensure the best results and less time that your family gets displaced after the loss.

Fire and smoke cleanup in Raleigh begins after a few crucial steps. SERVPRO wants you to know three of the initial steps to bring the best results:

  • Contact your home insurance provider – Before the cleanup begins, contacting your insurance company will start the claim process. Be sure to ask about coverages and any documentation they require.
  • Building security – Depending on the fire, you may have areas where your interior becomes exposed to the outside. We are available to perform board-up services and tarping to secure your property.
  • Damage assessment – This helps us to determine best practices for proceeding with the cleanup. Once the evaluation is complete, our crew leaps into action to handle all debris removal, soot cleanup, and controlled demolition.

Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh/Zebulon at (919) 250-0455 right away when you need assistance with fire and smoke cleanup. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Enjoy Raleigh This Winter With An Historic Raleigh Bus Tour

11/27/2020 (Permalink)

black and white map of Raleigh It will be exciting to see the community at the historic bus tours of Raleigh!

See All The Sites Of Raleigh Without The Hassle Of Driving and Parking

Raleigh is a beautiful city that boasts a combination of old-style Southern charm with ultra-modern elegant architecture.

The best way to see Raleigh is via a historic Raleigh bus tour. Hop on and let the driver take you past:

  • The State Capitol
  • Historic districts like Moore Square, Mordecai, and Oakwood
  • The central business and entertainment districts

Each tour lasts 2.5 hours and includes two or three “stop and go” opportunities to take a comfort break or walk around a historic area.

Tours run every weekday all year round courtesy of Tobacco Road Tours and cost $50. The fee includes chilled water and plenty of information from your knowledgeable tour guide.

This tour is an ideal way to enjoy the city as the weather gets colder. However, colder weather also means we are all putting on the heating or lighting the fire. We hope you stay safe, but if you are concerned about fire damage cleanup, call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455.

Is my Laundry Room Susceptible to a Fire?

8/31/2020 (Permalink)

Lint filter Faulty appliances as well as a full lint filter in your dryer can quickly cause fire damage in your home. Call SERVPRO today for assistance.

The Laundry Room in your Raleigh Home can Cause a Fire, and a Fire Restoration Technician can Help you Overcome the Damage.

Spacious homes in Raleigh have the luxury of having a separate area for the laundry. Homeowners usually outfit them with functional shelving, some decor, and the latest appliances. However, laundry rooms can also be the starting point for a home fire that spreads into adjacent areas and leaves destruction in its wake. When disaster strikes, it is best to contact professionals in the field to restore your home and prevent further spread of the damage.

Raleigh homeowners needing fire damage restoration services should call SERVPRO at our 24/7 hotline. When you call, our expert crew mobilizes your home to assess how widespread the damage is and develop an action plan. Contrary to popular belief, restoration may take more than fixing the lint filter or faulty wiring where the fire started. It may also require water extraction and repairs, such as the replacement of drywall. Whatever your needs, our crew is here to help you.

Does a fire restoration team remove odors?

One of the biggest challenges after a fire is removing the acrid smell left behind by the smoke and flames. At SERVPRO, we understand your needs and prepare to tackle both the visible residue left behind and the air quality in your home. To achieve our goals, we employ industrial-grade equipment tailored to your situation, which gives us flexibility when taking care of your home. Some tools and techniques you may see us using could include-

HEPA vacuums to capture the smallest particles of soot

Foggers to disseminate a deodorizing mist throughout your home

Sponges, pressure washers and scrubbers allow us to clean walls and surfaces

Our team at SERVPRO of East Raleigh/Zebulon is your best resource when a fire erupts. Give yourself peace of mind by calling us at  (919) 250-0455 as soon as possible. Together, we strive to leave your home, "Like it never even happened." 

Want to see more about Raleigh.

How Difficult Is It to Deal with Fire and Odor Removal in Raleigh Homes?

8/3/2020 (Permalink)

Fire damaged kitchen. Fire suppression residue on stove and counter; soot and some residue on walls. Unless treated properly, this home will have lingering smoke odors. SERVPRO performs complete fire damage remediation. Call us today!

SERVPRO Can Ease the Process by Deodorizing Your Property Using Advanced Methods 

Surprisingly, odor, which is the least significant damage, leftover after a fire in your Raleigh property, is also among the most challenging issues to resolve. Unlike regular odors that dissipate, immediately you clean the source area, fire odors persist. 

When should I start addressing odor issues? 

Fixing the damage left by fire and odor removal in your Raleigh property is best handled as a combined process whereby you incorporate odor control in all aspects of the restoration. Our SERVPRO technicians help with that by: 

  • Setting up electronic odor control systems 
  • Mixing cleaning solutions with deodorizing agents 
  • Cleaning all surfaces to remove smoke residues 

How does electronic odor removal work? 

The odors you experience in your property can emanate from residues like soot, ash, or charred materials left on surfaces, or might originate deep within fabrics such as clothing and carpets or wood. 

Removing the odor generated by the residues is much easier since it only requires deep cleaning of the affected areas. However, the odors embedded deep within materials remain even after cleaning. The use of gadgets such as hydroxyl and ozone generators are excellent ways to remove such odor. The devices produce free radicals, combining with the Volatile Organic Compounds, which your nose detects as odor, neutralizing them. 

How convenient is this approach compared to chemical deodorizers? 

When our SERVPRO technicians use hydroxyl or ozone generators to deodorize your property, it is more convenient for you because of: 

  • Safer operation
  • Portability
  • Works like natural odor control 

Odor management using the generators is safe for you and your pets, so you do not have to vacate the property. Neutralizing odors using free radicals mimics natural processes whereby UV rays from the sun react with water and oxygen, creating hydroxyl radicals that react with chemicals in the air neutralizing them. However, ozone machines can only be deployed and activated when the interior is absent of people, pets, and live plants.

Controlling odors leftover by fire incidents is more manageable from a well-informed point of view. Call SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon at (919) 250-0455 to help manage your property's odor using sophisticated deodorization methods. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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How Can I Eliminate the Risk of Long-Term Soot Damage in My Kitchen?

6/23/2020 (Permalink)

Fire damaged kitchen Call our experts after you experience a fire disaster, we have training in fire & smoke restoration, odor control, upholstery & fabric cleaning.

IICRC-Certified Restoration Technicians Can Restore Your Fire-Damaged Raleigh Home After a Kitchen Fire.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)'s data, cooking equipment causes a whopping 49% of home fires based on 2013 to 2017 annual averages. 66% of cooking fires are ignited by food during the cooking process. Raleigh homeowners need a fast-acting team that can minimize structural and property losses.

When fire damage affects your Raleigh home’s kitchen, SERVPRO technicians are available to provide mitigation and restoration services 24/7. This fast-acting, emergency response to disaster minimizes structural and content losses for homeowners and reduces the impact that soot and protein residues can have on surfaces over time.

What Can Soot Residues Do to My Home Over Time?

  • Affect indoor air quality. Soot deposits become ionized during a fire, which allows it to cling to surfaces, including your HVAC system. Without professional cleaning, the soot can then spread throughout your home and affect the cleanliness of the air throughout your property.
  • Produce foul odors. The flames do not leave behind a smell, but smoke does. It can penetrate porous surfaces deeply, even those that do not seem affected on the surface.
  • Stain and corrode surfaces. Wet smoke from low-heat fires, in particular, can leave sticky, hard-to-clean deposits that smear when homeowners attempt to remove them with consumer-grade products.

Can SERVPRO Clean My Kitchen Appliances?

SERVPRO technicians can clean light damage to appliance finishes with EPA-registered water-based detergent solutions to remove light residues. However, if more extensive smoke damage is present, cleaners with increasing levels of alkalinity may be used to combat the acidic corrosion caused by soot. Licensed electronic service technicians can examine and clean the interior components of your home appliances.

SERVPRO of East Raleigh / Zebulon is prepared to leave your property looking, “Like it never even happened.” You can call (919) 250-0455 for disaster mitigation around the clock.

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Tips To Prevent a Hotel Fire

5/27/2020 (Permalink)

You know how to protect your home in Wendell, NC, from a fire, but what can you do when you're on the road? You can't control every situation that might cause a hotel fire, but there are some smart fire prevention tips to remember when you travel.

Be Proactive in Preparing For a Hotel Fire

Before you book a room, make sure your hotel choice has smoke alarms and an automatic sprinkler system. It’s also a good idea to pack a flashlight with extra batteries, in case the power goes out.

Get To Know the Hotel Layout

After you’ve checked in, carefully read the evacuation plan. Become familiar with the exit routes near your room.
Count the number of doors between your room and the closest exit, in the event that smoke makes it difficult to see where you’re going.
Locate the fire alarms situated on your floor and near your room.

Prevent a Fire in Your Hotel Room

Never light candles or use matches in your hotel room. Always choose a hotel that is smoke-free to reduce the risk of a fire. If you need to smoke, go outside to a safe smoking area and discard the cigarette butts safely.
Keep flammable items away from heat sources, such as hairdryers and coffee pots. Turn off all appliances as soon as you are finished using them.

Keep your room’s keycard next to your bed so that it is handy if you need to leave the room quickly. In the event of an emergency, never evacuate using the elevator. If you aren't able to use the stairs or have difficulty navigating them, insist on a room on the first floor when you check-in. The hotel staff will contact a professional to conduct a fire damage assessment if fire restoration is required.
Following these simple safety tips will help you keep a level head in the event of a hotel fire.

4 Steps You Must Take After a Fire

5/25/2020 (Permalink)

It’s every business owner’s worst nightmare: a fire starts in the office, threatens your safety and inflicts serious damage. You prepare your best to ensure this never happens, but this won’t guarantee your immunity from a disaster. If you’ve had a fire at your place of business in Raleigh, NC, you need to act quickly so the fire restoration process can begin and allow you to return to work.

4 Steps You Must Take After a Fire

1. Stay Safe

Nothing is more critical than the safety and well-being of your employees. Your building’s integrity, your business information and your equipment are secondary to getting everyone out and away from harm.

• Develop a fire escape plan.
• Practice your plan at least annually.
• Do not re-enter the building unless a competent professional deems it safe to do so.

2. Document Damage

Depending on how severe the damage is in your building, you might not have access to your business for several days or even longer. If you can’t get inside for a while, have a trained professional such as firefighter take photos to record the extent of the damage and what areas were affected. Make sure you don’t touch any items, however.

3. Contact Insurance

If your company has fire insurance coverage, you will save yourself many financial headaches. Call your insurance agent as soon as you can - even before the fire restoration process begins.

4. Cleanup Structure

Only the most qualified professionals should handle this step. A company that specializes in fire cleanup and smoke cleaning will remove all soot and ash from your building. The technicians will extract any water and will clean and sanitize damp areas. A board-up service will cover holes or damaged structures as well. The team will also tear out unsalvageable carpet, drywall, furniture and other items. A skilled group of professionals will then replace these so you can resume your business in the building.

Fire restoration is critical, so you must hire the most reputable companies to help with this effort. Also, make sure you involve your insurance company.

Home Safety: Preventing Cigarette Fires

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Image of cigarette in man hand with smoke. Keep your home safe with these cigarette safety guidelines

Home Safety: Preventing Cigarette Fires

It may come as a surprise, but each year, cigarettes continue to cause thousands of fires in homes. Cigarette fires can lead to lingering odors and even structural damage to your property. Don't let your Willow Spring, NC, home fall victim to this danger. If you or your guests must smoke, follow these safety guidelines and puff responsibly.

  • Smoke outdoors
  • Stay alert
  • Secure ashtrays

Avoid Indoor Smoking
Though indoor smoking is banned from many public places, this is not the case for private residences. You are allowed to smoke inside your own home, of course, but it leads to offensive, lingering odors as well as potentially dangerous situations. An ashtray fire can lead to a devastating blaze that will require professional fire and smoke damage remediation. A simple rule of permitting smoking only outside can prevent a lot of issues. Your home is full of flammable items such as paper and fabric that are susceptible to flames and odors.

Avoid Distracted Smoking
Smoking while distracted leads to cigarette fires on a regular basis. If you or your guests are going to smoke, be sure to stay alert. Don't smoke while you are tired or if you have taken a medication or other substance that inhibits your awareness. You run the risk of falling asleep with a lit butt and this can catch your home on fire. When you smoke, be sure to fully and properly dispose of any burning remains. Don't just toss your stubs into the grass or on the ground. You must use a properly filled ashtray and douse the butts with water before you empty them into a trashcan.
Smoking may not seem as prevalent as it used to be, but cigarette fires still happen each year. Keep your home safe with these cigarette safety guidelines. Know who to call for fire cleanup in case of an emergency, as accidents do happen.

What To Know About Lightning and House Fires

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Lightning strike in a Lizard Lick, NC home

What To Know About Lightning and House Fires

When you live in Lizard Lick, NC, the concept of lighting fire to the land may not be unheard of. While lightning striking the home is statistically less likely than a forest strike, it can cause wildfires which may also pose a fire risk to your home. It’s important to understand this phenomenon and what to do if a fire should occur. Here are three things you may wish to know.

1. When Strikes Occurs

In most locations it’s common to see strike related wild fire risk rise in mid to late summer when conditions tend to be drier and hotter than the rest of the year. In many places storms are also more likely to occur in the afternoon and evening hours of the day. You may wish to listen to weather advisories for your area. Be sure to follow any fire risk guidelines, such as avoiding cooking outdoors, during dry conditions.

2. What To Do if a Fire Occurs

If it does look like a lightning started fire could lead to a house fire, then it’s important to follow fire safety procedures. This includes following any evacuation notices even if you don’t believe you’re at risk. Once the wild fire is contained or extinguished your local fire personal will advise you as to when it’s safe to return.

3. How To Clean Up After a Fire

If a strike lighting fire in the area does cause damage to your home then it may be best to contact a fire damage restoration professional for your restoration needs. Not only can they handle any fire or smoke damage caused by the flames, but can also deal with water damage repairs that may be necessary after fire suppression efforts.
Understanding the weather and fire danger around you can help you prepare for the eventuality that a strike lighting fire nearby may occur. It’s important to follow all safety advisories, including evacuation notices, in the event a strike caused wildfire threatens your home. When you're allowed back to the property you may choose to contact a fire damage restoration professional to conduct any repairs.

3 Initial Steps To Take After a Fire in Your Home

10/7/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage in Lizard Lick, NC

A residential fire can be a terrifying and unsettling experience for any homeowner. If you have experienced fire damage in your Lizard Lick, NC, home, having some information about what to expect may help you navigate the early stages of cleanup and restoration. It’s important to move quickly into the cleanup to prevent secondary damage, but the most important first step is ensuring your home is safe to enter.

Confirm the Safety of Your Home

Once the fire is extinguished, a fire safety specialist will likely inspect key areas of potential damage to determine whether entering your home is safe.

  • The Electrical System may be inspected for damage and will likely be disconnected from power until the water can be safely removed from the dwelling.
  • The Structural Integrity of stairwells, floors and ceilings may be inspected for fire damage, to determine whether they are stable enough to support cleanup.
  • Hazardous Chemicals may be examined to assess their stability and confirm no unique dangers remain.

This important inspection can protect you and your family from incidents that could only complicate an already difficult situation.

Survey the Damage

Once your home is cleared for safe entry, a fire official will generally accompany you to survey your property. You may notice, in addition to fire and smoke damage, that water damage from the pressurized fire hose may be significant. Once you have an overview, it is important to call your insurance agent to ask about the details of your coverage and schedule with an adjuster.

Hire a Professional Remediation Expert

It is strongly recommended that you hire a specialist to manage the complex fire and water cleanup process. Professional teams know how to clean and dry your damaged property quickly and safely. They have access to specialized equipment and methods for restoring your structure and belongings as completely as possible.

Home fire damage can mean extreme physical and emotional stress for you and your family. The initial impact can make even small tasks difficult. Safely assessing your damage and seeking expert assistance are your first steps in the direction of returning to your home and your peace of mind.

4 Tips for Handling Electronics After a Home Fire

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Keep all of your devices off

Four Tips For The Best Chance of Restoring Any Electronics

If you’ve just experienced a home fire in Willow Spring, NC, you likely are eager to see if your electronic devices are working. However, these type of belongings requires special handling by a fire cleanup company to ensure further damage doesn’t occur. When trying to recover your items after a fire, make sure to follow the following four tips for the best chance of restoring any electronics.

1. Keep All of Your Devices Off

Never try turning on devices after a fire. Smoke damage can leave a residue containing acids on any metal surfaces of the device, which can lead to corrosion. Turning on the device before removing these residues can cause electronic failure.

2. Allow Wet Items to Dry

Items can be affected by water used to extinguish the flames. It is important you allow the device to completely dry before attempting to turn it on. Personal devices like cellphones or tablets can be placed in a bag of rice to help absorb any water.

3. Unplug All Appliances and Devices

Even if your device is turned off, smoke and water can damage items that are plugged in since a small amount of power if often still supplied to inactive electronics. If it is safe to do so, unplug any items that are still plugged into your home’s electrical system or notify the fire cleanup specialist.

4. Search For Warranty Records and Take Inventory of Items

If any of your electronics cannot be saved, it helps to have your warranty records on hand. This way, you can receive some money back for damaged items. Additionally, it helps to keep track of your electronics so you can give insurance an inventory of what was lost.
Many of your electronics are very valuable and some devices, such as your home computer, might contain important files and memories that are irreplaceable. These four tips ensure the best chance you can recover your electronics before the fire cleanup company arrives.

Protect Your Property After a Fire

6/28/2019 (Permalink)

Use tarp to isolate any sooty areas to keep the mess from spreading

A fire can cause varying degrees of structural damage to your commercial property once all is said and done. While you handle fire cleanup, preventing further damage can be of the utmost importance. There are several things you can do to mitigate your losses in Willow Spring, NC.

Cover Up

Roof and wall damage can leave the interior of your building exposed to the elements, such as rain and wind. You will want to clear out everything you can to either be stored elsewhere or thrown away. Then you should take measures to:

  • board up any holes in the exterior
  • cover any blown out windows
  • hire tarp services to fill in the missing sections of roof
  • use tarp to isolate any sooty areas to keep the mess from spreading

Lock Up

A damaged property can be an easy target for looters. You should consider providing additional security like a camera or padlocks where you can. It would help to remove anything of value from the property until fire cleanup is complete and all the repairs are finished. Signage indicating that the area is restricted would be a useful final touch.

Lawyer Up

While you're waiting on the roof repair, it would be a good time to call up your insurance company. You can file a claim, find out what you're covered for and re-up your insurance if you feel it's necessary. If you suspect that the cause of the fire was due to faulty equipment or the oversight of another company, you should also look into taking legal action.
The period of time that exists in between the fire itself and the restoration of your building is a critical one. You should be sure to take all the proper steps to ensure that no further damage is caused and that your property is secure before the hard work of fire cleanup starts. Don't forget to document this process, as well.

How To Remove Smoke Odor From Your Home After a Fire

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Ozone machines clean smoke particles from the air to remove odors

Smoke Cleaning Steps

Even after the fire has passed, your Garner, NC, home may still have lingering odor. There are a few different ways that you can get rid of this unpleasant smell. Use the following smoke cleaning steps to get your home smelling fresh again.

1. Remove Remaining Smoke Residue

An important step to removing smoke odor is getting rid of any residue that may have been left behind. This soot not only contributes to bad smells in your home, but it can also cause further damage to your belongings. This residue is corrosive and can cause metals, plastics and other materials to break down over time, so you should be sure to remove it completely from your home.

2. Clean Fabrics and Soft Items

Porous materials can trap soot and hold odors, so smoke cleaning should always include these items. You will need to clean any carpets, curtains and upholstered furniture in your home. Items such as clothing, blankets and stuffed animals will likely need a deep cleaning as well.

3. Hire a Professional Service

The best way to have smoke damage and odor removed from your home is to hire a professional fire restoration company to do the work for you. Because they have the necessary equipment and training to handle this kind of damage, they will be able to clean your home much more thoroughly than you could on your own. They will have access to ozone machines, thermal foggers and air filtration devices that use a variety of techniques to effectively clean smoke particles from the air to remove odors. They can also make sure that any affected belongings are properly cleaned.

In order to remove any remaining odors from your home, professional smoke cleaning is the best solution. A restoration company will often include these services during the remediation and repairs process. With their expertise, your home will be clean and odor-free in no time.

Kitchen Safety Tips

4/17/2019 (Permalink)

You do it every day, oftentimes three times a day, without a second thought: cooking. For many people, cooking is second nature, and the thought of a grease fire or a kitchen fire is far from their mind. However, even the most experienced of cooks have set fire to their stoves once or twice. In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Association, kitchen fires are the leading cause of house fires. Fortunately, kitchen fires are highly preventable, with these tips from fire restoration experts in Raleigh, NC: 

• Keep track of what you place on your stove top. 
• Remain in the kitchen while you cook. 
• Wear proper cooking attire. 

Know What’s on Your Stovetop

One of the biggest culprits of kitchen fires is miscellaneous items left on stovetops, such as towels, papers, appliance cords and curtains. Keep your stovetop clear of all items that do not belong on a hot surface or, at the very least, know what is on your stove before turning it on. By keeping track of what you place on your burners, you can know what to remove and therefore prevent kitchen fires. 

Stay in the Kitchen While You Cook 

This tip is especially important if you have small children or animals. Children and pets may be small, but they’re quick, and if left unattended for even a second, they could unwittingly knock a hot pot from the stovetop or place a flammable item on its surface. Protect your home and your family by remaining in the kitchen and vigilant the entire time you’re cooking. 

Wear Proper Clothing

This is one of the most ignored cooking tips but probably one of the wisest. Many kitchen fires start because a flowing sleeve or a too-big shirt gets caught in a gas grill, burner or open flame. Make sure to wear tight clothing while cooking, and roll up long sleeves. 

Kitchen fires can be extremely dangerous, not to mention the extensive amount of fire damage they can cause. Fortunately, such fires are preventable. With these three tips, you can cook smart and stay safe whenever you decide to yield a spatula and frying pan. 

The Importance of Having Your Electronics Cleaned After a Fire

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A fire cleanup company in Zebulon can help in preserving items that have been exposed to smoke

If you’ve recently experienced a fire in your home in Zebulon, NC, you’re likely wondering what can be done to help restore your valuable items that have been damaged by smoke or fire. One type of personal item you will need to handle with extreme care is all electronics. It is best to wait on interacting with your devices until the fire restoration company arrives and evaluates all your belongings during the fire cleanup process. A complete understanding of how smoke affects electronics will help you avoid accidentally destroying your items or hurting yourself.

How Smoke Affects Electronics

Smoke damage is especially harmful to electronics, even if you don’t notice any physical damage. Here’s why:

  • Acids contained in smoke residue corrodes metal
  • Smoke insulates components and causes over-heating
  • Extremely hot plastic or metal releases toxic fumes
  • Smoke on circuit boards cause erratic behavior

How a Fire Cleanup Company Can Help

Fire restoration specialists are aware of how smoke and fire affects your electronics and can help identify which items have been damaged. As long as you don’t turn on your electronics after they’ve been exposed to smoke, there’s a chance the company can get your device working again. Time is of the essence when it comes to restoring smoke damaged electronics, so make sure you get help as soon as possible. While you might not have the equipment and expertise necessary to restore your device without potentially hurting yourself or destroying your device for good, they will know exactly what steps to take!

Although fire and smoke can have a devastating effect on your electronics, a fire cleanup company can be extremely helpful in preserving items that have been exposed to smoke. It’s important to remember that you might not be able to tell by looking that your electronics have been damaged. Play it safe by keeping your device off and waiting for the cleanup team to inspect it!

How To Keep Your Home Smoke Alarms in Good Working Order

12/23/2018 (Permalink)

Fire damage in a Garner,NC apartment

It’s a good feeling when your family is all tucked safely in bed and the world is at peace. But sleeping through a fire is a leading cause of death in Garner, NC. A smoke alarm is the best way to keep your family safe from the ravages of a home fire. If properly installed and fitted with fresh batteries, an alarm will sound at the first sign of smoke or flame and alert your family members in time to get out before they are overtaken by smoke or heat. But how often do you need to give these units a little attention?

How To Keep Your Smoke Detector Going Strong

  • You need to replace the batteries in every unit at least once a year
  • Test the units periodically to make sure they are functioning
  • For modern units, it is recommended they be replaced about every ten years
  • Most inexpensive alarms work as well as expensive designer ones – but good batteries can make a difference

Taking Further Steps

You can also buy linked detectors, which can for instance, set off an alarm upstairs when a fire is sensed up by a detector downstairs. The cost of batteries doesn’t compare it to the price you would have to pay if something goes wrong and you have no warning, so use quality batteries. Make sure to install the appropriate number for the home you are living in and that they are all in good working order.

If things do go wrong, your home could suffer from fire damage, as well as damage from water and smoke. Cleanup and repair can be a daunting task and one that is hard to tackle on your own. Call a professional restoration service in Garner, NC, to help salvage and repair your home and its belongings. They can help with washing, dry cleaning and ozone or ultrasonic treatments to rid your home of residue and odor.

How To Efficiently Clean Your Gas Grill

10/10/2018 (Permalink)

Frequent grill cleaning can reduce the risk of a destructive fire in your Auburn, NC home

Grilling may be a common summer activity for many households in Auburn, NC. Performing a grill maintenance inspection at the beginning of the season can help you ensure your unit is primed for optimal performance. To help minimize the risk of a grease fire, you should also complete a simple grill cleaning after every use.

Initial Inspection

Your grill may sit idle for many months. Because of this, it’s a good idea to complete a thorough inspection prior to using it for the first time every spring or summer. Performing routine checks throughout the summer is also beneficial and may help you diagnose leaks and other safety concerns early. An efficient grill maintenance review should include the following steps:

  • Check fuel lines for bends, holes or cracks and replace as needed
  • Examine fuel tank for defects and loose connections
  • Ensure pressure regulator is adequately secured to tank
  • Confirm that the ignition system is operating correctly

You should also test gas lines for leaks by wiping a soapy water mixture on them and then turning on the gas. If you see bubbles forming along a line, there is a leak. For safety reasons, you should promptly replace any leaking gas lines.

Cleaning After Use

Completing a quick grill cleaning after every use can also help you maintain your device. To initiate the process, burn off excess grease and food for approximately 15 minutes. Allow the grill to cool until the grates are only slightly warm to the touch.

As a safety precaution, disconnect the gas tank before proceeding. Then, brush the grill grates to remove remaining residue. To minimize the risk of a grease fire, you should also routinely clean the cook box and dispose of grease and debris. Finish the job by wiping the grill’s exterior with stainless steel cleaner or soapy water.

Avoiding a Grill Fire

Frequent grill cleaning can help reduce the risk of a potentially destructive fire that may require extensive cleanup and fire damage restoration. Performing a routine grill maintenance inspection is another key safety precaution that every budding grill master should complete annually.

Reasons To Have Electronics Cleaned After a Fire

7/19/2018 (Permalink)

In order to ensure that electronic devices can be used safely, they must be thoroughly inspected and cleaned during the fire cleanup process.

Fire damages everything near it. If a fire breaks out in your home in Raleigh, NC, you don't just need to have the immediate charred area cleaned. Fire cleanup must occur throughout your home. Even items that look like they are fine may have taken on severe smoke damage. This is especially true of your electronic equipment. Even if there is no visible damage, there are many reasons your electronics need to be restored by certified experts.

Items Affected

The effects of smoke may not be apparent at first glance. Unless your electronics are inspected by a qualified technician, you have no way of knowing if they were damaged in the fire. All of your electronics must be inspected:

• Computers
• Televisions
• Game consoles
• E-readers or tablets
• DVD players
• Stereos

Thermal Damage

The heat caused by the fire damages electronics. It can melt delicate components, causing the system to short or simply not work at all. It also expands the porous openings of the device, allowing smoke to enter. It can also warp devices, causing them to overheat the next time they are used. Every fire cleanup process includes taking into account the amount of heat that was present at the time of the fire to assess the potential damage it caused.

Smoke Damage

Smoke and soot are highly corrosive. The acidity levels in soot cause anything it infiltrates to degrade. The oxidation involved in the corrosion process can cause etching or pitting in the metal components of your electronics. Smoke is also electrically charged, which can cause circuitry to short and the devices to overheat when in use.

In order to ensure that electronic devices can be used safely, they must be thoroughly inspected and cleaned during the fire cleanup process. While it's possible that the fire caused too much damage to restore the machine properly, an electronics expert is your best chance of getting it to work again. For more information, visit

Kitchen Fires: Smart Cooking Is the Best Deterrent

5/7/2018 (Permalink)

Better safe than sorry is more than a cliché. When it comes to avoiding kitchen fires, it’s one of the best tips ever.

Whether you cook to survive or the kitchen is the heart of your home, it’s the most likely room for home fires to start. By following a few basic tips, you can easily prevent kitchen fires and avoid the heartbreak of fire damage to your beloved appliances and keepsakes.

Avoid a Disaster While in the Kitchen

Many people know the best way to extinguish a grease fire is by smothering it or using a fire extinguisher — never use water, which makes these fires spread and intensify. However, the best way to prevent any kitchen fires from starting in Raleigh, NC, is smart cooking:

1. Wearing flowing clothes like kaftans and robes with gull-wing sleeves while cooking may sound like fun. However, those styles increase the chance of the cook catching fire when the loose material hits a hot burner or oven element.
2. Grease buildup on stove surfaces, under burners and in the interior of the oven easily catches fire, so keep those areas clean.
3. Never walking away from a stove while broiling, grilling or frying is one of the best tips to avoid kitchen fires. The high temperatures required for all those cooking methods make them the most dangerous, and even a few seconds out of the room is enough time for food or grease to ignite.
4. Timers aren’t just for baking. It’s easy to get distracted, so set a timer for 15 or 20 minutes when you leave the room and come back for a minute to occasionally stir the sauce, taste the soup, or just make sure everything is on track.
5. Keep your stovetop and adjacent surfaces free of everything flammable, including curtains, food packaging, bags, potholders and wooden kitchen tools.
6. It’s easy to get caught up in serving, eating and cleaning up when you cook. Before leaving home or retiring for the night, take a minute to double-check that all small appliances, ovens and stovetops are switched off.

Better safe than sorry is more than a cliché. When it comes to avoiding kitchen fires, it’s one of the best tips ever. Contact your local fire department in Raleigh, NC, with questions or concerns about home fire prevention. For more information, visit